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  • Get the Most Out of App-Aware Network Visibility
    Get the Most Out of App-Aware Network Visibility
    Shamus McGillicuddy, Research Director, EMA & Bassam Khan, VP Product & Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon Recorded: Jul 18 2019 59 mins
    Got apps? Most companies run hundreds. Application experience can make or break a digital enterprise. That’s why true application-level visibility is a must-have in today’s network operations. While achieving it with legacy solutions is difficult, the benefits of becoming app-aware are more than worth it.

    What the heck is application-aware networking? It’s a cool new way to boost network performance and get the most out of your tools. You can now instantly see all applications running in your network, and manage traffic flow not by packets, but by applications.

    Join EMA Research Director, Shamus McGillicuddy, and Gigamon VP, Product and Technical Marketing, Bassam Khan, for this interactive webinar where they will discuss key topics including:

    •Protect your operations from oversubscription
    •Interrogate and identify unknown apps
    •Protect critical applications from bandwidth hogs

    Best of all, you’ll see a live demo of how Gigamon, an application-aware network packet broker, delivers true application visibility to your organization.

    Register now to see it in action!
  • Fuel Visibility and Automation in Today’s Hybrid Cloud Environments
    Fuel Visibility and Automation in Today’s Hybrid Cloud Environments
    Brandon Butler, Sr. Research Analyst, IDC & Baseer Balazadeh, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer - Cloud, Gigamon Recorded: Jul 16 2019 46 mins
    Today’s networks are changing with the rise of third-party platforms, including cloud, mobile, social, big data and IoT, causing organizations to implement new tools. What are you doing to keep up with the adoption of modern networks and the challenges they pose from an operational perspective?

    Join our webinar to hear the experts from IDC and Gigamon discuss how to:
    • Extract relevant data across multiple domains to provide insights all the way to the application layer through visibility and monitoring platforms
    • Gain centralized control, faster access to new features and functionality and rapid, dynamic scaling with cloud-based network management systems
    • Improve automated management platforms by integrating insights and analysis from multiple tools
    • Fuel pervasive visibility -- including TLS decryption -- and efficient and secure use of emerging technologies and faster network speeds

    Join us as we address the importance of high-fidelity visibility and monitoring as critical enablers for automation and security. We’ll also look at how the rise of advanced management platforms that integrate visibility, automation and assurance will create intent-based networks.
  • Don't Let Digital Transformation Wreak Havoc on Your Users!
    Don't Let Digital Transformation Wreak Havoc on Your Users!
    Sam Kumarsamy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon Recorded: Jul 9 2019 59 mins
    Yes, digital apps are hyper-agile, but they’re also incredibly complex making it difficult to get visibility into traffic. But without that visibility, how can you truly ensure a great experience?

    Help is at hand. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to build an efficient network architecture to provide an engaging digital experience by:
    •Using tools efficiently by optimizing traffic and preventing packet duplication
    •Enhancing security by collecting and distributing NetFlow metadata to tools
    •Identifying, categorizing and visualizing more than 3,000 applications automatically

    See how pioneering technology Gigamon Application Intelligence helps increase visibility, improve security and, ultimately, exceed user expectations.
  • 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report Key Findings
    2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report Key Findings
    Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and COO, CyberEdge Group Ian Farquhar, Distinguished Consultant Sales Engineer, Worldwide Security Recorded: Jun 28 2019 58 mins
    New research from CyberEdge’s 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report shows that in spite of increasing cybersecurity budgets, organizations are dealing with ongoing cyberattacks, challenges finding and properly utilizing both human and financial resources, and obstacles to threat hunting within their environments. Sign up for this webinar to learn how to:

    •Gain pervasive visibility into your network for better threat hunting
    •Deal with inevitable cyberattacks, including malware, phishing and ransomware, including those that enter the organization via the supply channel
    •Become more effective by delivering optimized traffic to tools
    •Overcome skills shortages and retain key staff through efficiency, automation and orchestration
    •Accelerate deployment and integration of new security tools

    Learn how IT security pros plan to protect themselves against cyberthreats in 2019.
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  • IT Modernization in the Public Sector: Troubleshoot Network Performance Issues
    IT Modernization in the Public Sector: Troubleshoot Network Performance Issues
    John Lehane, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon, and Bill Coon, Technical Director, Riverbed Recorded: Jun 26 2019 39 mins
    Join experts from Gigamon and Riverbed as we discuss how Application Intelligence can open up the network “black box” and show you exactly what’s running inside. Find out why the evolution of Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) demands a more integrated approach to Digital Experience Monitoring, and how you can achieve that by leveraging the perspectives of end users and their applications to extend the value of network visibility.
    Attendees will learn how to:
    • Get pervasive visibility of network traffic across geographically dispersed locations
    • Ensure only the right people have access to the network and data center, as well as guarantee optimal performance and availability
    • Receive near real-time actionable alerts based on Government Furnished Information, allowing for mitigation and remediation of incidents that could have gone unnoticed
    • Address issues quickly so that Department of Homeland Security requirements can be met
  • To Whack or Not to Whack — Incident Response and Breach Mitigation
    To Whack or Not to Whack — Incident Response and Breach Mitigation
    Danny Akacki, Sr. Technical Account Manager, Gigamon Insight and TJ Biehle,Sr. Technical Account Manager, Gigamon Insight Recorded: Jun 21 2019 44 mins
    To whack, or not to whack, that is the question:
    Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to torch all
    The compromised boxes on your poor network,
    Or to take arms against a sea of malware
    And by blocking stop them all.

    So, what do you do during an active security incident? When is the proper time to whack-a-mole with your mallet? Is it better to light everything on fire and start over, or should you make observations a key component of your response and mitigation strategy? In this webinar, we'll discuss strategies for when it's time to scorch the earth versus sit back with a cup of tea, gaining intel into what active adversaries are doing in your house.

    We’ll break down some of the most important points to remember during the commotion of an active incident response, including:

    •Context is king. We’ll explain the important questions you need to be ask when scoping an incident to get an improved view of the situation.
    •Thinking fast and slow. It’s understandable to want to nuke everything from orbit just to be thorough, but it’s usually not the smartest play. We’ll outline the potential benefits and risks of hasty containment and remediation efforts versus slow, thoughtful analysis when executing a response game plan.
    •The law of diminishing returns. There can be a tipping point where the cost of your decisions and polices no longer justify the answers you’ll find. We’ll talk you through some tactics to find the sweet spot between effort and return.
  • Want Better Network Visibility with Less Complexity? Here's How!
    Want Better Network Visibility with Less Complexity? Here's How!
    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, ESG and Sam Kumarsamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon Recorded: Jun 20 2019 53 mins
    Enable IT Collaboration with a Common Distributed Data Services Layer.

    The IT environment is rapidly changing, becoming more distributed and complex as organizations transform themselves to provide better digital experiences. Because these improved experiences will be more dependent on the network, it’s imperative for organizations to properly plan and prepare now to eliminate security blind spots. The bottom line is that companies need complete visibility into their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to detect and contain data breaches and mitigate risk.

    To accomplish this, successful organizations resist the legacy mentality that relies on more people and more tools at every location. Instead, they are turning to a new architectural approach that disaggregates the speed of the network from the speed of the tools inspecting traffic on that network. This innovative approach allows enterprises to absorb change in network speed and technology without compromising security.

    ESG believes the foundational step in this approach is to ensure comprehensive infrastructure visibility across data centers and distributed edge and cloud environments. To do this, organizations must have a common distributed data services layer that can collect, process and distribute the right information to the right tools at the right time.

    Join us to learn how a consolidated network architecture that includes security delivers better visibility, reduces complexity and increases tool efficiency.
  • How to Gain Control of Complex Apps Central to Your Digital Transformation
    How to Gain Control of Complex Apps Central to Your Digital Transformation
    John Gudmundson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Gigamon Recorded: Jun 19 2019 53 mins
    Today’s applications — complex, sprawling, multi-tiered, opaque — determine the success or failure of digital transformations. Isn’t it time you took control?

    Join us to learn about Application Intelligence, a pioneering set of capabilities for getting the visibility and the context needed to discover, manage and secure your sophisticated applications.

    During this live demonstration, you’ll see how Application Intelligence helps you:
    •Identify and extract traffic from over 3,000 applications
    •Detect and manage shadow IT and rogue apps
    •Separate unnecessary application traffic to greatly improve tool efficiency

    We’ll also preview its application metadata capabilities for help in solving a number of critical concerns such as troubleshooting subpar performance.

    Register now to see it in action >
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Digital Transformation
    Best Practices for Healthcare Digital Transformation
    John Lehane, Product Marketing &Danny Akacki, Technical Account Manager, Gigamon; Lyle Kelly, Sr. Systems Engineer, Forescout Recorded: Jun 18 2019 43 mins
    Are you ready for digital transformation? Transformation begins with visibility – looking inside the network “black box” and understanding exactly what’s running. But we know that can be easier said than done, especially in the healthcare industry where privacy, security and compliance are paramount.

    Join our webinar to hear experts from Gigamon and Forescout delve into the network and security challenges they’ve observed in healthcare. Participants will learn how to surmount the challenges in:

    •Achieving visibility of digital app usage across distributed, dynamic environments
    •Ensuring the most relevant application traffic is delivered to the right security tool
    •Pinpointing lateral movement of malware and shadow IT for faster time to detection and remediation
    •Monitoring, tracking and securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices
    •Integrating new sites and locations into your network
  • Live Demo: Configure NetFlow/IPFIX.  Gain Insights. Take Action.
    Live Demo: Configure NetFlow/IPFIX. Gain Insights. Take Action.
    Andy Hutchison, Sales Engineer Gigamon Recorded: Jun 13 2019 44 mins
    Lack of visibility into network traffic, coupled with an inability to ingest large amounts of packet data, leads to network blind spots. The good news is that NetFlow IPFIX metadata generation allows for richer metadata than standard NetFlow, with more flexibility when sending to a tool such as a SIEM.

    Register for this live demo webinar to:

    - Understand NetFlow concepts, and how they apply to security and other use cases.
    - See how Gigamon helps strengthen your existing infrastructure and tools.
    - Learn factors to consider when planning to use network metadata.

    Attendees will learn how to gain insight into metadata without an extensive investment in new tools.

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