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  • Network Upgrades Giving You Security Headaches?
    Network Upgrades Giving You Security Headaches? Mike Rothman, President, Securosis and Sam Kumarsamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon Recorded: Sep 18 2018 58 mins
    Despite the insatiable demand for bandwidth, organizations still need to inspect and enforce network security policies at wire speed. And that is particularly challenging when you are upgrading networks from 10GB to 40GB or from 40GB to 100GB.

    Join Mike Rothman, President of Securosis, and Sam Kumarsamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Gigamon, as they discuss how to solve the security headaches that go with these network upgrades and architectures that strengthen your security posture, simplify IT and reduce costs. You’ll learn how to:

    - Increase Your Security ROI: Filter and deliver just the right data to the right tools from network traffic anywhere in the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure
    - Reduce Your Security Risk: Rethink your network security architecture by decrypting once and enabling inspection by multiple security tools
    - Improve Threat Response: Separate signal from noise to identify patterns and threat vectors more quickly across heterogeneous networks

    Find out how both network and security teams can collaborate faster and safer during network upgrades to solve security headaches – register today!
  • Security Briefing: What’s So Hard About Securing Virtual Workloads?
    Security Briefing: What’s So Hard About Securing Virtual Workloads? Baseer Balazadeh Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Public Cloud, Gigamon; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator) Recorded: Sep 6 2018 44 mins
    As organizations build out their infrastructure across public, private and hybrid platforms, security architects need to extend their enterprise security policies and protocols to all workloads, no matter where they reside. Still, security operations teams are challenged with proactively detecting threats, deviations from organizational policies and violations of industry and organizational compliance for mission-critical applications in the cloud. Why is that? Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 on September 6, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern where we’ll explore ways to assure compliance and decrease time to detect threats in mission-critical applications, reduce risk by leveraging a common platform across your entire IT environment and ensuring SLAs are met by tightly integrating the public cloud provider’s APIs and critical cloud provider services to automatically detect changes in virtual private clouds and virtual networks.
  • Strengthen Security While Ensuring Network Uptime
    Strengthen Security While Ensuring Network Uptime Sam Kumarsamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon Recorded: Aug 14 2018 38 mins
    Your financial services network is critical to operations and that makes it a juicy target for cyberthreats like ransomware and data breaches. What can you do? Inline security tools can be an effective solution, but represent multiple points of possible failure, particularly as network speeds increase because they simply can’t keep up. But if they go down, so can your network. And the difference of a nanosecond can severely impact currency, stock trading, and critical financial transactions.

    To provide pervasive visibility into data in motion and maintain compliance in high-speed networks, many financial services companies have turned to next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPB), which offer flexible inline bypass protection. This feature automates access to traffic, scales and optimizes existing monitoring infrastructure, and simplifies rollout of new technology. NGNPB also:

    • Delivers complete network-wide visibility across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
    • Scales metadata extraction for improved forensics.
    • Isolates applications for targeted inspection.
    • Gives you visibility into encrypted traffic for threat detection.

    See how you can strengthen security while ensuring network uptime and reducing costs. Learn how a simplified, resilient, and scalable architecture can:

    • Maximize tool efficiency by providing the right data to the right tools and by offloading processor-intensive tasks such as SSL decryption.
    • Scale to speed of the network without “rip and replace” by load balancing across tool groups.
    • Remove single points of failure and increase availability of both the tools and the network.
    • Give you operational agility to seamlessly add, remove, and upgrade tools, and instantly change between detection and prevention modes.

    Find out how both network and security teams can operate faster and safer in a swiftly evolving cybersecurity landscape within regulated industries such as financial services–register today!
  • Gigamon Briefing Part 3 - Improving Security Using Metadata
    Gigamon Briefing Part 3 - Improving Security Using Metadata Preetham Gopalaswamy, Head of Product Management, Gigamon; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly (Moderator) Recorded: Jun 28 2018 62 mins
    Imagine what a security analyst could deduce if they had visibility into all the common applications flowing through their network. They could optimize the data being sent to security tools, correlate information across the various protocols to determine who is talking to whom and get visibility into malware and bad actors that may be hiding on the network. Many enterprises aggregate information from various sources, such as events and logs from DNS servers, web servers and security tools, to hunt for threat events and indicators of compromise. But these are not reliable sources; logging can be turned off inadvertently or for performance reasons. Raw network data is the ultimate source of truth – but sending it all to a SIEM can become very expensive. Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on how visibility into your application traffic is elemental to security, how application metadata can provide context of potential threat events and to more easily enforce corporate compliance.
  • Briefings Part 2 - Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, Bad & Ugly
    Briefings Part 2 - Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, Bad & Ugly Ian Farquhar, Global Security Strategist, Gigamon; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly (Moderator) Recorded: May 31 2018 59 mins
    While TLS (formerly known as SSL) has become the de facto way of encrypting data in motion on networks, it can also hide threats from your InfoSec team. As the volume of encrypted traffic continues to grow, organizations become even more vulnerable to encrypted attacks, hidden command and control threats and data exfiltration exploits that go undetected. Making this situation even more complex, the TLS 1.3 draft 28 proposal, ratified at the IETF 101 conference in London and now moving toward official RFC status, has actually removed the visibility which was widely deployed for threat identification in TLS 1.2. On one hand, encryption is moving toward ubiquity but on the other, we need to detect when threat actors use it too. Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 on May 31, 2018 at 1PM Eastern where we’ll discuss the necessity of deploying TLS decryption in the core of networks and will explore innovative architectures that deliver that capability while maintaining availability and reliability.
  • Briefings Part 1: Using Inline Security Tools to Achieve Your Security Goals
    Briefings Part 1: Using Inline Security Tools to Achieve Your Security Goals Patrick Riley, Principle Product Manager, Gigamon; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator Recorded: Apr 26 2018 60 mins
    Inline security tools operate by actively preventing threats in your network, but deploying and optimizing these tools presents several challenges to both network and security engineers. The downsides can include a potential point of failure, degradation of network and application performance, difficulty to scale and upgrade. The use of a next-generation packet broker and its inline bypass functionality can mitigate these challenges. Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 on April 26, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern for Part One of a Security Briefings series where we will examine how inline bypass can overcome physical deployment obstacles, maximize network availability, increase the scale of inspection and reduce the impact to network performance.
  • Métadonnées: Droit à l’essentiel
    Métadonnées: Droit à l’essentiel Pascal Beurel, Ingénieur principal, Opérations de sécurité de Gigamon Recorded: Apr 25 2018 27 mins
    Veuillez nous rejoindre afin que l'expert sécurité de Gigamon, Pascal Beurel, vous révèle la raison pour laquelle les métadonnées réseau constituent un outil ultime ! Alors que les entreprises s'efforcent de suivre le rythme de la croissance du trafic en augmentant la vitesse des réseaux, elles sont en voie de perdre le combat face au cybercrime. Pourquoi ? La raison en est que les outils sont limités quant au volume de trafic qu'ils peuvent traiter de façon intelligente, tout en étant en charge de fonctions de plus en plus sophistiquées pour combattre des cyber-attaques toujours plus avancées et persistantes.

    En conséquence, de nombreuses applications de sécurité s'avèreront inefficaces dans un avenir proche.

    Entrez dans le monde des métadonnées, le nouveau super-pouvoir en matière de sécurité. En fournissant aux outils de sécurité des aperçus synthétiques des données circulant à travers les réseaux, ils peuvent devenir un outil puissant pour les entreprises cherchant à séparer les signaux utiles du bruit, à réduire le délai de détection des menaces, tout en améliorant l'efficacité générale de la sécurité.

    Les participants apprendront :
    - Comment la sécurité réseau s'appuie de façon croissante sur le contexte et l'intention.
    - La raison pour laquelle les métadonnées réseau deviendront l'approche la plus simple et la plus compréhensible pour les analyses de sécurité.
    - Comment la visibilité réseau sert de source unique d'informations concernant les applications, les utilisateurs et les terminaux.

    Si la visibilité réseau et la sécurité sont importantes pour vous, vous ne voudrez pas manquer ce webcast !
  • 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report
    2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and COO, CyberEdge Group and Graham Melville, Sr. Director Security Solutions Marketing, Gigamon Recorded: Apr 12 2018 60 mins
    New research from CyberEdge’s 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report shows that in spite of increasing their security budgets, companies are finding that there is too much data even for new tools to analyze, not enough skilled IT security professionals and little confidence in current investments. Sign up for this webinar to gain key insights into the cyberthreat landscape and how to protect your organization.

    Attendees will learn how to:

    - Deal with cyberthreat headaches such as increased breaches, vulnerabilities and encrypted traffic.
    - Reduce incident response and remediation time with automation.
    - Find products that use automation to minimize their dependency on skilled security personnel.

    Now in its fifth year, this report provides a comprehensive review of the perceptions of 1,200 IT security professionals representing 17 countries and 19 industries. Register now to learn how your colleagues plan to defend against cyberthreats!
  • SOC Squad: Select and Deploy New Security Tools Faster
    SOC Squad: Select and Deploy New Security Tools Faster Simon Gibson, CISO and Security Architect, Gigamon and Graham Melville, Sr. Director, Security Solutions, Gigamon Recorded: Apr 5 2018 44 mins
    If you are struggling to keep up with selecting, testing and deploying new security tools, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

    You’ll learn how to:

    - Address the unique challenges of securing your unique network.
    - Implement smart network segmentation and intelligent tool routing.
    - Facilitate testing and deploying tools through a security delivery platform.
    - Handle the challenges of setting up realistic tests.

    Learn how the GigaSECURE security delivery platform strengthens new security tool testing and streamlines deployment.
  • Architecting Security for the Future: NetOps and SecOps
    Architecting Security for the Future: NetOps and SecOps Dan Conde of ESG and Graham Melville of Gigamon Recorded: Mar 1 2018 54 mins
    Please join us as Dan Conde from Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. reveals survey data highlighting the issues facing security operations today and Graham Melville from Gigamon Inc. explains how enterprises have started to move to a new security architecture to overcome these issues and stay ahead of their competitors.

    In this session you will learn:
    - The issues and challenges facing your industry colleagues
    - How to simplify your security architecture without throwing out security tools or flattening the network
    - How to improve network performance and reduce outages while maintaining security
    - How to spend less yet get more from your network security tools

    If you or your organization wants to be, or are, a security leader in your industry, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

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