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  • Easy Does It: Simplifying Cyber Risk Management with Skybox 10
    Easy Does It: Simplifying Cyber Risk Management with Skybox 10
    Sean Keef, Director of Product Marketing, Skybox Security Recorded: Jun 26 2019 31 mins
    Complexity is one of the biggest challenges in enterprise cybersecurity today. That’s why Skybox Security’s latest version gives you the solutions you need to cut through the noise and focus action where it’s needed most.
    Register for the webinar to see what’s new in Skybox v10:

    •Skybox Vulnerability Control web client debut, with customizable dashboards and widgets and simplified deployment
    •Risk scoring for vulnerabilities, assets and groups to better prioritize remediation and track risk reduction over time
    •New views in Skybox Firewall and Network Assurance to support threat hunters and process-driven users
    •Expanded support for hybrid environments — clouds and containers and operational technology security platforms
    •See the web-based Access Analyzer feature

    Simplify vulnerability management, gain critical risk insight to your infrastructure and endpoints, and establish your single source of truth — all in one platform.
  • RSA in the Rearview Mirror 2019
    RSA in the Rearview Mirror 2019
    Cliff Chase, Technical Director North America, Skybox Security Recorded: Mar 21 2019 48 mins
    If you don’t get to stop by the Skybox booth at RSAC2019 — or you’re hungry for more — join our post-conference recap. Skybox® Security Technical Director Cliff Chase will cover:

    -Trends that shaped this year’s conference
    -Insights on challenges and successes from attendees’ security programs
    -A demo of Skybox’s top features that debuted at RSAC2019

    And just like at the Skybox booth, webinar attendees will be entered to win their choice of free beer for a year or an Ember Travel Mug! The lucky winners will be announced at the end of the webinar. Don’t miss out!
  • Rule and Object Creation with Skybox Change Manager
    Rule and Object Creation with Skybox Change Manager
    Greg Singh, Global Product Marketing Engineer, Skybox Security Recorded: Feb 26 2019 60 mins
    Change is the only constant. Nowhere is this more apparent in enterprise cybersecurity than in the endless need for firewall changes.

    Due to the complexity of these changes, there’s plenty of opportunity for security, compliance and optimization issues. Network paths, related devices, security policies, vulnerability exposures — all need to be fully assessed before a change is made in order to avoid such issues.

    In this webinar, we’ll look at how Skybox Change Manager simplifies and secures the change process:

    -Replace spreadsheets and manual analysis with intelligently automated workflows
    -Proactively assess changes for policy violations and vulnerability exposures
    -Implement changes as intended and reconcile every change with the original ticket
    -Maintain a complete audit trail for compliance reporting
  • 2019 Vulnerability and Threat Trends
    2019 Vulnerability and Threat Trends
    Sivan Nir, Senior Analyst, Skybox Research Lab Recorded: Feb 12 2019 34 mins
    Vulnerabilities don’t exist in a vacuum

    This webinar explores the findings of Skybox Security’s 2019 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Research Report, analyzing the vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in play over the previous year.

    Sivan Nir, senior analyst of the Skybox Research Lab who compiles the report, will cover:

    -What’s driving record-breaking CVE numbers for two years in a row, and how do vulnerability management programs find the signal in the noise
    -Why 2018 was the year of the cryptominer, and why this malware family holds a threat not just to your compute power but to your business
    -How cloud migration, operational technology and a fragmented supply chain are expanding the attack surface — and how you can shrink it
  • Ensuring Continuous Compliance:  A Look Inside Skybox’s Latest Web UI Features
    Ensuring Continuous Compliance: A Look Inside Skybox’s Latest Web UI Features
    Greg Singh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Skybox Security Recorded: Jan 23 2019 56 mins
    In this webinar, we’ll explore Skybox’s three compliance engines, and demo these features in our latest web UI, to see how analytics-driven automation can reduce the compliance management burden.
  • Locking Down Vulnerabilities
    Locking Down Vulnerabilities
    Sean Keef, Global Director of Technical Product Marketing, Skybox Security Recorded: Jan 15 2019 31 mins
    Managing vulnerabilities is sometimes considered the secret sauce of keeping companies secure.

    First, of course, companies need to know what they have and where they have it. That's a bigger challenge than you think, considering your "resources" might not actually be something you can access, such as a cloud infrastructure.

    Next is distinguishing what is and is not a vulnerability. Once you identify a vulnerability, then comes the magic part: knowing which vulnerabilities need to be addressed immediately and which can be set aside for later.

    This 20/20 webcast will look at how companies can determine what and where each device is located — be it in the cloud or on prem — where and how in those devices or platform the security vulnerabilities present themselves, and most important, how to determine the priority for what needs to be addressed now and what can wait until later.
  • Firewall Optimization and Cleanup
    Firewall Optimization and Cleanup
    Greg Singh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Skybox Security Recorded: Dec 5 2018 59 mins
    Due to the rapid pace of change and the sheer scale of today’s networks, many devices have never had the benefit of an orderly, well-managed change process. As a result, firewall rulesets have often grown organically, messily and in ways that differ from designed policy, decreasing performance and increasing the cyber risk of the organization.

    In this webinar we will explore Skybox’s firewall optimization and cleanup capabilities in our latest web UI. Register to learn:

    • Why analytics-driven automation is fundamental to improve firewall auditing and management, and what’s needed in an analytics-driven automation solution
    • How Skybox can support a systematic approach to continuously improve firewall performance and defense posture
    • How to use Skybox to ensure the security designed in policy is implemented and adhered to in your network
    • How Skybox’s powerful toolset and new, intuitive UI helps organizations quickly get a handle on security and performance issues in their multi-vendor firewall fleet
  • Securing the Hybrid Environment
    Securing the Hybrid Environment
    Michelle Johnson Cobb, Chief Marketing Officer, Skybox Security Recorded: Oct 23 2018 34 mins
    For many organizations, the challenge of cloud security isn’t purely a cloud problem. As efforts are underway to migrate workloads to the cloud, highly complex infrastructures have taken shape spanning on-prem and multi-cloud networks. To effectively protect these hybrid environments, organizations need to take a holistic approach to their security, understand their interconnections and dependencies, and ensure that security and compliance standards are being met anywhere in the network.

    Register for the webinar to secure your migration to the cloud and see the benefits of unifying security management across your hybrid environment.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    -Why breaking down data silos between on-prem and multi-cloud networks is fundamental to good cyber hygiene — not to mention security team sanity
    -How data correlation can be used to detect vulnerabilities in cloud environments without an active scan
    -How the single-pane-of-glass view of your attack surface to supports secure cloud migrations
    -How attack surface modeling and analysis illuminates paths between and within networks, vulnerability exposures, misconfigurations, policy violations and more
    -What processes of hybrid security management can be offloaded to automation and what ingredients are needed to make that automation an effective risk-fighting tool
  • To Automate or Not to Automate Is Not the Question - Where and How Is
    To Automate or Not to Automate Is Not the Question - Where and How Is
    Michael D. Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research Recorded: Sep 26 2018 38 mins
    Organizations worldwide are on a journey of automating security processes, but questions remain.

    Seems like these days everyone in security is talking about automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). However, what are organizations actually doing? What percentage of core security processes are fully or partially automated? And, where do security leaders see the greatest business impact?

    Join Michael D. Osterman, principal analyst of Osterman Research, as he explores the findings of a new global survey sponsored by Skybox Security on automation in cybersecurity. And, learn from Skybox what the foundation of any automation program should be.

    •What are the key business drivers of automation in security?
    •Where are the challenges and problems security leaders are trying to solve?
    •Where are security teams automating most and what is the business impact?
    •How is migration to the cloud affecting automation of security policy?
    •How many are actually using AI?
    •How can this data help you in your journey toward automation?
  • Unified IT-OT Security Management: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Defense
    Unified IT-OT Security Management: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Defense
    Terry Olaes, Sales Engineering Lead, Central US Skybox Security Recorded: Aug 16 2018 57 mins
    Critical infrastructure — from energy production to manufacturing to public utilities — is becoming a more prevalent attack vector for nation-state threat actors as well as the common cybercriminal. These attackers are frequently exploiting the interconnectedness of IT and operational technology (OT) networks, finding their foothold in the disconnect between their security management.

    In response, many organizations are looking to unify and align their IT-OT security programs to better understand and tackle cyber risks in both environments. In this session, Skybox Security SE Terry Olaes will cover what challenges to expect in this an endeavor, and how to use comprehensive visibility and contextual intelligence to overcome them.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - What are the inherent risks to OT security and how the continued integration with IT impact risk in both environments
    - What are the key concerns for IT and OT security teams and how can they can align to improve security throughout the organization
    - Which elements and capabilities needed to gain seamless visibility of on-prem, cloud and OT networks
    - How to use modeling and analytics to put risk in the context of your attack surface and effectively prioritize response

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