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  • A Roadmap for the Transformation of a Service Delivery Organization
    A Roadmap for the Transformation of a Service Delivery Organization Mike McGibbney, SVP Service Delivery & Operations, SAP/SuccessFactors Recorded: Feb 6 2018 7 mins
    Join Mike McGibbney from SuccessFactors as he describes the transformation of a service delivery operations organization struggling with the demands of rapid growth into a world class, next-generation services organization capable of supporting the enterprise cloud experience.

    Centering his strategy around four key promises — Availability, Speed, Transparency and Maturity — Mike will highlight SDO’s priority to ensure a highly reliable and available cloud environment to create a better experience for customers. He’ll talk about SDO’s plan to significantly elevate the organization’s ability to deliver a better cloud experience, and how Moogsoft became a partner in helping SAP SuccessFactors build a better cloud for better business.
  • How Modern Enterprises Are Tackling the Migration from On-Premises to Cloud
    How Modern Enterprises Are Tackling the Migration from On-Premises to Cloud Dan Taylor, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Recorded: Jan 31 2018 20 mins
    The modern Cloud delivers faster time to market, lower IT costs, and greater overall value to the enterprise by allowing companies to focus more on the core business problems rather than the infrastructure used to solve them. But the path to the cloud can be challenging for anyone with an established presence on-premises, or in a private data center.

    Dan Taylor from Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise division shares with you how large enterprises are tackling this problem and gaining immediate value by leveraging the cloud. You’ll hear how enterprises are managing their migration to the cloud by embracing hybrid patterns, containerizing and migrating applications, using single-pane-of-glass monitoring solutions, and leveraging Azure to tackle data privacy.
  • 5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations
    5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations Marty Jackson, Director, Product Evangelist, xMatters & Sahil Khanna, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Moogsoft Recorded: Nov 30 2017 31 mins
    IT Ops and DevOps for the modern enterprise offers many benefits — increased agility and productivity, leaner operations, and hybridized hosting options — but digital transformation isn’t easy, especially if you’re not asking the right questions, addressing the right issues.

    Creating a culture that embraces modern operations is still a challenge, especially when maintaining reliability and security is a paramount requirement for decentralized business IT models. Not to mention justifying the costs of transformation to your CIO.

    Dive into the “new normal” for enterprise Modern Ops with this informative Moogsoft / xMatters webinar event, and find out the 5 questions that every CIO needs to ask in 2018.
  • How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response
    How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager, GoDaddy Recorded: Nov 21 2017 17 mins
    Throughout rapid expansion, globalization and going public, GoDaddy was challenged to scale operational and incident response framework in new ways.

    In this detailed talk, join Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager at GoDaddy, as he takes you through the transformation from a largely manual incident process to a fully automated lights-out incident response model.
  • Understanding AIOps & Probable Root Cause Analysis
    Understanding AIOps & Probable Root Cause Analysis Robert Harper, Chief Scientist, Moogsoft & Richard Whitehead, Chief Evangelist, Moogsoft Recorded: Nov 15 2017 64 mins
    Despite decades of R&D dedicated to Root Cause Analysis — and counter to the claims of numerous technology vendors who claim to offer it — the traditional approach to RCA and concepts behind it have been flawed.

    Leading analysts like Gartner agree that Root Cause Analysis is still a people-dependent process. Furthermore, they recommend that ITOps leaders leverage machine learning technology to provide contextualized information across the production stack, understand similarity in events from the past, and accommodate human interaction so that the algorithms can learn from human behavior over time.

    Moogsoft’s unique Probable Root Cause is the first technique that can understand causality in unpredictable IT environments with a significant degree of certainty, and without reliance on a model.

    In this webinar recording, Moogsoft executives Richard Whitehead and Robert Harper discuss this innovative approach to Root Cause Analysis, and how it can change the way your operations teams address IT incidents.
  • 2017 AIOps Symposium Fireside Chat
    2017 AIOps Symposium Fireside Chat Kaylan Kumar, Chris Hindy, Mark Campbell, Eric Repec, Jason Kalich, Charles O'Keefe Recorded: Nov 14 2017 48 mins
    Six IT leaders from HCL, GoDaddy & others discuss enterprise cloud migration, the future of operations centers & much more. Moderated by Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead,
    the closing session of Moogsoft’s 2017 AIOps Symposium brought together some of the sharpest minds in the IT Operations space for an intimate discussion about the issues facing enterprise ITOps and DevOps.

    This superstar panel covers the future of ITOA with regard to…

    •The Gartner-predicted shift from a “cloud-first” to a “cloud-only” strategy within 6 years, what that means to business customers and end users, and what needs to happen to make that reality;
    •What the enterprise operations center will look like in 2020;
    •The average number of management tools in any given operations organization’s portfolio, and how that will vary in the coming years;
    •And the evolution of the ITIL Service Desk over the next five years, especially given today’s world of continuous-integration and DevOps.


    •Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCL Technologies
    •Chris Hindy, Empowered Networks
    •Mark Campbell, VP of Research & Innovation, Trace3
    •Eric Repec, Practice Manager, Technologent
    •Jason Kalich, CIO, GoDaddy
    •Charles O’Keefe, Finance Industry IT Veteran

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