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Big Switch Networks - Next Gen DC Networking

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  • ActualTech Media + Ixia: Visibility Solutions EcoCast
    ActualTech Media + Ixia: Visibility Solutions EcoCast Recep Ozdag Recorded: Oct 6 2017 34 mins
    In case you haven’t noticed, the enterprise network is changing, and changing fast. Traditional physical routers, switches, and firewalls are quickly being replaced by their software-defined counterparts, networks are moving to the cloud, and networks are spanning the world. How is the enterprise to not only leverage the latest network innovations but just try to keep pace? We have the answer!

    You will hear from Ixia, Cumulus Networks, Big Switch Networks and Pluribus Networks about how the latest network innovations can help your company and how to make the transition to a more efficient, more scalable, more secure, and less costly network of the future.
  • ExtraHop + Big Switch: Pervasive Application Performance and Security Monitoring
    ExtraHop + Big Switch: Pervasive Application Performance and Security Monitoring Extra Hop: Tyson Supasatit and Colin Walker; Big Switch Networks: Bala Ramachandran,Ted Elhourani,and Angelique Medina Recorded: Sep 11 2017 54 mins
    With ever-increasing complexity of managing distributed applications, IT Operations and security teams need visibility more than ever. Ubiquitous monitoring of volumetric east-west application traffic becomes necessary at the lowest possible costs. ExtraHop and Big Switch have partnered to deliver a scale-out, cost-effective solution for deep application visibility and security. The joint solution consisting of ExtraHop’s stream analytics platform with Big Switch’s SDN-based Big Monitoring Fabric offers real-time insight into performance and security issues, both on-premise and public cloud environments.

    In this recorded webinar, we discussed three BIG questions including: “What do security and IT operation teams need for efficient network and application performance management?”; “How do customers leverage the joint solution for proactive application optimization and tuning?”; and “How do IT teams ensure consistent application visibility across on-premise and cloud environments?” There was also a BIG demo with ExtraHop Platform with Big Monitoring Fabric solution demo.

    Moderated by Angelique Medina, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Big Switch Networks, the panelists included Tyson Supasatit, Product Marketing Manager, ExtraHop Networks; Colin Walker, Technical Marketing Engineering Manager, ExtraHop Networks; Bala Ramachandran, Director, Product Management and Ted Elhourani, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Big Switch Networks.
  • VMware SDDC Network Visibility & Automation with BCF vSphere Plugin
    VMware SDDC Network Visibility & Automation with BCF vSphere Plugin Yting Jing,Product Line Mgr, VMware, Big Switch - Bala Ramachandran and Don Jayakody Recorded: Sep 1 2017 41 mins
    In this recorded webinar, we discuss how Big Switch has partnered with VMware to develop the Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) plugin for vSphere Client, which enables physical fabric visibility and (optionally) automation to VM admins directly from the vCenter GUI. VM admins can initiate detailed VM-to-VM flow-trace across the leaf/spine physical fabric for first-level troubleshooting. Now, VM admins and network admins have a consistent view of each others’ operational environment to rapidly resolve VM connectivity issues. The BCF plugin, certified by VMware, is compatible with vSphere HTML client and offers an enhanced user experience.

    In this webinar, we discuss:
    - Big Question #1: How does the BCF plugin enable network visibility and automation for VM admins through vCenter GUI?
    - Big Question #2: What are the benefits of an HTML-based vSphere Client architecture?
    - Big Question #3: What are the upcoming advancements in the vSphere Client SDK and certification?
    - Demo: Big Cloud Fabric Plugin for vSphere Client – Automation & Visibility

    Joining moderator, Angelique Medina on the panel is Bala Ramachandran, Director of Product Management, Don Jayakody, Technical Marketing Engineer at Big Switch Networks and Yiting Jin, Product Line Manager at VMware.
  • Best Practices for Intent-based Networking for Software Defined Data Centers
    Best Practices for Intent-based Networking for Software Defined Data Centers Prashant Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, Big Switch Networks Recorded: Aug 31 2017 66 mins
    Intent-based networking is a next-generation network operating model for software-defined data centers (SDDC) and cloud organizations. It empowers network operators to get beyond traditional box-by-box approaches of manual network configurations and complex operational workflows that are slow-to-implement and error prone.

    In this recorded webinar, Chief Product Officer, Prashant Gandhi, discusses how intent-based (human-friendly) networking, using Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric, eliminates the complexity and time-consuming nature of provisioning, managing, and troubleshooting data center networks. Intent-based workflows enable users to identify and validate desired outcomes while ensuring automation, zero-touch and deep visibility so the network can operate at the speed of SDDC and Cloud. Key SDDC workflows, such as VM/container deployment and scale-out, network/server change management, and rapid end-to-end troubleshooting, are also be demoed, covering real-world use cases for VMware, Kubernetes/Docker, Hyper-converged and OpenStack/NFV workloads. Additional benefits of multi-fold OpEx improvement and up to 50% CapEx reduction will be presented.

    In this webinar, we discussed:
    •Big Question #1: What is intent-based networking and why does it matter?
    •Big Question #2: Why is intent-based networking key for SDDC and Cloud environments?
    •Big Question #3: How can Big Cloud Fabric enable intent-based networking today?
    •Demo: Intent-based workflows for VMware, OpenStack, and container orchestration environments.

    The webinar is moderated by Angelique Medina, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Big Switch Networks and features Prashant Gandhi, Chief
    Product Officer, Big Switch Network as the main speaker.
  • Scalable Network Visibility & Security with Information Expert, Bill Ward, CISSP
    Scalable Network Visibility & Security with Information Expert, Bill Ward, CISSP Bill Ward Recorded: Jun 15 2017 48 mins
    Today’s security teams must keep pace with continuously emerging threats to the network — which means sifting through vast amounts of network data to detect and analyze breaches and determine affected systems.

    Big Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation network packet broker solution that enables security teams to see more and operate faster. Its highly-scalable architecture provides pervasive visibility into the network, while its single pane of glass management delivers intuitive, simplified operation.

    Information security expert Bill Ward, CISSP describes how a fabric-based network packet broker architecture can reduce security monitoring costs, provide scalable network visibility, and accelerate intrusion detection and post-event analysis.

    In this recorded webinar, we discussed: Gaining scalable network visibility for comprehensive breach detection/investigation; Using Big Mon’s Service Node to eliminate duplicate packets and unnecessary traffic for monitoring tools; and Leveraging Big Mon’s single pane of glass interface and built-in analytics as a first step in blast radius analysis.

    Moderated by Angelique Medina, Sr. Product Manager at Big Switch, the panel includes Information Security Operations expert Bill Ward, CISSP, and Shawn Mall, Sr. Systems Engineer at Big Switch.

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