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  • Alternative Asset Classes:  The Professional Art Advisory
    Alternative Asset Classes: The Professional Art Advisory
    Antonio Curia | Alain Mestat | Giovanni Gasparini | Eric Syz Recorded: Jun 18 2019 63 mins
    Investors seeking alternative investments are exposed to more risk than regular investments. Especially in the high-touch art world, having a professional advise on the intricacies of the industry is critical to investing.

    This webinar will discuss:
    - Art Investment as Asset Class;
    - Philanthropy and Portfolio construction;
    - The professional keys to finding out piece is worth/Long term strategy;
    - Identifying reputable and valuable assets for portfolio construction;
    - Forecasting what artists will produce long-term value;& more

    Participants include:

    - Antonio Curia, Executive Director Wimmer Family Office LLP (UK) [Moderator]
    - Giovanni Gasparini, Director Christie's Education (London)
    - Alain Mestat, Founder PassionProtect® (Luxembourg)
    - Eric Syz, Founder Syz Group (Switzerland)
  • Investors Fortnightly Digest: Ep 001: Climate Risk
    Investors Fortnightly Digest: Ep 001: Climate Risk
    Ryan Ross | Paul Ellis Recorded: Jun 12 2019 31 mins
    This fortnightly series speaks with voices from the investing world about important news from the last 2 weeks, and expectations for the next 2 weeks.

    Each episode will dive into a specific topic, focusing on questions such as:
    - why should this specific issue is important to investors?
    - what are the key points to consider when making decisions?
    - what resources should be consulted to find the key points?
  • SM&CR: how to accelerate and de-risk your implementation
    SM&CR: how to accelerate and de-risk your implementation
    Dan Ridler, BCS Consulting Recorded: Jun 11 2019 42 mins
    Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) goes live on 9th December 2019 for FCA solo-regulated firms. BCS Consulting have supported vast numbers of banks, insurers and solo-regulated firms with their SM&CR implementations from which they have learnt key lessons about the challenges, regulatory consequences and the most effective solutions. Based on this experience, BCS Consulting will explain how firms can avoid the most significant implementation challenges and accelerate delivery timelines.
  • ESG Investing: Drivers of the Shift Towards Sustainable Financial Markets
    ESG Investing: Drivers of the Shift Towards Sustainable Financial Markets
    Franita Neuville, CFA, Investment & Advisory Market Development Manager, Refinitiv Recorded: Jun 6 2019 61 mins
    The investment research market has not changed much over the last 40 years but there is a notable shift underway. One of the factors which will be reshaping the investment research landscape over the next 5 to 10 years, is the increased adoption of the use of alternative data in the investment decision making process which is being enabled by the information explosion currently underway globally.

    Environmental, Social and Governance data is probably one of the best-known and widely-used alternative datasets globally and investors are integrating it into their investment decision making process so that they can become better investors to achieve stronger, long-term returns.

    Investors are using active ownership to persuade companies to clean-up their act. Globally we are seeing a shift to Responsible and Sustainable Investment (RI/SI) models and investors are focusing more on their stakeholder responsibility by being engaged owners, or even activist owners in some cases. Sustainable development goals are becoming an integrated part of asset managers’ and owners’ strategies and communications as they place more importance on their societal responsibility of investing responsibly and sustainably.

    In this presentation, we will be showing how drivers such as client demand, regulation, the transfer of wealth and climate change are driving the shift towards sustainable financial and economic markets. We will also look at how ESG investing is being incorporated by asset managers and owners, from using it as an input in the investment decision making process, to incorporating it as a key part of a company’s strategy.

    ESG is no longer just a conversational topic being driven by activist groups, it is now also seriously being incorporated by global money management firms and is set to become a key part of the global investment industry.
  • Investing In Startups: Alternative Investments & Diversified Portfolios
    Investing In Startups: Alternative Investments & Diversified Portfolios
    Christopher Rolfe, CEO, GoBeyond Recorded: May 23 2019 41 mins
    Early-stage or Angel Investing is a sub-category of Private Equity and a young and exciting asset class that sparks the interest of both individual investors and Family Offices.

    In this 60-minute webinar, you'll learn why early-stage investing is an attractive asset class, explore what opportunities are there beyond financial returns, and how it allows you to unleash the power of networks through real case studies of two programs run by GoBeyond: Rising Tide Europe and NextGen.

    All the content and learnings shared in this presentation derive from GoBeyond’s 10+ years of track record of investments in over 100 startup companies by its global community of 800+ Business Angels.

    Chris is an experienced business leader with a global outlook developed through an international education and global experience in the US, UK, Europe and sub Saharan Africa. He excels at taking companies through the planning, financing and execution of growth-based strategies. One of his strengths includes ensuring that the correct capital structures are in place to support growth strategy.

    Chris has strong competency in technology and consumer-focused companies with experience in early-stage, turnarounds, and mature company environments. Before GoBeyond Chris was CEO of Mobilitrix, an early-stage technology company and, prior to that, he was CEO of Virgin Active South Africa.

    Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Columbia University, and has been a long-serving member of the Young Presidents Organisation. He has a passion for African safaris, wine and fine food, rugby and cricket. Chris is married to Michelle and has two kids.
  • Investment Opportunities in the Credit Markets
    Investment Opportunities in the Credit Markets
    Jeremy Smouha / Oren Kaplan Recorded: May 20 2019 50 mins
    On SharingAlpha's 'Meet the Managers Program' we will be hosting Jeremy Smouha, Fund Manager of the GAM Star Credit Opportunities Fund. Jeremy will talk about the opportunities he sees in the Credit Markets and will be answering questions from the audience.
  • EU Regulation and Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
    EU Regulation and Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
    Jaspreet Duhra, ISS | Lydia Sandner, ISS Recorded: May 14 2019 49 mins
    In the light of increasing demands following the continuous implementation of the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, many investors are still struggling to understand and determine how and to what extent they have to act and respond to the evolving requirements.

    To get clarity and also to inform about the most recent developments in the context of the EU’s Sustainable Finance activities, ISS ESG would like to invite you to an informative one-hour webinar that addresses the current state of play and discusses items such as the regulation on disclosure and benchmarks, the classification of “green” activities, sustainability preferences and more.


    Welcome and speaker introduction
    EU Regulation – update and background on the EU Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth
    Our answer to your EU requirements – introduction to ISS ESG´s solution portfolio
    Questions & Answers

    Moderator: Jaspreet Duhra, Global ESG Sales Specialist at ISS ESG
    Lydia Sandner, Senior Associate Regulatory Affairs at ISS ESG
  • Real Assets - Real Opportunity
    Real Assets - Real Opportunity
    William Dinning – Head of Investment Strategy and Communication, James Mee – Fund Manager and Luke Hyde-Smith – Fund Manager. Recorded: May 13 2019 39 mins
    During the webinar the Waverton Real Assets Fund Managers will be discussing the need for Alternatives within a diversified multi-asset portfolio and the opportunity presented by investing in Real Assets. The managers will cover what “Real Assets” are, Waverton’s approach to investing in the asset class and an update on performance since the Fund’s launch in November 2018.
  • [PANEL] Finding Opportunity: Multi-Asset North America Investor Outlook
    [PANEL] Finding Opportunity: Multi-Asset North America Investor Outlook
    Linda Zhang, Stuart Peskin, Igor Tsukerman Recorded: May 8 2019 60 mins
    2018 Has thus far been a year of volatility, so knowing how to maintain a targeted level of absolute returns is challenging.

    In this Webinar, leading experts will discuss which asset classes are attractive, what role alternative investment techniques lay in the management of multi-asset portfolios. Themes to be covered include;

    * How & why multi-asset managers think the Q2 will play out
    * How to identify where volatility will come from
    * Macro movements (elections, trade wars, regulations etc) that will affect the market
    * Market appetite and the impact of ETFs

    Join this webinar to get a North American perspective on Multi-Asset investments and have your questions answered by our panel of industry experts.

    Linda Zhang, PhD, CEO and Founder, Purview Investments
    Stuart Peskin, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments

    Moderated by;
    Igor Tsukerman, President & Chief Investment Officer, Passed Pawn Advisors
  • Outcomes-Based Investing: Revisiting Multi-Asset Funds
    Outcomes-Based Investing: Revisiting Multi-Asset Funds
    Justin Simler | Clive Emery, Invesco | Andrew Warwick, Newton IM | Matthias Scheiber, Wells Fargo Recorded: May 8 2019 49 mins
    Multi-Asset is differentiated from single asset classes in that it defines outcomes in terms of risk and return. It has been one of the fastest growing investment areas as ‘old balanced’ metamorphosed into the diversified growth fund. DGF became a brand which included strategies which ranged from absolute return to more dynamic long only approaches. Today mainstream multi-asset also includes approaches such as risk parity and risk premia.

    Individual multi-asset strategies tend to provide different combinations of these approaches and this is true of the managers in today’s panel. We aim to understand the attraction of multi-asset to investors and the sources of future growth as traditional investors such as defined benefit schemes continue to de-risk.

    Some of the areas we shall address include:
    - how multi-asset coped with a difficult 2018
    - whether risk controls were effective and how clients can measure their success
    - whether multi-asset income will continue to grow given bond yields are still low and the need for income remains high

    Clive Emery, Investment team, Multi-Asset, Invesco
    Andrew Warwick, Co-lead Portfolio Manager, Newton Investment Management
    Matthias Scheiber, Global Head of Portfolio Management, Multi-Asset Solution, Wells Fargo

    Moderated by Justin Simler, Consultant

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