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  • Visualize Your World Virtual Talkshow 2017
    Visualize Your World Virtual Talkshow 2017 Robert Fleming, Vice-President of International Marketing and Global Campaigns, Qlik Recorded: Nov 15 2017 69 mins
    Light up your world with a whole new level of insight from your data. It’s your data and your analytics and your opportunity to take your business to the next level. While you leave your data where it is, how do you propel your team and your organization forward? Join the Qlik Visualize Your World Virtual Talkshow and hear how Qlik’s cloud-ready analytics platform delivers value for you and how Qlik is building on its unique Associative Difference to drive a new wave of analytics that allows you to augment your intelligence across all your data, people and ideas. Featuring:
    •Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, Qlik
    •Helena Schwenk, Big Data and Analytics Research Manager, IDC
    •Mike Prorock, CTO and Founder, mesur.io
    •Eduardo Di Monte, CEO of OYLO Trust Engineering, Cybersecurity Advisor for the Utilities sector.
    •Geertjan Woltjes, Chief Operations Officer, Quooker
  • Accelerating data-driven insight: How Citco delivers modern analytics
    Accelerating data-driven insight: How Citco delivers modern analytics Nick Eisenlau - Citco, Paul Van Siclen - Qlik, Pinar Celen - Qlik Recorded: Nov 14 2017 52 mins
    Customers in every industry now insist upon real-time and customizable data analytics provided in a governed and self-service fashion. They want to access information on demand. The Financial Services industry is no different – except that the data and requirements are much more complex and varied to the point they can become overwhelming.
    Join Qlik and Citco for an exploration of the current analytics landscape confronting the financial services industry, with many choices to make. Experts will explore current solutions and explain how to leverage visual analytics to empower end users.
    You will learn how to:
    · Balance self-service requirements with appropriate governance
    · Execute a decentralized approach to building analytics applications
    · Lessons learned by the Citco Center of Excellence team
    · Use today’s platforms to work with alternative investment managers, a major advance

    Speakers -

    Nick Eisenlau - Head of Strategy & Business Analytics - Citco
    Paul Van Siclen - Market Development Director, Financial Services - Qlik
    Pinar Celen - Senior Solution Architect, Financial Services - Qlik
  • Exploring Clinical Variations with Qlik Sense
    Exploring Clinical Variations with Qlik Sense Qlik Recorded: Sep 20 2017 3 mins
    Clinical variation is one of the greatest drains on a healthcare organization's resources–adding to costs by as much as 30 percent. Qlik’s visual analytics platform can enable organizations to explore their data and readily uncover best practices, drive efficiency, and engage clinicians in reducing this variation. This short video explores variations in care using real data from an orthopedic department.
  • Quooker mitigates supply chain risks with trend analyses using Qlik
    Quooker mitigates supply chain risks with trend analyses using Qlik Geertjan Woltjes, Controller/Plant Manager Recorded: Sep 18 2017 5 mins
    Quooker selected Qlik for creating visualizations, dashboards and analyses that provide insight into sales data, supply chain data, purchase information, service process and current financial status. Qlik was fully operational within eight working days. Qlik allows its team to look ahead and make decisions based on trend analyses. Without these insights, Quooker might face inventory issues for one or more of its products.

    This would negatively impact revenue and company image, as ‘always deliverable from stock’ is one of its main unique selling points. Qlik has mitigated risks across the company’s entire supply chain, resulting in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

    About Quooker
    The concept of the Quooker was devised in the 1970s following the invention of instant soup. Since then, years have gone into the development of ‘the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water’. Quooker currently has over 11,000 square meters of company space. Around 180 people work on the development, production and marketing of Quooker’s boiling water taps/faucets on a daily basis.
    Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has offices in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Driving innovation in Advanced Analytics and Visualizations
    Driving innovation in Advanced Analytics and Visualizations Chris Ilacqua, Director, Product Management - Qlik Sense Recorded: Sep 14 2017 62 mins
    See how to use Qlik Sense to drive self-service analytics innovation through intelligent visualizations, meaning better decision-making anytime, anywhere. Get an overview of the exciting enhancements to Qlik Sense visualizations, geo-spacial capabilities, mobile strategy and advanced analytics extensions.
  • The High Tech Industry & Qlik Visual Analytics
    The High Tech Industry & Qlik Visual Analytics Qlik Recorded: Sep 1 2017 3 mins
    High Tech implies use of advanced technology which continues to evolve. This means High Tech markets and environments are subject to frequent change. Additionally High Tech markets are impacted by multiple factors. As a leader in visual analytics, Qlik provides visibility into and across multiple sources of data. Watch and learn how Qlik's visual analytics reveal the whole story in High Tech company data. The resulting insights can help drive better performance.
  • From re-active to pro-active spend visibility at Vattenfall
    From re-active to pro-active spend visibility at Vattenfall Sahar Shirzad, Researcher & BI Analyst Procurement Development at Vattenfall AB. Recorded: Aug 30 2017 48 mins
    Vattenfall AB is owned by the Swedish state and is one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity. Achieving instant insight into spend and savings has been a challenge with about 28 000 employees, thousands of transactions and billions in direct and indirect spend across countries. Sahar Shirzad will share her and her organizations roadmap towards instant spend data and actual and possible savings insights. As so many organizations Vattenfall operate in an environment with multiple ERP systems and multiple data sources across multiple countries. Spend data used to be gathered via Excel from different departments making it hard to create one single, up-to-date, truth available for all.In this webinar you will learn how Vattenfall created a strategy for procurement analytics development across countries, measuring both direct and indirect spend.
  • Analyzing historic spend and future needs at Stora Enso
    Analyzing historic spend and future needs at Stora Enso Irene Tibbling: Head of Sourcing Development & Controlling, Stora Enso Recorded: Aug 29 2017 43 mins
    Imagine you could learn from history and predict the future. This is something many organizations want to achieve. Irene Tibbling at Stora Enso shares how they visualize historic spend and forecast future needs. Stora Enso has set on a journey to create one way of working within sourcing and procurement. The objective is to increase quality, control the supplier base and ensure security. To do so they have created a tool enabling them to visualize historic spend and help predict future needs.

    Speaker: Irene Tibbling: Head of Sourcing Development & Controlling at Stora Enso. Stora Enso is active in the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry with 27 000 employees worldwide.
  • Interactive Analytical Storytelling
    Interactive Analytical Storytelling Robert Tischler, Senior Analyst, BARC & John Sands, Evangelist, Qlik Recorded: Aug 22 2017 407 mins
    From gut feeling to fact based decision making.

    While data and the availability of good insights are growing, decisions are often still being made based on gut feeling instead of factual evidence. Engaging people and teams to leveraging the insights into actions is a challenge.

    Robert Tischler, Senior Analyst from BARC, will explain why Storytelling is the rescue. BARC recently did a survey among European organisations about the current state and future of data storytelling and he will share these learnings with the benefits and next steps to take to apply within your organisation. John Sands from Qlik will then show you how you can interact and collaborate in an easy and transparent way and share a best practice in how Qlik customers successfully leverage Storytelling in their work environment.

    Robert is Managing Director and Senior Analyst at the Business Application Research Center (BARC) Austria. His specialty areas are Business Intelligence Front Ends and process oriented Business Intelligence applications. He supports companies in the software selection process, during the introductory phase and with reviews to optimize architecture and organization. Robert has many years of experience as a project manager of BI projects, hands-on expertise with many BI tools on the front end, as well as in the backend, designing, coaching and implementing reporting, analysis and planning solutions with a focus on self-service BI, Information Design and advanced planning.

    John has ten years of experience of working with Qlik and 20 years' experience in the software industry. He has been involved with Qlik as it evolved into the platform of choice for many enterprise companies. John has presented globally talking about the BI Industry and how the Qlik platform has been such a game changer. He has spoken about mobile technology and how it has changed the face of IT, making people demand quicker software in the workplace, sparking the Bring Your Own Device movement.
  • Address Big Data Analytic challenges
    Address Big Data Analytic challenges Ian Crosland, Senior Product Manager - Data Management, Qlik Recorded: Aug 22 2017 276 mins
    "See how to combine big data sources with other relevant operational data sources with Qlik’s built-in On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) to deliver even deeper insights. Hosted by Qlik's Ian Crosland, this session includes a number of how-to scenarios with example scripts and applications. We'll also showcase customer examples of ODAG working with a variety of data sources and the value it brings to Qlik customers.
    Ian Crosland is a member of the Global Product Management team and is primarily responsible for data population in Qlik Sense® including data preparation, Big Data and overseeing governed data and connectivity. His previous experience includes over 15 years of deploying data warehouses and BI solutions in complex environments. Ian has been with Qlik for 10 years."

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