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  • Top Tips for Service Transformation
    Top Tips for Service Transformation
    Kuai Ser Leng, Associate Director at NCS Digital Recorded: Jul 12 2019 23 mins
    The private sector has embraced for decades what the public sector is only now realising: that customer experience is king. Citizens are increasingly expecting the same level of personalised, intuitive, and seamless service from their own governments.

    Public sector officials around the world have to rethink how they engage with people - redesigning service moments to make them increasingly citizen-centric. At the Innovation Labs World Summit organised by GovInsider, service design experts from public and private sector shared four key tips to improve citizen experiences and make service moments count.
  • Security Convergence – Key Towards a Sustainable Smart Nation
    Security Convergence – Key Towards a Sustainable Smart Nation
    Dr. Ong Chen Hui, Director of Operations Technology Security, Global IOT/OT Research, Trustwave, a Singtel company Recorded: Jul 3 2019 25 mins
    Digitalisation is affecting every aspect of our lives and there will be more benefits to come as our city becomes more connected, even smarter. Inevitably, the increase in interconnectivity will bring about higher stakes in cyber-attacks. How do we defend our increasing list of digital assets? Is ‘Zero Trust’ security suitable for all systems? What are the security strategy we can adopt today? Join Dr Ong Chen Hui in this presentation where she will offer insights.
  • Business Transformation in the New Digital Economy
    Business Transformation in the New Digital Economy
    Mr. Alan Yong, Head, Products and Platform, NCS Recorded: Jul 2 2019 28 mins
    Digital transformation is not a new concept as organizations grapple with change in the face of the new economy. The ones that are bold enough to lead business transformation changes through digital technology as their industries are disrupted will uncover significant value. This segment discusses 3 real world case studies on how industry leaders have been bold enough to disrupt themselves to unlock growth – consumer healthcare (RB), media & entertainment (Disney) and petcare (Mars).
  • Purpose-Driven Transformation to Power the Future of Work
    Purpose-Driven Transformation to Power the Future of Work
    Mr. Ng Kuo Pin, Deputy CEO, NCS Recorded: Jul 1 2019 23 mins
    Digital Disruption is Real.

    The fourth industrial revolution and rise of the digital native generations are pushing organisations to a turning point in their Digital Transformation (DT) journey. Different organisations have different business goals. For meaningful transformation initiatives to be implemented, it is critical to have the end goal in mind and drive a purpose-driven transformation via a structured, design-led approach to innovation. Sharing insights from several of our implementations stories, NCS believes that a purpose-driven transformation is a continuous digital journey of discovery, prototyping, agile development, scaling and iterative process to improve.

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