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  • Breaking the Rules of Traditional Storage with Containers!
    Breaking the Rules of Traditional Storage with Containers! Kumar Nachiketa, Managing Consultant, Data Storage Specialist, IBM ASEAN, Singapore Recorded: Oct 17 2017 39 mins
    The concept of the container as technology is not new; In recent years it has seen remarkable attention from every industry. The adoption of containers is increasing beyond just stateless conditions such as a load balancer or a web application server. For many adopters of container technology, the persistent storage and data management are the top pain points.
    The way how storage is consumed has indeed changed - This talk is to take you through the journey of data storage evolution. You'll understand the challenges in data storage world due to the demand of new way of consuming storage by the container. Specific use cases, the solution of storage in container environments such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes will be discussed.

    Speaker Biography
    Kumar Nachiketa is a data storage consultant in IBM Systems Lab Services, ASEAN based in Singapore. In his 11 years of career, he's been helping customers from various industry solving typical data storage challenges in several ways - deployment, consulting, finding ways to evolve. He is currently focusing on IBM Software Defined Storage and cloud technologies. He has co-authored IBM Redbooks on IBM storage cloud and OpenStack integration with IBM Spectrum Scale.
  • Solving Tomorrow's Data Backup And Availability Issues Today
    Solving Tomorrow's Data Backup And Availability Issues Today Steve Duplessie (Enterprise Strategy Group), Jason Cray (Sirius Computer Solutions), Devon Helms (IBM) Recorded: Sep 19 2017 32 mins
    Organizations, these days, want to rapidly deliver and scale new services and analyze the data simultaneously. They aim to exploit this data leveraging cognitive technologies. For that, data mobility and workload mobility are core competency requirements. The best platform for managing unstructured data is hybrid cloud. Storage forms the underpinning technology to the hybrid cloud platform.

    We will be talking about:
    1) How to make cognitive differentiation with data
    2) Easier data access, management, scalability through Software-Defined Storage(SDS)
    3) How to protect your data seamlessly by implementing SDS

    Watchi this webcast and learn how to deliver the right data at the right location at the right time in a secure manner.
  • Deploying the Strategic Roadmap for your SAP HANA Journey
    Deploying the Strategic Roadmap for your SAP HANA Journey Chase Hacker (Regional Database and Data Management CoE, APJ, SAP) and Rohit Sood (Systems Technical Architect, IBM) Recorded: Sep 11 2017 48 mins
    With an extraordinary powerful in-memory capability, SAP HANA combines everything from transactions and the Internet of Things to big data analytics, in order to deliver best in class solution. However, without the right infrastructure in place, migration to HANA can be daunting and lead to performance related issues.

    Join us in this webinar to know more about:

    1. Why SAP HANA for your business, when is the right time to start the transition and how can you get the best performance out of it.
    2. What defines and differentiates SAP HANA as a true Modern Data Platform for both SAP and non-SAP customers?
    3. Challenges you can face with your existing infrastructure – the risk, friction and cost.
    4. How can we can help with infrastructure consolidation and rationalisation today for you to reap benefits in the future HANA deployment.
  • Powering EnterpriseDB Postgres with the right infrastructure
    Powering EnterpriseDB Postgres with the right infrastructure Ashish Nauriyal (Lead Solutions Consultant, Enterprise DB Corporation) and Bill Adra (Solutions Architect, IBM Australia) Recorded: Sep 11 2017 50 mins
    Join this live and interactive webcast as Subject Matter Experts from EDB Postgres and IBM discuss on:

    The shifting database landscape towards open source investments

    How to lower total cost of ownership and increase organizational agility with open source databases

    How to free up scarce resources for mobile, analytics, and social applications

    How you can achieve better performance than x86 with fewer cores at a lower cost by leveraging IBM’s Power Systems platform for EDB Postgres annual subscriptions
  • Harness the Advantage of Virtualized All-Flash Storage
    Harness the Advantage of Virtualized All-Flash Storage Barry Whyte, ATS Storage Virtualization APAC Recorded: Aug 10 2017 31 mins
    The effort to manage and leverage explosion of data has led to Hybrid cloud and cognitive computing, but conventional infrastructure and storage doesn't meet the needs of Hybrid cloud and cognitive computing.

    There is a strong demand for new storage approaches with which businesses can maximize application performance and drive efficiency for Hybrid Cloud and cognitive computing.

    Join the webinar and find out how to stay ahead in the era of Hybrid Cloud and Cognitive computing.

    You will learn how you can:

    Support growth of your critical business areas with proper infrastructure
    Drive down Total Cost of Ownership inclusive of cap-ex and Op-ex
    Make your IT infrastructure agile depending on business requirements.

    Speaker Bio:

    Barry works for the IBM ATS team covering Storage Virtualization for the AP region. In his 20 years at IBM, he has worked on the successful Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) and the IBM DS8000 range.

    Barry joined the SVC development team and has held many positions before taking on his long running role as performance architect. As a part-time job he also works as a performance consultant.
  • MongoDB for Modern Applications
    MongoDB for Modern Applications Prasad Pillalamarri, Principal Partner, Mongo DB; Lokesh Bhatt, Systems Architect, IBM Systems Lab Services Recorded: Aug 8 2017 46 mins
    The explosive growth of modern applications that drive business value based on new data sources such as big data, mobile and social data are becoming problematic for traditional relational databases. These business critical modern applications often need rapid access to a constant stream of small reads and writes for millions of records that don’t fit into traditional SQL database structures.

    NoSQL can be a better option to relational databases for state-of-the-art applications. MongoDB, the leading open source database, is a scalable, high-performance open source document-based database that harnesses the innovations of NoSQL and maintains the foundation of relational databases. Moreover, when deployed on the right hardware infrastructure, it can lead to a lower total cost of acquisition and provide significantly greater performance.

    Join us in this live webinar to learn more on:

    - Why Modern digital applications would benefit from using noSQL, and in particular MongoDB
    - Why speed is so important for business critical applications that use big data, social and mobile data
    - How IBM Power Systems achieves a 2x price-performance for leading MongoDB workloads versus Intel
  • How to Deliver Breakthrough Performance with Hortonworks for Big Data
    How to Deliver Breakthrough Performance with Hortonworks for Big Data Ned Shawa, APAC Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks; Anand Haridass, Chief Engineer, POWER for Big Data, IBM Recorded: Aug 1 2017 33 mins
    Organisations are using big data to unlock previously untapped competitive potential as part of their digital transformation strategy. Big Data by its very nature has the ability to apply unique pressure on the underlying infrastructure. By partnering with IBM Power, Hortonworks customers can decrease the time to process their data and view the analytical output due to the improved solution performance, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of reducing the TCO as compared to other infrastructure platforms.

    By attending this webinar, you'll learn about:

    - Digital transformation
    - Big data as part of that transformation journey
    - How does HDP powers real-time customer application and delivers robust analytics
    - The Hortonworks and IBM Systems alliance: addressing big data challenges together
    - The need for speed: IBM Hortonworks and Power
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage - Sweet Spot for Increasing Flexibility and Scalability
    Hybrid Cloud Storage - Sweet Spot for Increasing Flexibility and Scalability Craig McKenna, IBM Global Markets; Chris Saul, IBM Spectrum Storage; Pratyush Khare, IBM Cloud Object Storage Recorded: Jul 13 2017 29 mins
    With the constant growth in data and the rise in business demand for agility and elasticity, organizations like yours are looking for solutions.

    As well-indicated by many analysts and the latest IBM research, the world is moving to hybrid cloud to address those needs. According to Evaluator Group, 70% of all enterprise cloud users are currently engaged in hybrid cloud implementations or pilot projects.

    Ever wondered what exactly hybrid cloud means? Why do you need a hybrid cloud storage solution for your organization?

    In this webinar, we will help you answer these questions. Along with providing a clear explanation of hybrid cloud, our industry experts will discuss:

    - Why you need a hybrid cloud strategy and how to go about defining one
    - How the right Software Defined Storage (SDS) and licensing can help you save 40% of your cost
    - One SDS offering that can bring you a step further along your hybrid cloud journey

    We will hold a live and interactive session at the end of the webinar so you can have all your queries answered by our experts.
  • How to Select the Right Flash Storage for your Business?
    How to Select the Right Flash Storage for your Business? Sreenath Chary, AP Executive, Cognitive Data Solutions Recorded: Jun 27 2017 38 mins
    This webcast is intended to give an overview of the workloads that are ideal for all-flash. We will cover why flash is such a big deal in the enterprise today, and why its impact is likely to continue to expand.

    We will look at the IBM FlashSystem family specifically to discuss how to help organizations achieve true data agility and gain that unique mix of high performance and financial savings across the full range of deployment and operational activities

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