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  • The Exciting and Surprising Future of IT
    The Exciting and Surprising Future of IT Kevin J Smith Recorded: Aug 1 2018 54 mins
    The role of IT as a leader in the business is very different than how IT has been seen in the past. The business needs the leadership of IT more than ever. As IT professionals, we will be part of a remarkable transformation of IT over the next decade. This will change virtually all of what we do. Join Kevin as he dives into the factors that are driving these changes and how you can rise and extend your career in the midst of the changes.

    In this webinar, we will explore:
    - What changes to expect
    - What we can do now to be ready
    - How IT will undergo these changes while at the same tie remaining true to the fundamentals of IT
  • Two Case Studies: How Fit is your ITSM?
    Two Case Studies: How Fit is your ITSM? David Martinez, Scott Roberts, Kim Mau, Jim Czyzewski Recorded: Jun 28 2018 59 mins
    The healthcare landscape is always changing and is on the leading edge of new technologies. Keeping healthcare information systems running at optimal levels and providing excellent support is critical to providing high quality patient care. In this webinar, we are joined by three healthcare IT leaders to discuss their top service management challenges. They will share what challenges they are facing and some of the strategies and approaches they are developing to solve their top issues.
    Join Ivanti customers Scott Roberts, IS Help Desk Manager at Community Medical Centers, and Kim Mau, IT Manager, and Jim Czyzewski, Desktop Support Supervisor at MidMichigan Health, for this customer webinar.
  • June Patch Tuesday 2018
    June Patch Tuesday 2018 Chris Goettl, Todd Schell, Brian Secrist Recorded: Jun 28 2018 71 mins
    “April showers bring May flowers”—but did you know May flowers bring June bugs? A less known line from that poem for sure, but quite apt for a Patch Tuesday synopsis where software updates are the name of the game. This June there’s more grist for the mill, though there are fewer patches than we’ve seen of late. Take note of the fix for a new zero day targeting a Flash bug. And use this relative downtime to make sure your patch processes are in good working order. Remember: Meltdown and Spectre are back with all new bugs to banish from your IT environment.
  • The Unification of IT: What is it and Why is it Important?
    The Unification of IT: What is it and Why is it Important? Kevin J Smith Recorded: Jun 27 2018 56 mins
    The transformation of IT is upon us and will cause us to rethink virtually everything we do in IT every day. A primary part of this transformation is the unification of all things IT. So what does unifying IT mean, anyway? Join Kevin as he discusses how unifying IT will help your department save time, money, and resources and will give you time to become a more strategic player in the business.
    In this webinar, we'll break down
    -What exactly unification of IT entails
    -What factors are driving this unification
    -How this realignment of IT will enable us to operate IT in fundamentally new ways
    -How IT can better serve and ultimately drive the business
  • Transforming your Security Products at the Endpoint
    Transforming your Security Products at the Endpoint Phil Richards, Mark Stevens, Nik Patronus Recorded: Jun 26 2018 56 mins
    Are you thinking about extending the endpoint capabilities of your Security Solution? Join us for a deep dive into the value of embedding patch management capabilities into your security software. Learn how other security companies have chosen to add patching and remediation. Why in 2018 patching is more important than ever as your customers confront ransomware, zero day attacks, and more.
    You'll learn: h
    -How patch management is being used to enhance the value of security solutions
    -How large security software companies have utilized embedded patch management in their own products to grow revenue
    -What to consider when you're looking to add patch remediation to your solution
  • Five Insights for Windows 10 in the Enterprise
    Five Insights for Windows 10 in the Enterprise Adam Smith, Rex McMillan Recorded: Jun 20 2018 58 mins
    New bi-monthly webinar series offering updates from Windows experts from Ivanti, professional service providers, and your peers from companies like yours. This webinar will feature short, helpful sections including:
    -An insider preview
    -Outside insights
    -Migration magic
    -Best practices
    -A comprehensive Q&A session
  • Patch Management Best Practices
    Patch Management Best Practices Chris Goettl, Todd Schell Recorded: May 30 2018 82 mins
    Patch management is critical to reducing your attack surface and keeping your endpoints and business running smoothly. Unfortunately, it's also a process that must be repeated weekly, monthly, quarterly, and whenever critical fixes have been identified for your environment. The good news is: with the right tools and some advance planning, this process can run smoothly and leave your IT team with more time to support core business goals.
    Join us to learn about trends in patch management, including the latest ways Ivanti is helping Security and IT teams work together like a well-oiled machine.
  • Windows 10 Migration Tips, Tricks, and Strategies
    Windows 10 Migration Tips, Tricks, and Strategies Chris Burbank, Randy Barger Recorded: May 23 2018 53 mins
    Windows 10 presents IT with a vast array of new challenges, and delivering a seamless migration is daunting. Additionally, Microsoft’s new release cadence, with frequent large updates, will force IT into a constant state of migration and endless rounds of critical decisions, overtaxing IT resources and IT teams’ ability to keep up. In this webinar, Ivanti consultants will share their best practices (and tricks) to reduce Windows 10 complexity, ease migration challenges, and migrate users with minimal interruption.
    You’ll also learn
    -How to ensure a transparent user migration to Windows 10 with no loss of local user file or profile data
    -How to manage and roam between hybrid Windows 7, 8, and 10 physical/virtual environments
    -How to centrally manage and track migration progress
  • Turbocharge Your ITSM: See What You Can Do With the Right Metrics and Analytics
    Turbocharge Your ITSM: See What You Can Do With the Right Metrics and Analytics Jeremy Carter - Manager, Product Management and Alan Taylor - Principal Product Manager Recorded: May 17 2018 63 mins
    Know the saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”? While it may not hold all the time, having the right data and metrics does make it easier to fuel a world-class ITSM practice. But not all metrics are created equal, nor does more data always lead to better results. What metrics makes sense often depends on where you are in your ITSM journey.

    Join us to learn how to improve your IT service management operations with the right metrics and strategy. In this session, we’ll dive into best practices from customer engagements, to provide you with insights such as:

    •The importance of the right metrics for specific ITSM processes
    •How to improve service levels with great data and analytics
    •Best practices for building insightful analytics and dashboards
    •Why you need to communicate great results to the rest of the business
  • Learning from Atlanta: 5 Steps to Securing Government IT
    Learning from Atlanta: 5 Steps to Securing Government IT Chris Goettl, John Rush Recorded: May 10 2018 50 mins
    The City of Atlanta was rocked by cybercriminals that locked up critical systems and applications earlier this year. With paralyzing security threats now aimed at state and local agencies, the public sector is scrambling to find ways to secure their environments before the end of the fiscal year.
    Join Ivanti's Chris Goettl, Director of Product Management for Security, and John Rush, Senior Systems Engineer, as they talk taking security to a new level in your agency in just five steps.

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