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  • Introduction to Crowd Machine
    Introduction to Crowd Machine CEO- Craig Sproule, CTO - Ben Gorlick, Network Architect - Johnny Dilley Recorded: Nov 20 2017 47 mins
    Crowd Machine is a distributed computational network powering next generation blockchain and decentralized apps.

    It leverages the principles of strong federations in a trust-less environment to deliver interoperable blockchain apps on a network of peers. The network includes an embedded code-less app development capability that allows anyone to create decentralized apps at unprecedented speeds.

    During this webinar, we will be demonstrating the technology and providing an overview of the decentralized architecture.
  • How to Bridge the Gap between Citizen Developers and Corporate IT
    How to Bridge the Gap between Citizen Developers and Corporate IT Stephen Terlizzi Recorded: Oct 24 2017 31 mins
    Not everyone can write code – but nearly anyone can solve a problem. Today's businesses are facing an ever increasing set of problems that require innovative digital solutions. Learn how to safely enable a new army of application developers: the citizen developer.

    This webinar will examine the use of citizen developers to meet the ever increasing demand for new applications. We will discuss:

    • The current challenges with citizen developers and the gap between them and corporate IT

    • An new approach to the application development lifecycle to reduce the complexity of software development and empower this new army of developers

    • The concept of gadgets and their role in providing functionality in a secure and compliant manner

    • Potential areas where citizen developers can quickly build their own applications
  • The Future of Blockchain and Its Impact on Enterprise Computing Solutions
    The Future of Blockchain and Its Impact on Enterprise Computing Solutions Craig Sproule, CEO Recorded: Sep 12 2017 32 mins
    Are you wondering how blockchain will impact enterprise computing solutions? Gartner has named blockchain as one of its top 10 strategic technologies for 2017. But does blockchain make sense for your organization?

    This webinar will help you learn the basics of blockchain and explore its value to enterprise organizations. We will:

    • explore the fundamentals of blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum
    • describe an approach for you to evaluate blockchain for your own needs
    • discuss the ground-shifting implications of blockchain for business models and the new enterprise solutions that will be required to support them
    • provide a roadmap to move from today’s enterprise development model to tomorrow’s blockchain-based model.

    No prior knowledge of blockchain or Ethereum is required.
  • Achieving True Cloud-First Digital Agility
    Achieving True Cloud-First Digital Agility Metavine Recorded: Aug 14 2017 3 mins
    Metavine powers your business to be ready for the future and achieve true cloud-first digital agility today. Learn more at www.metavine.com.
  • The Application Lifecycle Model is Changing - Don't Get Left Behind!
    The Application Lifecycle Model is Changing - Don't Get Left Behind! Craig Sproule, CEO, Metavine Recorded: Aug 1 2017 28 mins
    Your application's customers are facing unprecedented competition in their businesses. To win, they need you to help meet this challenge by delivering exceptional digital solutions faster than ever before. In order to achieve this digital agility, you must rethink your application lifecycle model and adjust how you are currently developing your enterprise applications. Join us for this 20-minute briefing to learn:

    • How industry dynamics are driving a change to the approach to application development
    • Why today’s application lifecycle models can no longer satisfactorily meet demand
    • Why next-generation application lifecycle models are needed and and how they work
    • How a real-world enterprise system achieved these goals

    Speaker Bio
    Craig Sproule is the founder and CEO of Metavine Previously, he had founded a successful systems integration firm that completed hundreds of enterprise-class development engagements in various industries over 17 years. From these projects, he developed Metavine Genesis that delivers an innovative approach to the application lifecycle that enables companies to achieve cloud-first digital agility. With more than 30 years experience in enterprise software sector, Craig has also held senior technology and management positions at several leading software companies.

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