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  • Data Protection in 2019 and Beyond
    Data Protection in 2019 and Beyond
    James Nelson, President, Business Continuity Services, Inc. Recorded: Dec 4 2018 55 mins
    Data protection and disaster recovery are changing constantly. Risks and exposures are expanding. Are you keeping up? Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? Can your data handle the disruptions?

    “Data Protection in 2019 and Beyond,” provides thought, leadership, and guidance for the coming year and beyond. Addressing potential challenges, concerns, and focusing on areas to consider while protecting your organization, topics include:

    -The growing complexity of end-point protection and management
    -How virtualization continues to provide solutions and challenges
    -Changing regulatory and compliance challenges

    No business is immune from disaster. Businesses should assume the worst will happen. That’s why everyone should prepare to reduce the impact that these disasters will have on their technology. Planning ahead may be the difference in your business surviving technology interruptions and data loss.
  • How To Prevent and Recover from a Cyber Attack
    How To Prevent and Recover from a Cyber Attack
    Jeannine Gaudreau, Director of Information Security, Carbonite and Johnathan Ferrick, Sr. Product Manager, Carbonite Recorded: Sep 18 2018 64 mins
    Threats to your backup infrastructure continue to rise – the data that resides there and the applications it has access to are a prime target for a cyber-attack. At Carbonite, we’ve helped over 10,000 customers prevent or recover from cyber attacks in their many forms but even we are not immune to attacks.

    Join our webinar and hear from our own head of cyber security, Jeannine Gaudreau, about tactics we use at Carbonite to prevent and recover from a cyber security event. We will also have a question and answer session where we discuss a few different case studies and how we’ve employed similar tactics to assist our customers.
  • The True Cost of Downtime: How to Map Cost & Risk in a Complete DR Plan
    The True Cost of Downtime: How to Map Cost & Risk in a Complete DR Plan
    Ray Sullivan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Carbonite & Derek Cheek, Manager of Professional Services, Carbonite Recorded: Sep 13 2018 56 mins
    Lost productivity, lost sales, lost reputation, lost customers—in a world that depends on connectivity, unplanned downtime can be devastating. Danger to data can come from anywhere, so it’s critically important to get a full measure of your risks.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - Simple, proven methods to mapping cost and risk
    - Defining realistic RTO and RPO expectations, identifying ways to simplify your solutions
    - Ensuring that your disaster recovery plan can live up to its promise.
    - Find it easier to plan for any kind of data disaster—and easier to get buy-in on the best solution for your business.
  • How SMB’s Can Get Executive Buy-in for DRaaS
    How SMB’s Can Get Executive Buy-in for DRaaS
    tech journalist James A. Martin and Tom Powers @ Carbonite Recorded: Aug 28 2018 55 mins
    As an IT professional at a small or midsized business, you know what’s at stake if a disaster—natural or human-made—strikes your organization. And you understand the value of a Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) plan. But how do you convince top executives to invest in a DRaaS plan, especially if they believe DRaaS plans are too expensive?

    In this webcast, tech journalist James A. Martin and Tom Powers from Carbonite will explain how IT professionals at SMBs can get executive buy-in for a DRaaS plan. You’ll learn about:

    - The costs of downtime, data and productivity loss, and other adverse effects on a business that a disaster can trigger;
    - The costs of maintaining co-locations, secondary data centers, and other traditional forms of backup;
    - How a DRaaS plan eliminates or minimizes these and other costs;
    - What a typical DRaaS plan costs, and how to determine ROI;
    - How to talk to business decision makers to get the disaster recovery service your organization needs.
  • How to "Future Proof" Data Protection for Organizational Resilience
    How to "Future Proof" Data Protection for Organizational Resilience
    W. Curtis Preston, Sr. Analyst, @ Storage Switzerland & Lilac Shoenbeck, VP Product Marketing @ Carbonite Recorded: Jul 31 2018 62 mins
    Expectations of IT’s ability to return mission-critical applications to production are higher than ever. The data protection process shouldn’t always be playing catch up to the recovery of production data. We’ll be outlining three fundamental steps to ensuring that IT has all the elements needed to evolve the data protection process. Hear from thought leaders in the industry and learn how you can develop a future-proof protection strategy that suits your business needs.

    Presenter: George Crump, Storage Switzerland
  • 10 Ways to Make Your BIA a Disaster
    10 Ways to Make Your BIA a Disaster
    Michael Herrera, CEO @ MHA Consulting Recorded: Jun 29 2018 57 mins
    To develop a strong BCDR strategy, you start with the facts. A business impact analysis is, at its heart, a fact-finding mission. In the event of downtime, what would happen to your company? Do the BIA right and you’ll come to a deeper, more realistic understanding of your company’s current state of operations—and pave the way for creating a recovery strategy that actually works. Do it wrong and you’ll overwhelm your participants, alienate your IT department, confuse your senior management team, and - worst of all - devise recovery strategies, solutions and plans that won’t recover your business.

    Join our webinar, where we will discuss 10 ways to avoid making your BIA a disaster. Attendees will walk away with practical advice and strategies like:
    -How to validate your BIA approach with senior management
    -How to build the right questionnaires to get to the right information
    -Who to involve in the BIA process and why
    -And more
  • Protect & Prepare: Empowering Your Endpoints to Beat Modern Attacks
    Protect & Prepare: Empowering Your Endpoints to Beat Modern Attacks
    Jack Danahy, CTO & Co-Founder @ Barkly & Rachel "Ray" Sullivan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Carbonite Recorded: Jun 28 2018 55 mins
    Today’s cybersecurity attacks are spreading faster, evolving quicker and targeting every organization regardless of size. Challenged with limited security resources, the most exposed part of many organizations is usually the least protected; endpoints.

    Join Carbonite + Barkly in an upcoming webinar to learn:

    - Common infection and exploitation techniques used in today’s attacks
    - Strategies for proactively protecting your endpoints from ransomware and other malware
    - Which endpoint protection and data backup capabilities are the most important for complete endpoint protection
  • Protecting Data to the End: How Endpoint Backup Completes Your Data Protection
    Protecting Data to the End: How Endpoint Backup Completes Your Data Protection
    Edwin Yuen Sr. Analyst, Cloud Systems Management, Enterprise Strategy Group, Ray Sullivan, Sr. Product Marketing, Carbonite Recorded: Jun 6 2018 46 mins
    As workforces become increasingly mobile, protecting data on laptops, tablets and endpoints of all kinds has become a unique and evolving challenge for IT departments. In many cases, traditional backup solutions are no longer sufficient to protect the data that companies depend on for continued success.

    This presentation will take the form of a fluid discussion around the important data protection issues facing today’s IT environments—paying special attention to the benefits of true endpoint protection. We’ll also be covering virus protection and related issues.
  • Making Your Move – Become a Virtual Expert on Virtual Server Migration
    Making Your Move – Become a Virtual Expert on Virtual Server Migration
    Chadd Schwartz, Global Offering Manager for Migration Solutions, DXC Technology & Derek Cheek, Solutions Advisory, Carbonite Recorded: Apr 26 2018 43 mins
    Many companies take advantage of virtual servers for the dual benefits of cost effectiveness and scalability. But when the time comes to move data to a virtual server—or between virtual environments—a lack of preparation can mean extra costs, or worse, lost data.

    This webinar will cover best practices around managing data in a virtual environment, and offer key watchouts for those who are newer to virtual servers. We’ll also offer pro tips and expert advice for data migration involving virtual environments, with ways to keep the operation as simple as possible and avoid common pitfalls. And we’ll even show you how you can automate most of the process.
  • Complete Data Protection: Don't Forget Your Physical Systems & IaaS
    Complete Data Protection: Don't Forget Your Physical Systems & IaaS
    Jason Buffington, Principle Analyst, Formerly with Enterprise Strategy Group Recorded: Mar 28 2018 51 mins
    The cost savings offered by cloud solutions and IaaS can bring budget serenity—the benefits of eliminating backup servers, storage, software licenses and portable media can really add up.

    But cloud computing presents its own challenges. You need to know exactly how far a provider is willing—and able—to go to meet SLAs. Also, what guarantees are made for uptime and data retention? What sort of restitution is offered for service disruptions? In the cloud, these answers are rarely as simple as they are with in-house solutions and processes.

    Join us for a discussion about building a complete data protection strategy—leveraging both on-premise infrastructure and cloud services—for the right balance of price and performance.

    To achieve this, there is no one size fits all set of technologies to meet stricter RTO’s and RPO’s. Business priorities and objectives must be matched to fail-over and replication options to achieve truly modern, cost-effective and resilient data protection solutions. Join us for a complimentary webinar where we discuss 6 action steps to shift your focus from traditional IT disaster recovery to total business resiliency.

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