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Spanning Cloud Apps

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  • Spanning Backup for Salesforce Demo
    Spanning Backup for Salesforce Demo
    Taylor Patterson, Sales Engineer Recorded: Mar 13 2019 6 mins
    See how Spanning Backup for Salesforce works, including how to easily monitor the status of your Salesforce backups, how to restore data without leaving the Salesforce app, and how to easily export Salesforce data.

    Additionally, learn how to seed a sandbox by performing a cross-org restore of backed up data from your production org into a sandbox, and how Spanning can restore backed up metadata directly back into your desired Salesforce org.
  • Covering Your Assets: Office 365 Data Protection Measures for Users and Admins
    Covering Your Assets: Office 365 Data Protection Measures for Users and Admins
    Matthew McDermott, MVP, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Spanning Recorded: Dec 18 2018 64 mins
    What options are available to you as an end-user to safeguard and recover your lost content in Office 365? As an administrator, how are your end-users protected and what do they need to know (or be taught) so that they can recover from the micro-disasters that happen every day?

    Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud are incredibly resilient. You can be confident that your data is secure and available from natural disasters, but what about a disgruntled employee? How can you protect your content from the very people that have access and either accidentally or intentionally delete important information?

    In this session Matthew McDermott, MVP, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer will:

    -Detail the features of Office 365 that support self-service restoration

    -Discuss settings that protect you and your team from loss

    -Look at what administrators can do to help their users’ help themselves
  • Beyond The Vault: Evaluating Google Vault as a Backup & Recovery Option
    Beyond The Vault: Evaluating Google Vault as a Backup & Recovery Option
    Daivat Dholakia, Director of Products Recorded: Dec 3 2018 12 mins
    When G Suite administrators begin evaluating backup and recovery options, many are immediately drawn to Google Vault. While Google Vault is a critical element in archiving and eDiscovery, what does it offer in terms of backup and recovery for critical data?

    During this on-demand webinar, we’ll break down the benefits of Google Vault, where it can leave your organization exposed to risk and ultimately how to mitigate the gap in protecting your organization’s most valuable asset — your data.
  • How to Recover from a Ransomware Disaster
    How to Recover from a Ransomware Disaster
    Mat Hamlin, VP of Products, Spanning Cloud Apps; Brian Rutledge, Principal Security Engineer, Spanning Cloud Apps Recorded: Oct 26 2017 42 mins
    Ransomware has become the most problematic and prolific cyber threat to organizations around the world. More than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred daily since January 2016 — and according to the FBI, many ransomware attacks are not stoppable by antivirus software alone. Ransomware is here to stay and it’s costing businesses millions of dollars each year. For organizations, it is no longer a question of if it will happen but when. How quickly will you be able to recover?

    Unfortunately, there is no one method or tool that will completely protect you or your organization from a ransomware attack.

    Many security expert ands government agencies such as the FBI, advise organizations to create a layered defense against ransomware attacks and to take a proactive approach to security. The end user is often the doorway to ransomware attacks, and by fully protecting their devices and apps, organizations can build an effective defense to ransomware. One easy way to do that is to add cloud backup and recovery to your security arsenal.

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    - How ransomware infects and spreads across devices and data
    - If you are you an easy target for a ransomware attack
    - How to prevent a data loss disaster with the right processes and technologies in place; and,
    - How a trusted backup solution like Spanning Backup allows you to quickly recover if and when ransomware strikes.

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