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  • Bridge the Gap between Cloud and On-premises
    Bridge the Gap between Cloud and On-premises
    Ferenc Sipos, Director of Sales Engineering - Log management Recorded: Apr 11 2019 44 mins
    Please join us to explore the various ways syslog-ng can help bridge the gap between the cloud and on-premises resources with custom integrations built using syslog-ng’s Python API.

    Topics include:
    •Fetching log messages from Azure Event Hub and feeding them to an on-premises log management/SIEM solution.
    •Forwarding on-premises log data to Google Pub/Sub for cloud-based processing.

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  • Got a Hungry Splunk? Feed it Smartly with syslog-ng
    Got a Hungry Splunk? Feed it Smartly with syslog-ng
    James Bonamico, Senior Engineer (syslog-ng product specialist) Recorded: Mar 27 2019 32 mins
    We can help eliminate your struggle to reliably collect and send your log data to Splunk.

    Register for our free webinar to learn how you can easily manage and scale log ingestion across your whole enterprise environment.

    In this webinar we will demonstrate:
    •syslog-ng Premium Edition’s high-performance Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC) destination
    •How to batch and send messages to multiple Splunk HEC nodes
    •How to eliminate the need for forwarders and external load balancers
  • Optimize your SIEM with syslog-ng
    Optimize your SIEM with syslog-ng
    Video Recorded: Mar 26 2019 3 mins
    syslog-ng can collect and centralize log data whether it's user activity, performance metrics, network traffic or any other log data.
    Remove data silos and gain full-stack visibility of your IT environment - one syslog-ng server can collect more than half a million log message per second from thousands of log sources.
  • Send logs using the Advanced Log Transport Protocol (ALTP)
    Send logs using the Advanced Log Transport Protocol (ALTP)
    Craig Finnan, syslog-ng presales engineer Recorded: Jan 29 2019 53 mins
    Attend this webinar to learn how your organization can reliably send and receive log messages via the TCP transport layer.

    Never lose log data by using the new Advanced Log Transfer Protocol (ALTP), which is a proprietary transport protocol that prevents message loss – even during connection breaks.

    See how syslog-ng Premium Edition leverages this new technology to communicate and manage log messages. Along with features such as flow-control and reliable disk-buffer, it is the best way to prevent log message loss.

    This webinar will highlight features, including:
    •Message send/receive acknowledgement
    •Automatic resends of missing/lost messages
    •TLS compression option
  • Splunk HEC and syslog-ng deep dive
    Splunk HEC and syslog-ng deep dive
    Balázs Scheidler Founder and Creator of syslog-ng Recorded: Dec 12 2018 45 mins
    Dwelling deeper into reliable log ingestion to Splunk with syslog-ng by utilizing the HTTP event collector.
  • Log ingestion to Splunk HEC
    Log ingestion to Splunk HEC
    Balázs Scheidler, creator of syslog-ng Recorded: Nov 6 2018 42 mins
    Organizations heavily invest in log analytics and event management. That is why many of them consider SPLUNK as a viable solution. Yet that is only half of the solution as analytics are only as good as the data feed into it. Centralized log management technologies enable organizations to collect and distribute log reliability while guaranteeing optimal performance for SPLUNK.

    From this 60-minutes webinar session you will learn the benefits of front-ending Splunk with syslog-ng central log management solution.
  • High performance log streaming to HDFS with syslog-ng
    High performance log streaming to HDFS with syslog-ng
    István Molnár, Prooduct Marketing Manager and James Bonamico, presales- engineer. Recorded: Sep 25 2018 37 mins
    Hadoop is one of the most popular MapReduce solutions. Many organizations choose Hadoop as their big data store. syslog-ng Store Box allows seamless integration with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), providing high performance log collection, distribution and pre processing.

    In our upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate how to directly stream any text-based log into HDFS while keeping a high performance rate using syslog-ng Store Box.
  • Logging in docker with syslog-ng
    Logging in docker with syslog-ng
    István Molnár, Product Marketing Manager and Craig Finnan, presales- engineer. Recorded: Aug 30 2018 64 mins
    Containerization, and Docker in particular, changed the way we distribute and run applications with conflicting dependencies.

    Thanks to syslog-ng, setting up a centralized log management infrastructure in Docker is as simple as issuing the “docker run” command.

    In our upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate how to set up and manage a syslog-ng Docker network.
  • Supercharge your syslog-ng parsing
    Supercharge your syslog-ng parsing
    Balázs Scheidler, the creator of syslog-ng Recorded: Jul 26 2018 34 mins
    Parsing a specific log message for one specific use case is usually simple and the tools associated with it are widely understood.

    Parsing a broad set of messages for a broad set of use cases is much more complicated. Adding in performance requirements of tens or hundreds of thousands of messages per second only makes things even more difficult to accomplish.

    In our upcoming webinar the creator of syslog-ng, Balázs Scheidler, will showcase how to address these challenges with the latest syslog-ng Premium Edition 7.0.9.

    The webinar will focus on:

    - Taking raw system logs and turning them into more useful and structured logs.

    - Retaining performance and turning the end result into dashboards for reliable log analysis and incident response.
  • How to get the most out of your syslog-ng installation
    How to get the most out of your syslog-ng installation
    Istvan Molnar, Mario Perozo Recorded: Jun 28 2018 61 mins
    Our webinar focuses on how to fine tune syslog-ng for peak performance.

    The session will touch on topics such as:

    - Do's and don'ts when setting up and running syslog-ng
    - How to tweak syslog-ng to manage higher log volumes
    - Tips and tricks on optimizing your logging infrastructure
    - Troubleshooting best practices

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