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  • Synchrone Replikation mit Tintri
    Synchrone Replikation mit Tintri Christopher Knörle, Tintri Recorded: Sep 18 2017 56 mins
    Eine synchrone Replikation ist für die Verfügbarkeit unternehmenswichtiger virtualisierter und cloudbasierter Anwendungen unverzichtbar.
    Wer seine Anwendungen bislang durch synchrone Replikation mit einem Recovery Point Objective (RPO) von 0 Minuten schützen wollte, musste auf komplexe und teure Speicherlösungen zurückgreifen.

    Jetzt bietet die synchrone Replikation von Tintri die Vorteile ohne die Komplexität, und das mit einfacher Einrichtung, Failover mit einem Klick, unkompliziertem Betrieb und allen Leistungsvorteilen von Tintri VM-Aware Storage (VAS) für virtualisierte und Cloud-Infrastrukturen.

    In diesem Webcast zeigen wir Ihnen u. a.:
    - wie Sie Ihre Anwendungen mit einem Recovery Point Objective (RPO) von 0 schützen können,
    - wie eine einfache Administration von Notfallwiederherstellung und Datenschutz aussehen kann,
    - eine Live-Demo der synchronen Replikation mit Tintri.
  • VDI. Manage Virtual Desktops, Not Storage
    VDI. Manage Virtual Desktops, Not Storage Kris Boyd, Manager of EUC Architecture, Tintri Recorded: Sep 8 2017 36 mins
    VMUGAfter much thought and hard work, your VDI environment is finally up and running, but are boot storms and unpredictable user workloads bringing you down? Tired of getting calls from your users that their desktops are slow? Are rogue VDI users eating up tons of bandwidth causing your entire environment to suffer? See how easy it can be to set up 1000 VDI seats with VMware Horizon View 7.x and not have to worry about storage!
  • Tintri Enterprise Cloud Platform
    Tintri Enterprise Cloud Platform Chuck Dubuque, VP Products and Solutions, Tintri Recorded: Sep 8 2017 34 mins
    This is your opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening in across the cloud spectrum and to discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues from general compute needs to data protection to storage to DevOps. Tune in to learn how Tintri puts the agility of public cloud inside your data center.
  • Learn how Tintri Enterprise Cloud Solution Removes VDI Bottlenecks
    Learn how Tintri Enterprise Cloud Solution Removes VDI Bottlenecks Darren Henderson, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust & Pete Smith, Tintri Recorded: Sep 8 2017 33 mins
    Conventional infrastructure’s rigid, manual and expensive. Public cloud is unpredictable and nonresilient. You need the best of both worlds, and that's where Tintri Enterprise Cloud comes in.

    Tintri delivers per-application operations with a web services approach, all on premises. Plus, Tintri offers rich open APIs that enable automated integration with the storage platform, providing self-service, analytics and data protection regardless of your workload.

    Join us to see how South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust deployed their VDI solution with Tintri-- without complex storage configurations or any storage management. What's more, see how Tintri’s rich analytics capabilities help to identify performance issues, no matter where they are.

    Tintri's given South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust public cloud agility in its data center. Learn how.
  • Take Back Your Time With Tintri
    Take Back Your Time With Tintri Ray Lucchesi, Analyst, Silverton Consulting Dhiraj Sehgal, Sr. Product Manager, Tintri Recorded: Sep 8 2017 3 mins
    Want to take back your time? Many traditional storage vendors integrate with VMware vRealize Orchestrator to simplify custom workflow creation in VMware environments. Workflow automation can be limited. Tintri’s vRealize Orchestrator plugin helps you get your Tintri storage up to speed in vRealize environments. With a variety of predefined VM-level workflows, you can automate snapshots, replication, copy data management and per-VM quality of service. All to help you guarantee performance service levels across your entire infrastructure.

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