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  • Unleashing the Power of SIP to Accelerate Digital Transformation
    Unleashing the Power of SIP to Accelerate Digital Transformation Chris Barnard IDC Vice President Telecommunications and Networking, Simon Farr Product Marketing Director,TATA Communications Recorded: Nov 14 2017 60 mins
    Digital Transformation is changing user expectations. In our personal lives, we communicate and collaborate using a whole range of on-demand and flexible platforms and applications.

    The challenge is to meet user expectations and deliver communication and collaboration solutions that match or exceed what’s available in the consumer world. Legacy models limit how fast an enterprise can react and scale to meet new demand while making it difficult to adapt and change.

    Global Session Initiation Protocol can be a foundation for true business transformation and make it a reality within an enterprise. Businesses can unleash the power of SIP to create new user experiences while generating cost-savings and capturing new growth.

    Join Chris Barnard – IDC Vice President, Telecommunications and Networking, and Simon Farr – Product Marketing Director, Business Collaboration, Tata Communications in a live webinar. Chris and Simon will explore the potential of SIP and how it can act as a foundation for Digital Transformation.

    Takeaways from this webcast

    • How Digital Transformation is shaping business expectations
    • Key reasons why Session Initiation Protocol can be a foundation for Digital Transformation
    • Strategies for moving beyond legacy models
    • How to maximize the value of SIP in a business environment
    • Deploying SIP and using it to drive efficiency, productivity and growth
  • Debunking SD-WAN Myths for Effective Enterprise Network Transformation
    Debunking SD-WAN Myths for Effective Enterprise Network Transformation Joel Stradling, Research Director, Global Data, Peter Juffernholz, Associate VP Global Network Services, TATA Communications Recorded: Sep 28 2017 61 mins
    Many enterprises are currently on a trajectory for virtualizing their network services. There is a clear evolution path emerging - one that is taking customers from their legacy IP and Ethernet VPNs towards Hybrid VPNs - whereby the Internet is increasingly taking traffic loads and must be business-grade, and then towards SDN/NFV.

    The next phase of the customer WAN journey is already underway for many enterprises. SD-WAN services are now available from a large variety of suppliers including telcos, systems integrators, platform developers, hardware vendors, cloud providers and software developers. The SD-WAN term has become a huge buzzword gleefully bandied about by many in technology, but what are the real underlying issues that enterprises must consider? How can enterprises guarantee a consistent customer experience for application and network performance across the distributed WAN locations?

    Join Joel Stradling - Global Data’s Research Director for Global Managed and Hosted IT Services, and Peter Juffernholz – Senior Network Executive from Tata Communications in a live webinar. Joel and Peter will examine the SD-WAN transformation customer journey to provide insights about what might be the right fit for your enterprise and to de-bunk marketing myths.

    Takeaways from this webcast:
    -Key reasons why enterprises are deploying SD-WAN
    -Debunking SD-WAN myths with our feet-on-the-ground reality check
    -How do you determine which SD-WAN model is right for your enterprise?
    -Technical and business considerations while evaluating managed SD-WAN providers
    -Deploying an SD-WAN in phases

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