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  • Straight Talk: When is VMware Cloud on AWS Right for You?
    Straight Talk: When is VMware Cloud on AWS Right for You?
    Eric Shanks, Solutions Principal (AHEAD) + Shea Lutton, Cloud Infrastructure Architect (AWS) Recorded: Jan 22 2019 61 mins
    Migrations to the cloud sometimes face difficulties in transitioning apps, operational inconsistencies, and incongruent networks. VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand hybrid cloud service designed to preserve existing investments and legacy applications, while reaping the rewards of cloud scalability and flexibility.

    But what are the right use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS, and how do you best approach this new solution? Download our webinar to find answers to both questions, and to see specific use cases like migration, disaster recovery, and M&A integration.

    Watch this AHEAD-AWS webinar to learn:

    -How to prepare and validate your environment for integration

    -The right circumstances for and expected benefits of deploying VMware Cloud on AWS

    -The value of deploying a right-sized VMware Cloud on AWS environment based on your application needs
  • Three Ways to Jump Start Your DevOps Practice in a Cloud-First World
    Three Ways to Jump Start Your DevOps Practice in a Cloud-First World
    Tim Curless, Senior DevOps Engineer, AHEAD Recorded: Oct 17 2018 47 mins
    In most cases today, organizations are struggling to deploy DevOps throughout the enterprise—or their current DevOps initiatives have stalled. In this webinar, you’ll hear strategies to help you build a plan, understand metrics for success, and learn how a successful DevOps practice contributes to business outcomes. This isn’t a look into DevOps for the sake of DevOps—but a way to drive development operations and processes to truly bring about organizational change.

    In this webinar, AHEAD Senior DevOps Engineer Tim Curless will discuss cloud-first DevOps strategies and tools, including:

    -The importance of breaking down silos, reorienting your company culture, and tapping senior leaders to help achieve DevOps transformation

    -The benefits of starting a “DevOps Dojo” within your organization and why cloud-first tools, training, and expertise is critical to its success

    -The Enterprise DevOps Toolchain and how companies like HashiCorp, CloudBees, ServiceNow, and AWS/Azure can deliver more frequent releases, faster issue resolution, and reduced time to provision new services

    Whether you’re looking to start a DevOps practice—or jump start a current DevOps initiative—join us on October 17th at 2 p.m. CT to gain a holistic, cloud-first view into the business, cultural, and operational changes necessary for success.

    Can’t attend the live webinar? Register to watch the online presentation on-demand.

    Learn more about AHEAD at www.ThinkAHEAD.com.
  • Delivering Enterprise-Grade Cloud Automation with Puppet and AHEAD
    Delivering Enterprise-Grade Cloud Automation with Puppet and AHEAD
    Dan Wittenberg, Sr. Technical Architec, AHEAD and Andy Rajagopalan, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Puppet Recorded: Sep 13 2018 51 mins
    This webinar will highlight how to successfully deliver a holistic approach to IT Infrastructure with an emphasis on speed, simplicity and security. Together, AHEAD and Puppet will discuss the challenges that arise when transforming how and where you run your infrastructure and applications. With AHEAD’s Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework, and Puppet’s automation platform that offers greater agility and faster provisioning, customers can feel confident they have the right security and tooling in place for their application and infrastructure deployments.
  • Modern Hybrid Cloud Backup with Rubrik and Microsoft Azure
    Modern Hybrid Cloud Backup with Rubrik and Microsoft Azure
    Nick Colyer, Solutions Principal (AHEAD), Rebecca Fitzhugh, Technical Engineer (Rubrik), Amy Manley, Azure Specialist (MSFT) Recorded: Jun 26 2018 57 mins
    One of the core pillars of the AHEAD Public Cloud Operating Model for Azure is ensuring you have a storage and backup solution. Often, our customers have a hybrid environment consisting of on-premises and Microsoft Azure workloads. As such, they need to look at their backup management holistically.

    In this webinar, AHEAD, Rubrik, and Microsoft will give you an overview of what’s required in a modern data backup solution for Azure. We’ll cover the use cases for backup and DR, VM conversion, and backing up workloads running in Azure. We’ll also discuss when Azure backup makes sense and when you need to move onto a modern hybrid backup solution—and then show you how it all works through a series of demos.

    Check out the full agenda below:

    -Overview of the Public Cloud Operating Model for Azure and how Rubrik has become a notable player in this space
    -Backing up from VMware to the public cloud (demo)
    -Using your backup solution as a means to migrate (demo)
    -Backing up Azure workloads (demo)
    -Using Azure tags with Rubrik automation capabilities (demo)

    Register for the webinar on June 26, 2018 at 10 a.m. CDT to start modernizing your hybrid cloud backup.

    Unable to attend the live online event? Register to watch the webinar on-demand after the presentation has concluded.
  • Deploying Azure Infrastructure Using HashiCorp Terraform
    Deploying Azure Infrastructure Using HashiCorp Terraform
    Nick Colyer, Solutions Principal (AHEAD) and Adam Cavaliere, Sr. Solutions Engineer (HashiCorp) Recorded: Jun 7 2018 57 mins
    Join AHEAD for a live webinar with Solutions Principal Nick Colyer (AHEAD) and Sr. Solutions Engineer Adam Cavaliere (HashiCorp) to learn how to get started automating Microsoft Azure in the enterprise with Terraform. Nick and Adam will walk you through the basics of the Terraform, benefits and use cases, along with key features of HashiCorp’s popular Infrastructure as Code automation tool.


    -Introduction to Terraform, including language, provisions, and providers
    -Deploying a 2 Tier App using Terraform
    -Using Terraform Enterprise to co-develop and share Infrastructure as Code
    -Demo: Terraform Workspaces basics and how to share a network configuration for application deployment

    Stop using manual and often error-prone deployment and infrastructure management processes—and start creating reliable, repeatable, and automated deployments. Register for the webinar on June 7, 2018, at 1 p.m. CDT to uncover the benefits of utilizing Terraform with Azure.

    Unable to attend the live online event? Register to watch the webinar on-demand after the presentation has concluded.
  • The End is Near: How to Plan Your vSphere 6.5 Upgrade Before It's Too Late
    The End is Near: How to Plan Your vSphere 6.5 Upgrade Before It's Too Late
    Jeremiah Megie, Senior Technical Architect, AHEAD Recorded: Apr 17 2018 33 mins
    vSphere 5.5 reaches End of Service Life in September, and if you’re unprepared, your IT environment will take a hit and your business could suffer unforeseen costs. Of course, an upgrade to vSphere 6.5 allows you to continue support, but it also offers new capabilities in the area of enterprise cloud management.

    However, this transition isn’t as simple as “next, next, finish.” In fact, it’s not a traditional upgrade. There are many factors to consider, including your design process, your current and future business needs, and implications for related technologies in your environment.

    Join our April 17th webinar, The End Is Near, to hear AHEAD Senior Technical Architect Jeremiah Megie talk all things vSphere 6.5, including why you should upgrade, what you have to plan for, and how to execute it flawlessly.
  • Locked Down: Building a Full-Scale IT Security Strategy
    Locked Down: Building a Full-Scale IT Security Strategy
    Steven Aiello, Security and Compliance Solutions Principal, AHEAD Recorded: Mar 26 2018 21 mins
    In this video briefing, AHEAD Security and Compliance Solutions Principal, Steven Aiello, demonstrates how to build a more effective, operationally-efficient security and compliance program within your organization. Presented to AHEAD’s clients in our Executive Briefing Center, the whiteboard session walks through how AHEAD gives enterprises a truly holistic operating model to manage security, governance, risk, and compliance.

    Among the many topics covered include:

    -How ServiceNow’s tools and modules can accelerate SecOps and GRC initiatives

    -Using automation and orchestration to create rich and robust CMDBs

    -How organizational context and visibility factor into threat detection and response

    -Using Splunk to both consume and correlate data to provide more meaningful insights

    -AHEAD’s proprietary ServiceNow reporting to ensure streamlined, 24/7 attestation and error-free auditing
  • Revealing the Blind Spots in Your IT Infrastructure Spend
    Revealing the Blind Spots in Your IT Infrastructure Spend
    John Cole, Solutions Principal, AHEAD Recorded: Feb 13 2018 32 mins
    IT leaders in the driver’s seat of their organization are constantly focused on the road ahead—including forces reshaping the industry and emerging technology trends. But the road to digital transformation is riddled with blind spots—whether in the form of hidden infrastructure costs or obstructed views of multi-year, total cost of ownership (TCO).

    In a “do-more-with-less” world, IT decision-makers are tasked with not only pursuing the latest and greatest in tech initiatives, but also keeping the lights on while improving service levels. So, what if you could take those sunken costs and eliminate or repurpose them to fuel company-wide innovation? This webinar addresses just that: identifying improvements in operations to fund modernization within your organization.

    AHEAD Solutions Principal John Cole outlines a roadmap to data center optimization, including:

    -Top enterprise IT objectives for 2018—and best practices for success
    -Analyzing committed data center costs—and repurposing those funds to eliminate incremental budget approvals
    -IT infrastructure maintenance—and effectively managing multiple vendors and contracts
    -AHEAD’s “Harvest to Invest” initiative—and how we helped a large healthcare system identify significant cost savings opportunities
  • Recalibrating Your Public Cloud Journey
    Recalibrating Your Public Cloud Journey
    Eric Kaplan, AHEAD Chief Technology Officer + Nick Colyer, AHEAD Practice Manager of Cloud Management & Automation Recorded: Jan 12 2018 41 mins
    Cloud goes far beyond just swiping your credit card and provisioning resources. While true on paper, as an enterprise, you face a different reality when making cloud successful within your organization. How do you unlock the cloud-fueled benefits of innovation and agility while handling compliance, security, and “Day-2” operations?

    In this 40-minute webinar, AHEAD CTO Eric Kaplan and Solutions Principal Nick Colyer focus on the lessons learned in balancing culture, technology, and process when moving your organization to the cloud. Watch to learn how to avoid key pitfalls in the cloud journey, and ultimately unlock more innovation and agility. Lastly, stick around for a demo of our new managed cloud service, CoPilot, to see how AHEAD can empower your organization to innovate like a startup, but operate like an enterprise.
  • Where Service Management and Security Converge
    Where Service Management and Security Converge
    Steven Aiello, AHEAD Solutions Principal + Lucky Johnson, AHEAD Sr. Technical Architect Recorded: Jan 7 2018 62 mins
    The adoption of public cloud has driven the convergence of service management, security, and compliance at a pace that has made the old rules obsolete. IT execs are under intense pressure to adopt and deliver new and more agile cloud services at a breakneck pace. At the same time, the need for enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance raises the stakes of innovation at the speed required by the business and the market.

    Join two AHEAD experts who represent the disciplines of service management and security/compliance, as they discuss how ServiceNow can be used for real-time monitoring of compliance activities and posture, while automating security incident response. These combined capabilities are key enablers to balance security and speed, while reducing the burden being placed on overtaxed IT teams.

    In this 60-minute webinar, our AHEAD team shares examples of their work at the intersections of ESM and governance, risk, and compliance for a large health system in the southeastern United States.

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