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  • Generating Returns with Stewardship: Investing in Sustainable Development Goals
    Generating Returns with Stewardship: Investing in Sustainable Development Goals
    Martina Macpherson, NSFM | Murray Birt, DWS | Christine Chow, Hermes Recorded: Apr 17 2019 61 mins
    Stewardship is one of the most direct ways in which investors can engage in long-term investment decision making. An important lesson from the global financial crisis has been that investors do need to play a stewardship role to look at how investee companies are managing the assets entrusted to them by their shareholders. Stewardship in investments means focusing capital management strategies on the long-term. Following developments in Europe and Asia in relation to stewardship codes and investment mandates some of the largest asset managers in the US have now also started requiring companies in their portfolios to adhere to “sustainable, long-term growth” strategies. However, key questions remain: What’s the most applicable investment strategy in the context of active stewardship? Are all risks such as cross-ownership being addressed and managed? Is the investee company properly accountable?

    With the goal of showing investors how they can focus on stewardship activities within their active and passive investment strategies this ESG webinar will discuss:

    - How to define stewardship in the context of sustainable investment and corporate decision-making;
    - How investors are focussing their capital on the long term;
    - How investment managers and service providers aim to establish, measure and benchmark their stewardship activities within active and passive investment strategies;
    - What this means for investors, companies, and society at large.

    Martina Macpherson, Partner, SI Partners & President, Network for Sustainable Financial 
  • How ESG Affects Equity Valuation, Risk and Performance
    How ESG Affects Equity Valuation, Risk and Performance
    Guido Giese, Executive Director, Equity Applied Research, MSCI Recorded: Apr 16 2019 41 mins
    Guido Giese will explore the results of a recent MSCI study that found a statistically significant causal link between ESG and performance. The research, which examined 10 years of live ESG Ratings data of over 1,600 stocks, found that ESG affected the valuation and performance of companies both through their systematic risk profile (lower costs of capital and higher valuations) and their idiosyncratic risk profile (higher profitability and lower exposures to tail risk), and that changes in a company's ESG characteristics (ESG momentum) may be a useful financial indicator in its own right.
  • ESG: (Learn why ESG is) An Essential Investment Tool for Enhancing Risk/Return
    ESG: (Learn why ESG is) An Essential Investment Tool for Enhancing Risk/Return
    Ben Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC Global Equity Recorded: Apr 16 2019 40 mins
    The debate surrounding the use of ESG tools and information is clearly favouring ESG as a tool for lower risk and enhancing return.

    In the live webinar, we explain why companies and investors need to be thinking about ESG and intangibles to enable better performance and will take questions on ESG topics.

    We review;

    * the latest academic evidence on why ESG adds value
    * the latest frontiers of ESG, use of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
    * debates on the imperfection of Sustainability Ratings and divestment campaigns
    * stewardship codes and increasing regulatory interest in ESG
  • Climate Risk 2019: Global Capital Markets and Public Policy Options
    Climate Risk 2019: Global Capital Markets and Public Policy Options
    Paul Ellis, Lisa Woll, Jeff Gitterman, Claudine Schneider, Francis Condon Recorded: Apr 16 2019 60 mins
    During the past 40 years Climate Science has accurately predicted rising sea levels, more rapid temperature rise at the poles and hurricanes and typhoons occuring at higher latitudes.

    From 1998 to 2017 the global economic cost of climate-related disasters skyrocketed 151% over the previous 20 year period to $2.25 trillion.

    Join our expert panelists for a discussion about future climate risk assessment options for companies, investors, financial advisors and policymakers.

    Jeff Gitterman, Co-founding Partner, Gitterman Wealth Management
    Lisa Woll, CEO, US SIF, The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
    Claudine Schneider, Founding President & former U.S. Congresswoman, Solar Alliance
    Francis Condon, Executive Director - Sustainable & Impact Investing, UBS Asset Management

    Moderated by Paul Ellis
  • [Panel] How to Integrate ESG as part of a successful asset mix
    [Panel] How to Integrate ESG as part of a successful asset mix
    Richard Lightbound, Meryam Omi, Justin Simler, Adrie Heinsbroek Recorded: Apr 16 2019 62 mins
    A few years ago "ESG” was just a page at the back of a presentation. Today it has achieved greater prominence with new initiatives such as impact investing and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, questions still remain about what ESG integration really means and whether the increasing use of frameworks and questionnaires is distracting from engagement.

    This expert panel will look at what ESG integration means and at the practical implementation of ESG considerations within portfolios. They will discuss whether ESG can be implemented, at best, without negatively impacting returns or whether there is recent evidence that it can actually benefit both risk and return.

    While impact investing dominates the headlines, most of the assets that firms manage on behalf of their clients integrate an assessment of ESG factors into their process but do not tilt towards sustainable investments. The panel will discuss this issue and the likely future trends in ESG investment including how ESG fits in with the Mega trends defined by the PRI or WEF.


    Justin Simler, Independent Industry Expert
    Richard Lightbound, Managing Partner & CEO - EMEA, ROBO Global
    Adrie Heinsbroek, Head of Responsible Investing, NN Investment Partners
    Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability & Responsible Investment Strategy, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)
  • Investment Management Community Update: Technology & Content Trends
    Investment Management Community Update: Technology & Content Trends
    Ryan Ross, BrightTALK |Simon Mott, HANetf | Roz, Clevertouch Recorded: Apr 11 2019 46 mins
    In a world where technologies help marketing professionals improve by the day, what are the trends you should look out for?

    This webinar will provide an overview of current content being consumed in financial services, what other industries are doing to amp-up their marketing engines, and how specific companies are using these technology.

    Specific topics include:
    Digital transformation strategies in Financial Services .v. other industries
    Content consumption trends for increased engagement across Financial Services
    How HANetf has executed their marketing strategy incorporating these ideas

    Join in the discussion with our panelists:

    Roz Smith, Marketing Consultant, Clevertouch
    Simon Mott, Head of Marketing, HANetf
    Ryan Ross, Community Manager, BrightTALK
  • Brexit: Impact on Currencies, Equities & Fixed Income
    Brexit: Impact on Currencies, Equities & Fixed Income
    Lynette Nusbacher | Colin Low | Andrew Mills | Diane Weitz Recorded: Apr 2 2019 64 mins
    It is being stated that a Brexit will create revolutionary distress in the market. It is being said that global financial markets will undergo tremendous, disastrous pain if a hard Brexit happens.

    But, how can we move forward? What steps are companies and investors taking to stay in business?

    This webinar aims to separate the signal from the noise and focus on providing our listeners with a thoughtful understanding of what the currency, fixed income, and equities markets are pricing in, and how companies and investors that operate in these markets are planning for whatever scenario may come.

    Topics to be covered:

    What environment created Brexit?

    What is the long-term outlook for the UK?

    What economic environment can investors expect to deal with?
  • Modern Strategies for Investing in Global Emerging Markets
    Modern Strategies for Investing in Global Emerging Markets
    Katja Boerger | Navaneeth Satheesan , Envestnet | Ryan Ross, BrightTALK Recorded: Mar 13 2019 50 mins
    Emerging markets are in a paradox right now. They are seeing tremendous growth yet have debt denominated In a strong dollar, which threatens to halter their growth and thus ability to pay back their debts. They have more ways than ever to trade, yet are suffering from trade wards. Their economies are not yet developed, but some are on the brink of adopting more technologically advanced currencies than the developed countries.

    What are good strategies to take advantage of this situation?

    This panel will join leading emerging market participants to discuss:

    - Which emerging markets will benefit from the potential political & economic outcomes of the next 18 months
    - How to think about where opportunities lie in chaos.
    - which securities are seeing the most flows and why?
    - Which industries will be most affected by trade wars, a strong US dollar, and elections around the world
  • Investing in Emerging Markets: Trade Wars & China
    Investing in Emerging Markets: Trade Wars & China
    Alison Shimada, Wells Fargo | Jeremy Murden, Matthews Asia | Ryan Ross, BrightTALK Recorded: Mar 13 2019 59 mins
    At over 12 Trillion Dollars in GDP, China is the world’s 2nd largest economy. It is home to 8 of the top 20 tech giants, it is a leader in exports, and is second only to the US in exports.

    After years of unprecedented growth, china has begun to slow down. It is easy to point to the trade war with the US as the driver of this slowdown. But we need to look deeper.

    This webinar will provide the Institutional investors and financial advisers interested in emerging markets, with:

    An overview on China’s domestic policy in stimulating trade
    An analysis of the 3 veins of the trade war
    How to find opportunity in the market
    Filtering the signal versus the noise
  • Panel Discussion - Global Emerging Markets - Outlook for 2019
    Panel Discussion - Global Emerging Markets - Outlook for 2019
    Ryan Ross | Richard Lightbound | Magdalena Polan | Adrian Lowcock Recorded: Mar 13 2019 42 mins
    Growth in developed markets is slowing, which will effect Emerging Markets. But what are the causes of the slowdown, and how do they compare to the past? If the source is oil prices, what does this mean for oil-rich countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, or Saudi Arabia?

    If the source is Central Banking policies, either coming from the US Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank – how will relative strength or weakness in currencies affect countries that hold debt?

    When headlines abound around trade, trade deficits, and trade surpluses, how can investors hedge their bets?

    And as economies emerge alongside technology, labor costs become as much an economic issue as a political issue. What role does automation play in the growth story?

    This panel will discuss questions facing emerging markets including:

    · Are EMs better equipped to handle growth slowdown than in 2015? What do they have going for them now that they didn’t back then?
    · Are we in an EM rally? If so, how long will the EM rally last?
    · Central Banking policies effect on EM
    · Areas to avoid vs. attractive areas?

    Panelists include:

    Magdalena Polan - Global EM Economist at LGIM
    Adrian Lowcock - Head of Personal Investing at Willis Owen
    Richard Lightbound, CEO EMEA & Asia at ROBO Global

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