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  • How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy, Hosted by AWS & LogicMonitor
    How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy, Hosted by AWS & LogicMonitor
    Sam Khidhir, AWS Solutions Architect & Sarah Terry, LogicMonitor Sr. Product Manager Recorded: Dec 18 2018 44 mins
    When it comes to IT infrastructure, hybrid is the new normal.

    Understanding true performance across cloud-based infrastructure and your on-prem systems can be complex. But with the right monitoring approach, you can expect the same comprehensive insight and quick resolution time from your hybrid environment as you've always enjoyed with your legacy systems.

    Learn from leading industry experts AWS and LogicMonitor as they present the key components of a world-class performance monitoring strategy, along with a framework to improve monitoring effectiveness.

    Join AWS Solutions Architect Sam Khidir and LogicMonitor Sr. Product Manager, as they discuss how to build the ideal framework for monitoring effectiveness in a hybrid IT environment.

    How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy will cover:

    • Best practices for viewing performance, availability, and cost across hybrid systems
    • How to ensure the right teams are getting notified of the right issues
    • Tips tips to reduce mean time to resolution in a hybrid environment
  • Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud
    Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud
    Jeff Behl, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor and William Fellows, Research Vice President and Founder of 451 Research Recorded: Dec 11 2018 59 mins
    Your cloud journey is underway. That’s a fact. So what’s next and how can you best prepare your organization for long term success? Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud from LogicMonitor provides answers. Compiled from the predictions of more than 300 industry influencers, this report outlines the future of the cloud computing industry and contains valuable insights and tips for IT leaders preparing for and continuing their cloud transition.

    Join Jeff Behl, LogicMonitor Chief Product Officer and William Fellows, VP of Research for 451 Research’s Cloud Transformation Channel as they reveal the survey results and discuss ramifications for the market.

    Cloud Vision 2020: Future of the Cloud Webinar will cover:
    -Will Enterprises ever be 100% in the cloud?
    -What trends are actually driving cloud engagement today?
    -What will the drivers to the cloud be in 2020?
    -Which cloud vendors will gain/lose market share?
    -How can these findings be applied to your cloud strategy?

    Learn why Forbes, USA Today, and TechRepublic are talking about LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020 study. Follow the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #CloudVision2020
  • The Future of Hybrid: Optimize Performance and Reduce Alert Noise for DevOps
    The Future of Hybrid: Optimize Performance and Reduce Alert Noise for DevOps
    Sarah Terry, Senior Product Manager, LogicMonitor Recorded: Nov 15 2018 43 mins
    How do you maintain visibility into the performance of containerized applications as containers come and go? The layering of dynamic, ephemeral resources onto service-oriented architectures presents a challenge for optimization and complicates the understanding of true aggregate performance.

    Are you and/or your hybrid and IT Operations teams tired of being woken up in the middle of the night for non-critical alerts? We’ll show you how to use hybrid monitoring to more effectively track the performance of dynamic services and more quickly identify impacted services for a given alert to optimize service availability and performance.

    Join this webinar and learn how to:

    -Gain complete visibility into the performance and availability of services in hybrid IT infrastructure
    -Ensure that alerts reflect overall service impact for distributed and clustered resources
    -Leverage dashboards and performance insights in order to reduce time spent troubleshooting
  • Inflection Point: Where IoT & Software-Defined are Pushing Today's Data Center
    Inflection Point: Where IoT & Software-Defined are Pushing Today's Data Center
    David Powell, GM of Service Provider Business, LogicMonitor Recorded: Feb 15 2018 37 mins
    Today's enterprises are going through a period of consolidation and moving workloads to the public cloud. Data center providers are acquiring smaller regional data center assets, creating less choice and more dominant players. New technology is compounding the shift, changing everything inside the data center. And a zero tolerance for downtime among the user community means that delays and maintenance windows are no longer an option. Things are changing quickly. And the prevailing industry trends are increasing the pace of that change:

    - The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing compute to the edge with smart devices, creating challenges for latency and scalability.
    - Software-defined Environments require a complete rethinking of the way data centers are built. If executed correctly, they have the potential to eliminate the bottleneck typically associated with hardware.
    - Machine Learning presents new forms of data and pattern recognition, which has direct implications for data center security and resource allocation.
    - Serverless computing, while closely tied to IoT and other application development trends, puts more pressure on the core infrastructure to be scalable and automated.

    How will this affect today's data center? This session explores the bleeding edge and how data center practitioners can capitalize on its momentum rather than become subsumed by it. Attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of the new technology trends that are taking shape. And they'll leave with strategies to adapt to new pressures and demands.

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