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  • Staying Ahead of the Hackers: how to avoid being the victim of a data breach
    Staying Ahead of the Hackers: how to avoid being the victim of a data breach Nathan Rowe, Chief Product Officer, Evident Recorded: Nov 16 2017 52 mins
    Proving who individuals are on the Internet is nearly impossible. Traditional verifications such as credit cards and even user reviews are no longer enough to affirm trust between people in the digital world. Background checks and motor vehicle records are just the tip of the iceberg for what is really needed to validate someone’s identity. As information becomes increasingly digitized, how do companies create safe, authentic platforms for their users without increasing the friction that typically comes with that protection?

    To validate identities, businesses need to hold personal data making them an easy target for hackers and security breaches. There are multiple channels already available online to monetize this data leading to grave security implications for consumers as well as businesses. And as businesses face more regulatory requirements and even reputational risks that come with the threat of a data breach, finding efficient ways to prioritize authenticity is even more critical.

    This webinar will focus on:

    - how businesses can build secure ecosystems that are founded on authenticity, but created to scale with less friction and risk
    - mitigating the need to hold and secure personal data, as well as protecting against hackers
  • How to Get More Personal Data Without the Risk
    How to Get More Personal Data Without the Risk Nathan Rowe, Chief Product Officer, Evident Recorded: Oct 24 2017 43 mins
    Personal data is essential for your business - to enable trust and safety, to enable personalization of services, to enable growth of your business and to enable verification of identities. While obtaining and managing personal data is necessary, it can be extremely complicated, time consuming and risky. Handling or holding sensitive data can lead to major security threats. Companies are investing more time and energy to effectively acquire, manage and protect the personal information of their users and workforce to the detriment of their own business focus. Additionally, the regulatory requirements and liability that accompany any interaction with personal data continue to increase, putting additional strain on businesses to stay updated and compliant.

    From a user perspective, as individuals are asked to provide their information more broadly, security concerns and a loss of control become more prevalent, putting once-standard interactions at risk. These put even more pressure on businesses to protect their communities’ information as well as their brand equity.

    This presentation will discuss what challenges are faced by companies dealing with personal data related issues. We will cover best practices, real world examples and lessons learned as businesses look to increase their access to the answers they need, while reducing their risk and liability.

    Key takeaways
    - Best practices for how to share and secure personal information
    - Pitfalls to avoid as you grow your organization and expand offerings
    - Hear real world examples on how businesses engage with their communities and personal data
  • The Power of Evident
    The Power of Evident Evident Recorded: Oct 10 2017 2 mins
    Safely and securely share verified personal information. We simplify the complicated world of personal data and security by taking you out of the middle of it.

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