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  • Elections Cybersecurity Assessment: Protect the Integrity of Your Elections
    Elections Cybersecurity Assessment: Protect the Integrity of Your Elections
    Bill O'Neill, VP, Runbeck Election Services and Damon Fleury, CTO, CyberDefenses Recorded: Jun 12 2018 32 mins
    Runbeck Elections Services, the leader in elections services, is excited to partner with CyberDefenses, a premier cybersecurity services provider to introduce the first comprehensive cybersecurity audit built specifically for elections departments. In this webinar, we'll share what the new relationship means for you and the benefits you can expect including assessments and ongoing cybersecurity support and training.

    You'll learn how:
    - CyberDefenses performs a full assessment of elections-related systems, including searching the internet and dark net on behalf of clients to ensure the integrity of ongoing elections
    - Our experts perform a full assessment of your processes and systems to ensure that you are following best practices and meeting regulatory mandates
    - This assessment provides the expert staff to help elections officials understand their current environment and measure it relative to DHS, CIS, NIST CSF guidance, as well as to industry best practices
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices We Learned from the Military
    Cybersecurity Best Practices We Learned from the Military
    Chris Rogers, Head of the Virtual Security Operations Center, CyberDefenses, Served in the U.S. Army Recorded: May 30 2018 46 mins
    Now the cyber threat stakes are just as high for businesses as they have been for the military for decades. Join this webinar to see how your cybersecurity efforts measure against military cyberescurity practices that have proven effective in the most contentious cyber threat scenarios.

    CyberDefenses was founded by military cybersecurity veterans in 2001 and since then, we've worked to protect military installations around the world. Now, in response to the escalating threats facing businesses, we're making this same level of advanced security available to non-military organizations.

    In this webinar, we'll share some of some of the military best practices that we use to protect our clients. You'll be able to see how your program compares and benefit from our lessons learned to strengthen your cybersecurity efforts.
  • How to Find the Real Threat Lurking in Security Events
    How to Find the Real Threat Lurking in Security Events
    Damon Fleury, CTO, Chris Rogers, Virtual SOC Leader Recorded: Apr 26 2018 28 mins
    For most security pros, the challenge isn’t not having enough data about potential security events. The problem is so much data coming from millions of endpoints that the real threat is buried and undetectable. The companies that have recently experienced high profile breaches have learned it’s easy for a real threat to go unrecognized and wreak devasting havoc on your systems, your customers and your business. Ray Bradbury was right when he said, “Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone.”

    Is it possible to efficiently sift through the mountains of security alert data collected daily to hone in on what indicates a real incident? And even more importantly, is it possible to accomplish this quickly enough to be able to immediately mitigate the potential damage?

    Fortunately, the answer to these questions is “Yes, it is possible.” Join CyberDefenses CTO Damon Fleury for a webinar in which we explore the threat hunting methodologies and tools that enable you to identify the true threats lurking in your security alerts, and to recognize them early enough to take effective action. We’ll cover:
    •Setting up a process that works to isolate the potential threats
    •The skillset needed to determine what warrants immediate attention
    •The typical structure of an incident and tell-tale markers
    •Best practices for threat hunting and detection
    •Effective incident response workflows and resources
  • The NIST 800-171 CUI Compliance Deadline Has Passed. Now What?
    The NIST 800-171 CUI Compliance Deadline Has Passed. Now What?
    Dave Gray, CISSP, PMP, CAP, Security+, ITIL, CEH, EnCE, MCSE, MCSA Recorded: Feb 8 2018 50 mins
    The Department of Defense compliance deadline was the last day of 2017; now that 2018 is here, what does that really mean for DFARS and FAR contractors? DoD revised their message in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee by throwing a lifeline to vendors and contractors. Join us for a discussion on what that lifeline is and how to move forward in the new federal contract reality.
  • An Introduction to NIST SP 800-171 with Co-Author Mark Riddle
    An Introduction to NIST SP 800-171 with Co-Author Mark Riddle
    Mark Riddle, Co-Author NIST SP 800-171 Recorded: Sep 12 2017 49 mins
    Join CyberDefenses and NIST SP 800-171 co-author Mark Riddle for a short introduction to CUI(Controlled Unclassified Information) and the NIST 800-171 requirements. Mark will be joined by his colleague at the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), Devin Casey to provide an overview and respond to your questions.

    The call will be hosted by CyberDefenses CTO, Damon Fleury.

    If you are a federal contractor, then you have recently been talking about NIST 800-171. This publication outlines a series of 110 security controls that every federal contractor will have to address, given recent DFARS and FAR regulations that set deadlines for compliance in 2017 and 2018.
  • How GDPR Affects US Companies
    How GDPR Affects US Companies
    Bob Siegel, President and Founder of Privacy Ref Recorded: Aug 17 2017 37 mins
    Learn how the EU General Data Protection Regulations affect US based companies.

    Join CyberDefenses and Privacy Ref's Bob Siegel to review how the GDPR directly impacts US based corporations. These far-reaching regulations impact any company that stores or transmits identifying information of any individual within the EU.

    In this webinar, you will be introduced to the basic elements of the GDPR and you will discuss the requirements that require action for US focused companies.

    About Bob Siegel:
    President and founder of Privacy Ref, Inc., Bob Siegel, started the company in 2012. After his time as Senior Manager of Worldwide Privacy and Compliance at Staples, Inc., Bob applied his experience and expertise to assisting companies implement and maintain strong privacy programs. Bob has worked with many different organizations, dealing with programs of all sizes and regulatory needs.

    Always seeking to improve his own understanding of all things privacy, Bob has earned certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. These include certifications in US private and public sector, European, and Canadian privacy laws. Bob has also earned certifications in Information Technology Privacy and Privacy Program Management. Bob Siegel has also been recognized as a Fellow of Information Privacy by the IAPP for his outstanding dedication to the privacy community. He has also served on the IAPP's Certification Advisory Board for the CIPM program and the IAPP's Publication Advisory Board. Bob also serves on the IAPP’s teaching faculty leading classes in the areas in which he is certified.

    About CyberDefenses:
    CyberDefenses is a premiere cyber security services organization, providing advanced security services to the commercial and federal sectors. CyberDefenses Academy provides advanced training the IT, security and privacy professionals that wish to be at the top of their field.
  • NIST SP 800-171: How This Will Impact Your Federal Contracts
    NIST SP 800-171: How This Will Impact Your Federal Contracts
    Damon Fleury, CTO CyberDefenses, Inc Recorded: Jul 18 2017 35 mins
    Do you have federal contracts? If you do, then NIST 800-171 has probably started to get your attention. The DoD has required that all of its vendors attest to their compliance with this standard by the end of 2017. All other federal agencies will follow suit within the next 3-5 years.

    What is involved in assessing whether you meet this standard? What does it mean to declare your compliance level and how do you accomplish this?

    In this 30m webinar, CyberDefenses' CTO Damon Fleury will outline what you can expect from the 800-171 process, based on our experiences from our own assessments and those of our clients. This webinar will be informative to anyone performing their own assessment, as well as to those still trying to figure out where to start with 800-171 process.

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