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  • Eliminate Employee and Customer Account Takeovers with 2FA Security Keys
    Eliminate Employee and Customer Account Takeovers with 2FA Security Keys Alexander Romero, VP Enterprise Marketing, Yubico Recorded: Mar 13 2018 26 mins
    Security breaches are a growing financial industry problem that in 2017 cost companies an average of $3.62 million per breach. Authenticating only with username and password is no longer sufficient with stolen passwords responsible for 81% of breaches. Even multi-factor authentication through Mobile Push, or One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS and mobile apps are vulnerable to account takeovers.

    Join this webinar to learn how Yubico security keys can eliminate account takeovers and are proven to do so at companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and thousands more.
  • GDPR: Achieving Compliance and Secure Authentication with 2FA & Customer IAM
    GDPR: Achieving Compliance and Secure Authentication with 2FA & Customer IAM Alex Yakubov (Yubico), Jesper Johansson (Yubico), Baber Amin (Ping Identity) Recorded: Feb 22 2018 31 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect May 25, 2018, and it impacts organizations throughout the world who sell, market to, and even collect any personal data of EU citizens. It has far reaching operational and IT impacts. Critical to GDPR compliance are security, data-access governance, and transparency in the collection and use of personal data for EU citizens, including use-based consent, self-service personal data management, and data encryption in every state (at rest, in motion, in use).

    As organizations look for efficient ways to check the compliance boxes, article by article, it is important to note that compliance is only a step towards strengthening your engagement with customers and preserving their data privacy.

    One of the key components for GDPR compliance is the need for strong authentication and identity management. Join this webinar to learn about the Secure Authentication requirements of GDPR, how to meet those requirements, and strengthen security at the same time.

    In this webinar, Yubico and Ping Identity will discuss:
    ● How Customer Identity and Access Management (Customer IAM) solutions provide key capabilities that help meet GDPR requirements ‘out of the box’
    ● Architectural best practices of Customer IAM that make compliance more cost effective and efficient
    ● How organizations can turn the GDPR compliance challenge into an opportunity by providing a single, unified view of the customer, building trust, and enabling secure, seamless and personalized customer engagement

    Alex Yakubov, Senior Director - Ecosystem (Yubico)

    Jesper Johansson, Chief Security Architect (Yubico)
    Baber Amin, Market Leader, Cloud Security Services (Ping Identity)
  • Uber Data Breach: Impact and Lessons for CISO's
    Uber Data Breach: Impact and Lessons for CISO's Alex Holden (Hold Security) | Jesper Johansson (Yubico) | Nathan Wenzler (AsTech) Recorded: Nov 30 2017 60 mins
    Uber recently disclosed a massive data breach in which the personal information of 57 million Uber customers and drivers were stolen by hackers in October 2016. What are some of the lessons we can draw from this latest breach?

    Join this interactive panel of experts as they review:
    - What is the impact of this breach?
    - What should Uber users do in response to this breach?
    - What are the most common reasons for breaches?
    - What should organizations be doing to better tighten their security?

    - Alex Holden, CISO of Hold Security
    - Jesper Johansson, Chief Security Architect, Yubico
    - Nathan Wenzler, Chief Security Strategist, AsTech Consulting
  • Using Open Standards to Comply with GDPR
    Using Open Standards to Comply with GDPR Tommaso De Orchi, Solution Manager (EMEA), Yubico and Nic Sarginson, Solutions Engineer (EMEA) Recorded: Aug 17 2017 33 mins
    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy, and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. Acknowledging identity threats like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, the GDPR applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of those residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

    An excerpt from the GDPR describes authentication as ‘key to securing computer systems’ and as the first step ‘in using a remote service or facility, and performing access control’. The document also outlines various GDPR-compliant authentication solutions, such as smart card, OTP push apps, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).

    Yubico’s enterprise solution - the YubiKey - combines support for OpenPGP (an open standard for signing and encryption), FIDO U2F (a protocol that works with an unlimited number of applications), and smart card / PIV (a standard that enables RSA or ECC sign/encrypt operations using a private key stored on the device) all in one multi-protocol authentication device. This makes it a strong and flexible solution for companies required to comply with GDPR. Attend this webcast and learn:

    •How GDPR will impact the way organizations worldwide store and access the personal information of EU citizens
    •How to leverage open standards to achieve GDPR compliance for strong authentication
    •How a multi-protocol authentication device protects organizations from phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Enterprise Authentication: Understanding the Security/Simplicity Trade-off
    Enterprise Authentication: Understanding the Security/Simplicity Trade-off Jerrod Chong, CISSP VP Solutions (USA), Yubico Recorded: Aug 15 2017 62 mins
    The 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report found that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords last year. Organizations looking for strong authentication solutions often face a trade-off between security and simplicity.

    Smart card and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) are two of the strongest authentication solutions for protecting your entire organization, and securing the information they access. Employees, vendors, partners, and customers all need strong authentication for workstation login, access to web applications, remote access to services, and privileged system access. During this webinar, Yubico’s VP of Solutions Jerrod Chong will share:

    • A comparison of enterprise authentication techniques, including username/password, one-time password, mobile push, smart card, and FIDO U2F
    • Why smart card and FIDO U2F are the strongest authentication solutions available today
    • How a single hardware authentication device combining smart card and FIDO U2F authentication can protect your entire organization from phishing, malware, and man-in-the-middle attacks

    Nine of the top 10 tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Salesforce.com, use Yubico’s authentication solutions to protect all of their employees from phishing, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks. Yubico’s enterprise-wide solution, the YubiKey, combines both smart card and FIDO U2F capabilities in a single hardware-based authentication device.
  • Secure your GOV.UK Verify Account with YubiKey
    Secure your GOV.UK Verify Account with YubiKey Yubico Team Recorded: Jul 25 2017 2 mins
    GOV.UK Verify is a new simple way for UK citizens to access an increasing range of UK government services online. This is the first government service in the world to make support for the new open authentication standard FIDO U2F.

    UK citizens can easily purchase a FIDO U2F authenticator online and register it with Digidentity, one of the UK government’s certified identity service providers. Yubico’s durable FIDO U2F-certified YubiKeys work with a single touch, and need no drivers or client software. YubiKeys are used by millions of people in over 160 countries.

    Find out more at yubico.com/govuk
  • Integrating U2F - From Concept to Implementation
    Integrating U2F - From Concept to Implementation Dain Nilsson, Engineering Lead Recorded: Jul 25 2017 58 mins
    FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) is an open authentication standard that enables internet users to securely access any number of online services, with one single YubiKey device, instantly and with no drivers or client software needed.

    U2F leverages public key cryptography, protecting against modern hacker techniques used in the current breach-filled world. Major online services -- such as GitHub, Google, and Dropbox -- are leading the way to protect their employees and global users with U2F.

    This technical webinar provides an introduction to concepts on how to implement U2F, including code examples using Python.
  • Securing Business Intelligence on Salesforce.com with YubiKeys
    Securing Business Intelligence on Salesforce.com with YubiKeys Jerrod Chong (VP Solutions, Yubico), Itzik Koren (Director PM, Salesforce.com) Recorded: Jul 21 2017 21 mins
    As a Salesforce admin, you can allow your users to authenticate with a YubiKey any time they’re challenged to verify their identity. Once provisioned, users simply insert and tap their YubiKey to complete verification. It’s a secure, convenient alternative to using Salesforce Authenticator or one-time passwords sent by email or SMS.

    In this on-demand webinar, Itzik Koren (Salesforce) and Jerrod Chong (Yubico) demonstrate why it is important to activate U2F with single sign-on (SSO) on Salesforce.com, and the cost savings you can achieve with YubiKey as a hardware-based second factor.
  • Easy-to-Use MFA with Centrify Identity Service and YubiKeys
    Easy-to-Use MFA with Centrify Identity Service and YubiKeys David Maples, Solutions Architect Recorded: Jul 21 2017 42 mins
    In this webinar, we’ll show you real-life examples of the ways Yubico and Centrify provide context-based, adaptive authentication across enterprise users and resources. Across a wide range of use cases, Centrify and Yubico provide IT the flexibility to enforce security without user frustration.

    Centrify Identity Service can leverage the easy-to-use, multi-function YubiKey for use cases such as:

    -- Smart card AD-based login to Mac or Linux
    -- Smart card login to Centrify’s cloud service for SSO, secure remote access, or administration
    -- OATH OTP as a second factor for secure SSO to cloud apps
    -- OATH OTP for MFA to privilege elevation on servers
    -- Physical NFC token-based MFA for secure access to apps on mobile devices

    We’ll show you secure, simple, scalable solutions that both admins and users love.
  • YubiKey Smart Card Mode for Computer Login
    YubiKey Smart Card Mode for Computer Login David Maples, Solutions Architect Recorded: Jul 20 2017 19 mins
    Smart cards are highly secure and used globally in environments with enhanced security concerns and usability demands. However, smart cards are cost prohibitive for many organizations. The YubiKey changes that.

    Watch our webinar on the YubiKey as a smart card for computer login. This webinar included end-user demonstrations on Windows, Windows RDP, and Mac machines.

    Learn about:
    - Cost-saving advantages of the YubiKey as a smart card
    - Native support across Windows, Mac, and Linux
    - Best practices for configuration and deployment considerations

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