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  • WFM Techniques for Controlling Costs and Improving Productivity
    WFM Techniques for Controlling Costs and Improving Productivity Justin Robbins, Yohai West, Erica Marois (moderator) Recorded: Feb 8 2018 63 mins
    Workforce management is one of the core pillars to a successful contact center operation. But, for as much planning that’s done in advance, the intraday management of the frontline staff is where WFM really hits the pavement. For many organizations, however, intraday works is highly manual and consumes valuable time and resources. As a result, it’s not uncommon for contact centers to lose significant productivity, and ultimately profitability, because of the manual work that’s happening.

    In this ICMI webinar, you’ll hear the latest research from ICMI and NICE on how much damage manual intraday work is doing to the contact center and, more importantly, what can be done to reverse the trends. Gain valuable insight on how to get better results from your intraday processes, while positively contributing to employee engagement and buy-in. If you’re looking to maximize your resources to their fullest, this is one presentation that you don’t want to miss.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    * Findings from ICMI’s latest research on intraday WFM
    * Best practices for reforecasting and schedule planning
    * Tips for handling PTO requests, schedule changes, and unforeseen events
    * How to combat lost productivity and high forecast variances
  • How to Hire for Culture Fit
    How to Hire for Culture Fit Jeff Toister, Erica Strother (Moderator) Recorded: Jan 18 2018 57 mins
    Hiring, training, and retaining the agents we need to succeed is a classic contact center challenge. Many contact center leaders intuitively understand that hiring for culture fit is the first step in the process. The tough part is defining exactly what culture fit means and then scaling the concept so different hiring managers are making consistent hiring decisions. In this webinar, customer service expert Jeff Toister will share a practical guide for hiring agents who fit with your contact center culture. He will also reveal how to better integrate training and recruitment so you can retain your best agents.
  • Building Your Digital Contact Center Strategy in the Age of the Customer
    Building Your Digital Contact Center Strategy in the Age of the Customer Wil Patterson, Nicole Sult, Justin Robbins (Moderator) Recorded: Dec 7 2017 61 mins
    In this webinar, Justin Robbins will share recent research on the state of technology in contact centers, review key principles for migrating from the analog to digital contact center environment, and provide tips and advice on preparing your agents to thrive in this new environment. You’ll also hear from contact centers that have successfully made the transition—they’ll share how they did it, and they’ll share the lessons they learned along the way.

    Who should attend:
    * Contact/call center directors, managers, and supervisors

    What you will learn:
    * How to communicate the digital contact center’s value to your agents – including their role in customer service excellence
    * How to prepare agents to interact across multiple customer contact channels
    * How to make your transition a success, based on real examples and best practices from leading contact centers

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  • Stop Wasting Their Time! 5 Ways to Ease Customer Frustration
    Stop Wasting Their Time! 5 Ways to Ease Customer Frustration Art Schoeller, Brendan Dykes, Megan Selva (moderator) Recorded: Oct 19 2017 54 mins
    2017 Forrester research revealed that 73% of online consumers cite valuing their time as the most important thing a company can do to provide excellent service. And according to ICMI’s Brad Cleveland, prompt service is one of the top ten customer expectations. The problem? Outdated, disjointed processes and systems still prevent most contact centers from delivering a truly seamless experience, and the result is often low efficiency and high frustration.

    Are you looking for ways to reduce customer frustration? Join us for this complimentary webinar as we share five practical steps you can take to simplify the customer experience and drive ROI for the business.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    * How to train and empower agents to ease the customer experience
    * Why omnichannel service impacts the whole business, not just the contact center
    * How to enable better collaboration between the contact center and other departments
    * How the right technology can enable a better omnichannel experience for both agents and customers

    Join us for an interactive and informative hour, complete with audience Q&A.
  • 4 Customer Service Success Stories (and What You Can Learn from Them)
    4 Customer Service Success Stories (and What You Can Learn from Them) Brian Leeson, Claudia Hawkins, Evan Watson, Michelle Williams, and Erica Marois (moderator) Recorded: Oct 5 2017 47 mins
    Ready to be inspired? Join us for this unique Customer Service Week webinar with four award-winning contact centers. This presentation will celebrate the achievements of our industry, while arming you with a few tips and tricks to try in your center.

    Whether social media is your top challenge or you’re looking for innovative ways to train agents, this webinar is for you!

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    * How Alberta Pensions Services made significant changes to make life easier for agents and customers
    * How the Dorel Juvenille customer care team is using social media in creative ways
    * How to leverage improv techniques to better train contact center agents
    * How the Whirlpool contact center drives strategic value for their business

    Join us for this interactive hour, complete with live audience Q&A. Invite your team members and make it a lunch-and-learn!
  • Your CRM Isn't a Silver Bullet: Customer Engagement Strategies That Work
    Your CRM Isn't a Silver Bullet: Customer Engagement Strategies That Work Julie Mohr, Marie Ruzzo, and Erica Marois (moderator) Recorded: Sep 14 2017 60 mins
    With an affinity for smartphones and messaging apps, consumers are changing the way they engage with businesses. Customers are more demanding, highly informed, and communicate with brands on a variety of platforms. As this behavior drives to an increasingly digital experience, businesses are struggling to keep pace.

    Businesses have looked to their CRM platforms to get closer their customers, but customer engagement cannot be achieved through CRM alone. Businesses need a more robust strategy to connect and keep pace with the new era of customer engagement.

    In this webinar, we discuss how to:

    * Create personalized experiences to engage customers on a new level
    * Leverage AI to deliver exceptional customer support
    * Empower agents to support more complex interactions and retain customers
  • Empower Every Agent to be Your Best Agent
    Empower Every Agent to be Your Best Agent Justin Robbins, Amy Millard Recorded: Aug 25 2017 59 mins
    Smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology all make life more convenient, but when one thing goes wrong in our “World of Connected Things”, it can be a nightmare for consumers and support teams.

    Today’s customers want easy and immediate solutions to their problems. Contact center managers and agents are under increased pressure to achieve first contact resolution and lower cost per contact, all while lowering handle time and improving customer satisfaction. This can feel overwhelming, but with the right training, processes, and technology it doesn’t have to be so stressful!

    ICMI Senior Analyst Justin Robbins will reveal today’s biggest challenges for multichannel contact center agents, and Amy Millard, VP Marketing, Support.com will share how you can take your support to the next level by optimizing live customer support interactions. Plus, you’ll learn how to simplify and transform both the agent and customer experience.
  • Best Practices for Blending Automation and Agent-Assisted Service
    Best Practices for Blending Automation and Agent-Assisted Service Sean Hawkins, Ross Haskell Recorded: Aug 23 2017 63 mins
    As consumers, we’ve all experienced – or at the very least heard about – organizations who’ve failed to effectively provide an experience that blends the best of self-service and agent-assisted service. The self-service tool is too complex, inaccurate, or incomplete and there is no good way to escalate to a live agent. Even if there is, we find that the agents often only have access to the same tools or insights as we do, which requires us to repeat ourselves, and a vicious downward service spiral pursues.

    As contact center leaders, we’re responsible for balancing the evolving needs of our customers, the cost constraints of our organizations, and the engagement challenges of our employees. In this day and age, that means leveraging self-service tools that are accurate, accessible, and easy to use while deploying live agents in the more complex and complicated customer interactions. When done right, it’s a win-win-win that has incredible returns. The challenge, however, is that without the right strategy and considerations it often causes more headaches than it resolves problems.

    The result is that, as contact center leaders, we find ourselves asking questions like: Where is self-service and automation most and least effective? What are the best practices for enabling customers to move between self-service and a live agent without disruptions in the continuity of the conversation? How does the contact center identify and implement their ideal blend of automated & agent-assisted service?

    If you find yourself asking these questions and are looking to effectively deploy self-service/automation that is additive, not detractive to your customer service experience, this webinar is for you.
  • The Secrets of Managing an Award-Winning Contact Center
    The Secrets of Managing an Award-Winning Contact Center Laura Mendoza, David Perry, Hannah Bell Recorded: Jul 13 2017 60 mins
    What does it take to provide award-winning customer service? Each contact center is different, but some challenges are universal. Our ICMI Global Contact Center Award Winners have embraced and overcome those challenges to elevate the service they provide. Want to learn their secrets to success?

    Hear from the winners of Best Small Contact Center, Best Medium Contact Center, and Best Contact Center Culture. They’ll share their best tips for improving employee engagement, collaborating across departments, hitting KPI goals, and more.
  • Transforming the Value of the Contact Center
    Transforming the Value of the Contact Center John Zurn Recorded: Jun 8 2017 59 mins
    Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is a global leader of hotels around the world, but lacked leadership support for investments in the contact center. In order to receive investments in both technology and resources, a significant change of how leadership perceived the value of the contact center was needed. In addition, the resources required to support this transformation had traditional views of technology and capabilities, so buy-in on the value of modernized cloud based tools was a key success factor.

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