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  • Securing Workloads in Hybrid Cloud Environments with GuardiCore Centra
    Securing Workloads in Hybrid Cloud Environments with GuardiCore Centra Dave Burton, Vice President of Marketing & Dave Klein, Sr. Director of Engineering and Architecture Recorded: Sep 26 2017 43 mins
    Increasingly, IT teams are challenged and too under-resourced to successfully overcome some of the security gaps in virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. And the lack of visibility into infrastructure and workloads in the cloud further complicates how security professionals reduce risk and stay compliant.

    Join us for this webinar and learn about the key considerations for securing hybrid cloud environments:

    -Gain complete visibility into application flows to eliminate blind spots.
    -Apply consistent security policies across heterogeneous environments.
    -Detect breaches in real time by detecting lateral movements to prevent data loss.
    -Reduce security management complexity inherent in hybrid cloud.
    -Ensure cross-cloud compliance.

    Learn how GuardiCore enables consistent and scalable security for all workloads via a single platform providing visibility, micro-segmentation, breach detection and response.
  • Impact of Equifax Data Breach on Consumers and Businesses
    Impact of Equifax Data Breach on Consumers and Businesses Dave Klein (GuardiCore), Dr. Al Hartmann (Ziften), Neill Feather (SiteLock), Patrick Bedwell (Lastline) Recorded: Sep 14 2017 50 mins
    Chances are, you and a lot of people you know could be a few of the 143 million consumers affected by the major data breach recently disclosed by Equifax.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel to discover how this breach impacts you and the steps you can take today to minimize the likelihood of a future cyber attack related to this breach:
    - How to discover if your personal information has been exposed in this breach
    - What is the impact on consumers and organizations of all sizes
    - What to expect in the future? Cyber threats related to the breach
    - How can to protect your data and secure your organization

    - Dave Klein, Senior Director Security Engineering and Architecture at GuardiCore
    - Dr. Al Hartmann, Chief Scientist, Ziften
    - Neill Feather, President of SiteLock
    - Patrick Bedwell, Head of Product Marketing, Lastline
  • GuardiCore Overview
    GuardiCore Overview GuardiCore Team Recorded: Jul 3 2017 3 mins
    The GuardiCore Centra Security Platform provides the five critical capabilities needed to secure workloads in modern data centers, clouds and hybrid architectures: flow visualization, micro-segmentation, breach detection, automated analysis and response.

    Monitoring all connections, Centra discovers and tracks process-level activity and correlates it with network events, providing security administrators with a dynamic visual map of workload communication flows. Multiple breach detection methods discover malicious activity faster and with greater intelligence. Centralized management accelerates threat investigation, mitigation and remediation.

    With Enterprise-grade scalability, resiliency and performance, Centra integrates with all major virtualization and orchestration platforms and public cloud providers.

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