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  • Do You Wish Cyber Security Had an Easy Button?
    Do You Wish Cyber Security Had an Easy Button? Brett Chadwick, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at DriveLock and Martin Mangold, Head of SaaS Operations at DriveLock Recorded: Mar 15 2018 54 mins
    Are you constantly asking yourself how you can do more with less? Can you expand the working days, can you hire more people to secure, manage your machines, users, and applications. This is a constant challenge with more regulation from HIPPA, GDPR, PCI, NIST, ISO…. Being added daily. The DriveLock Cloud platform can help with providing a completely managed Device Control, and Application Control approach to security providing you with the Big Red Easy button to security. The experts in Device Control, and Encryption for the past 20 years are introducing a Cloud based, managed option for security available to Enterprise for the first time.

    -Cloud based managed security solution covering all your Device Control requirements.
    -Cloud based management ensures you have all your security layers delivered without the need for additional resources.
    -Flexible scalability up and down as needed depending on your organizations growth.
    -Competitive monthly, or subscription based pricing to reduce overall spend on security.
    -Self-Service web based console to manage exceptions and organizations changes in policy.
  • Künstliche Intelligenz zur Abwehr von Cyberangriffen im Industrie 4.0 Umfeld
    Künstliche Intelligenz zur Abwehr von Cyberangriffen im Industrie 4.0 Umfeld Falk Trümner, DriveLock Senior PreSales Consultant Recorded: Mar 15 2018 41 mins
    In den letzten zwei Jahren häufen sich massiv Cyberattacken in der Produktion bei Industrieunternehmen. Viele Fertigungsstandorte sind heute nicht gegen Cyberattacken von intern geschützt und somit ein lohnendes Ziel. Wir zeigen mit DriveLock SmartAppGuard wie dies zuverlässig verhindert werden kann und somit für Industrieunternehmen kein Schaden entsteht.
  • EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung (EU-DSGVO) - Was Entscheider jetzt tun müssen
    EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung (EU-DSGVO) - Was Entscheider jetzt tun müssen Oliver Zellner, DriveLock Senior Sales Manager Recorded: Mar 1 2018 50 mins
    Ab Mai 2018 steigen die Anforderungen für die IT-Sicherheit deutlich, denn dann kommt die EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (EU-DSGVO) zur Anwendung.
    Mit ihr wird der Datenschutz in Europa vereinheitlicht. Erfüllt Ihr Unternehmen die neuen Datenschutzvorschriften?
    Erfahren Sie in unserem aktuellen Webinar, wie Sie mit DriveLock die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen in Ihrem Unternehmen optimieren und alle zukünftigen Anforderungen der DSGVO erfüllen.
  • A Silver Bullet for Zero-day and Ransomware Attacks
    A Silver Bullet for Zero-day and Ransomware Attacks Jason Rose, Senior Security Consultant Recorded: Feb 26 2018 62 mins
    How to address the unknown of Zero-day threats and cryptoware variants.

    Anti-virus and anti-malware has a fundamental flaw that’s becoming more and more obvious: it needs a catalog of all the malicious software in the world in order to work effectively. Building this catalog is an impossible task; new exploits (“zero-day exploits”) are created every day and often go undetected for months at a time. The gap between the release and the discovery of malicious software is where the real threat to your organization lies. DriveLock addresses this gap with application whitelisting, and with DriveLock Smart AppGuard, maintaining that whitelist is easier than ever before.

    Anti-virus and anti-malware software is fundamentally flawed. A time lag will always exist between release of an exploit and its discovery; that time lag can mean your systems are vulnerable to that exploit for weeks or even months at a time.

    Application whitelisting addresses this flaw by taking the opposite approach of anti-malware: instead of providing a list of software the system is NOT allowed to run, it provides a list of software it IS allowed to run. Zero-day exploits never even have a chance to run because they aren’t on the approved list of software.

    By using a cryptographic hash function to positively identify software files, attackers can’t impersonate an entry on the whitelist. File name, file location, and file owner whitelist rules can all be easily circumvented.

    With DriveLock’s Smart AppGuard, the work that goes into maintaining an application whitelist database is effectively cut to zero. Enjoy the security of application whitelisting without the headaches of whitelist database maintenance.
  • Whats new in DriveLock 7.7.8 and 7.7.10
    Whats new in DriveLock 7.7.8 and 7.7.10 Mark Hartmann (Product Manager), Falk Trümner (Senior PreSales Consultant) Recorded: Feb 2 2018 42 mins
    DriveLock Smart AppGuard with Machine Learning is simplifying your application control management. In this webinar we demonstrate, how to setup this new feature within DriveLock and we also will have a look at all other new features included in the latest version of DriveLock.
  • Neuerungen in DriveLock 7.7.8 and 7.7.10
    Neuerungen in DriveLock 7.7.8 and 7.7.10 Mark Hartmann (Product Manager), Falk Trümner (Senior PreSales Consultant) Recorded: Jan 31 2018 59 mins
    Mit DriveLock Smart AppGuard wird Applikationskontrolle leichter verwaltbar, als jemals zuvor. Dieses Webinar zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie diese neue Funktionalität von DriveLock einrichten und was sonst noch für neue Funktionen zu DriveLock hinzugekommen sind.
  • DriveLock: Secure Your Critical Infrastructure!
    DriveLock: Secure Your Critical Infrastructure! Alfred Ortiz (Director, Americas) and Jason Rose (Senior Security Consultant) Recorded: Dec 14 2017 53 mins
    The DriveLock Endpoint Protection Platform is helping you to secure, control, and protect your critical infrastructure from internal and external threats. DriveLock achieves this through a comprehensive, layered security approach that includes application control, device control, and drive encryption. DriveLock combines this with advanced AI and a security awareness system that, as a whole, provides the highest level of security for your critical data and users.


    * DriveLock provides a layered approach to system security that is both comprehensive and flexible.
    * Device and Drive Protection prevent malicious applications from being brought into your infrastructure and prevent sensitive data from getting out.
    * Application Control with AI allows more flexible, intelligent control over the applications allowed on your infrastructure without weakening your security posture.
    * Disk Encryption lets you ensure the security of the confidential data after it has left your infrastructure.
    * Web Security prevents known threats from infecting your network.
    * Security Awareness lets you seamlessly train users on information security best practices without interrupting their work.

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