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  • Best Practices for the prevention of SaaS threats
    Best Practices for the prevention of SaaS threats
    Anuj Sawani, Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Mar 20 2018 54 mins
    Almost every line of business within enterprise organizations has adopted SaaS apps to be more productive and successful. Meanwhile, IT organizations are embracing SaaS apps by approving them for company-wide use, in part to regain control of these applications and the data residing within them. This transition often prompts questions from security teams: Who has access to the data? Is sensitive data at risk? Are my users exposed to malware in my SaaS application?

    Join this webinar where you will learn:
    •Best practices to build a strategy for securing your SaaS environment
    •Real-world examples of risks seen in enterprise SaaS environments
    •Steps to protect against the new threats and prevent data exposure
    •How to comply with data residency regulations within Europe
  • Prevent Costly Data Leaks From SaaS Apps
    Prevent Costly Data Leaks From SaaS Apps
    Anuj Sawani, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Feb 27 2018 48 mins
    SaaS apps are now extensively adopted by organizations – some procured by IT, others adopted by the users themselves. You’re already likely witnessing large amounts of data being transferred between users and these apps. As corporate data moves to the cloud, the risk of a data leakage increases with users accessing enterprise apps on unmanaged devices or storing corporate data on risky, unsanctioned apps.

    Join this webinar to learn how to prevent data exposure and maintain compliance by protecting your data within enterprise SaaS apps and blocking unsanctioned apps. You’ll learn about:
    •A real-world customer journey for complete data security in SaaS.
    •Common threats leading to data leaks from popular SaaS apps.
    •Benefits of adopting a platform approach to SaaS security.
  • Endpoint Protection Beyond Antivirus
    Endpoint Protection Beyond Antivirus
    Steve Gerrard and Usman Durrani, Cyber Security Solutions, Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Feb 15 2018 45 mins
    It’s time to protect your users from threats that easily bypass antivirus.

    Join us for a live webinar on endpoint security

    •What hidden costs traditional AV imposes on your organization
    •How to determine the true value of any endpoint security solution
    •Which five capabilities are critical to protect your users, systems and endpoints
    •How Traps v3.4 prevents security breaches in your organization – without traditional AV.

    Protect yourself against antivirus.
  • Ransomware's Next Steps
    Ransomware's Next Steps
    Joel Boyd, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Endpoint Recorded: Feb 7 2018 39 mins
    Promising huge profits from tiny effort or investment, ransomware remains an exceptionally popular tool for both advanced and novice attackers alike.

    Register now for our webinar and learn how your organization can deploy Traps™ advanced endpoint protection to prevent ransomware attacks without sacrificing your teams’ productivity or resources.

    In this quick, focused webinar, you’ll learn the latest intel on:
    - Trends and predictions
    - New attack vectors and payment schemes
    - Breaking down attacks
  • Rethink Security for SaaS: Power of the Platform
    Rethink Security for SaaS: Power of the Platform
    Anuj Sawani, Product Marketing Manager, Navneet Singh, Product Marketing Director Recorded: Jan 24 2018 60 mins
    The challenges of SaaS applications such as Office 365 or Box are already here whether they are enabled by IT or end users themselves. With the adoption of SaaS, your data is now outside your traditional network perimeter and any changes to how the data is shared, who it is shared with and if it is free of malware is no longer known by your organization. History has shown that when a significant risk arises, a point solution is applied to address it. Defenses made up of multiple point products that do not integrate leave gaps that may expose your organization to attack.

    Join us for this live webinar where we will examine the various stages of a real-world attack targeting your SaaS applications. You will learn how to prevent these attacks at every single point in the security kill chain with a natively integrated Next Generation Security Platform and learn how to:

    * Gain visibility and granular, context-based control of SaaS applications

    * Protect corporate data from malicious and inadvertent exposure after it has left the traditional corporate perimeter.

    *Satisfy compliance requirements while still maintaining the benefits of SaaS based application services
  • GDPR update - less than 1 year to May 2018
    GDPR update - less than 1 year to May 2018
    Greg Day, EMEA VP & CSO Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Jan 9 2018 63 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive will both be enforced as of May 2018. You may think you’re ready for these laws, but covered companies may need to improve the security of personal data they hold, and of their networks and information systems. Data breaches and security incidents will have to be reported. As they prepare for the GDPR and NIS, it is imperative that organisations understand their cybersecurity risks and invest appropriately.

    Greg Day, EMEA VP & CSO Palo Alto Networks, explains the security-related requirements.

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