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Tech & Cyber Security Trends

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  • RSAC 2019 Recap - Emerging Tech, Threats and AI
    RSAC 2019 Recap - Emerging Tech, Threats and AI
    Chris Roberts (Attivio Networks), Nathan Wenzler (Moss Adams), Jessica Gulick (Katzcy), Joseph Carson (Thycotic) Recorded: Mar 26 2019 62 mins
    What were the highlights of this year's RSA Conference in San Francisco? Discover the major security developments that happened in the past year and the biggest topics discussed during RSAC.

    Join this exclusive panel of security experts as they share their experiences, insights and recommendations in an interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - Top security challenges and how are we solving them
    - Biggest buzzwords: Hype vs. reality
    - Exciting new tech
    - Top conference highlights
    - Cybersecurity as a boardroom issue
    - CISO's toolbox
    - Words of wisdom for people interested in security

    This is an interactive session and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during this live webcast.
  • Best Practices in Threat Hunting: Optimizing the Anomalous Activity Search
    Best Practices in Threat Hunting: Optimizing the Anomalous Activity Search
    Brenden Bishop, Data Scientist, the Columbus Collaboratory Recorded: Mar 13 2019 44 mins
    Join us for this webinar that will present an advanced data science approach to detecting anomalous behavior in complex systems like the typical corporate network that your IT Security team is trying to defend. Generalized anomaly detectors, without tuning for a specific use case, almost always result in high false alarm rates that lead to analyst alert fatigue and a detector which is effectively useless. In this session, Brenden Bishop, Data Scientist at the Columbus Collaboratory, will present an open source tool and best practices for building specific, repeatable, and scalable models for hunting your network’s anomalies. Through iteration and collaboration, defenders can hone in on interesting anomalies with increasing efficiency.
  • Distinguish Signal from Noise: Find Threats in Your Security Sensor Data
    Distinguish Signal from Noise: Find Threats in Your Security Sensor Data
    Slava Nikitin, Data Scientist, The Columbus Collaboratory Recorded: Feb 27 2019 45 mins
    Join us for this webinar that will recommend how to deal with your “big data” problem when dealing with the massive volume of raw, unprocessed data points from your network security sensors. Hint: don’t start with the data and attempt to drill down to the problem. Instead, as Slava Nitikin, Data Scientist from the Columbus Collaboratory will explain, you must start by the defining problem, building a threat model, and then focusing on the corresponding signals in your sensor data. We will walk through the use case for an Active Directory password spraying attack to demonstrate how to define and apply appropriate filters to your security data for faster detection, more accurate threat scoring and more effective security overall.
  • Survival Skills for Cybersecurity Leaders
    Survival Skills for Cybersecurity Leaders
    Glenn Richardson, Executive Coach, LeaderSages Recorded: Jan 15 2019 60 mins
    Start the new year on the right foot by investing in yourself and improving your leadership skills. Join Glenn Richardson, coach and executive consultant, in this webinar that will explore the principles of leadership. We will review practical tips, supported by real-world examples, from an experienced, successful leader who specializes in coaching and developing new and emerging leaders. Gain confidence in your ability to learn and lead, and, if you’re already in a leadership role or approaching a new position with leadership expectations - congratulations! Join us on this webinar to develop a plan for continue learning, improvement and career advancement.
  • Unified Endpoint Management & Security: A Force Multiplier
    Unified Endpoint Management & Security: A Force Multiplier
    Scott Scheferman, Cylance Director of Global Services; Masataka Hashiguchi, Interfocus Sales Engineer Recorded: Dec 13 2018 56 mins
    Join Interfocus and Cylance for this webinar outlining the workplace productivity gains that your business can realize through an integrated and unified platform delivering both IT asset management and endpoint security. Most IT teams today suffer from "alert fatigue" from the growing number of devices on their network, and spend on average 5-13 hours a week cleaning up compromised endpoints. Scott Scheferman from Cylance and Masataka Hashiguchi from Interfocus will demonstrate how automation and prevention is worth a pound of cure on your endpoints.
  • The Science and Applications of Natural Language Processing
    The Science and Applications of Natural Language Processing
    Peter Fitzsimmons from Contexture & Jess Gulick from Katzcy Recorded: Dec 4 2018 62 mins
    Learn what we mean by “Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    and Machine Learning” and how can these be deployed to
    automatically process, interpret, and organize the growing
    volumes of digital documents and other information critical to
    your business processes.

    In this webinar, we will explain the capabilities and benefits of
    NLP and machine learning and present practical applications in
    several content-intensive areas including policy and compliance,
    media, information services and publishing, legal services, cybersecurity and beyond.
  • Foolproof Digital Identity with Behavioral Biometrics
    Foolproof Digital Identity with Behavioral Biometrics
    Ehab Samy, VP Product Management, Plurilock Recorded: Nov 15 2018 59 mins
    Digital identity authentication can be challenging to do effectively. Join us to learn about the evolution of biometrics technologies, from those that determine who you ARE in the digital realm, to behavioral biometrics that determine your identity based upon what you DO and how you do it. Ehab Samy, Vice President of Product Management for Plurilock, will map which digital identity management mechanisms are best suited for particular environments including law enforcement, airport security, health care, and the workplace.
  • Gaining the Upper Hand on Network Vulnerabilities
    Gaining the Upper Hand on Network Vulnerabilities
    Nathan Vega, VP Product, Columbus Collaboratory Recorded: Nov 8 2018 60 mins
    Join security experts from Columbus Collaboratory to learn how to elevate your network’s cybersecurity defenses by identifying and remediating the most critical vulnerabilities. We will discuss best practices for vulnerability scanning, managing the seemingly overwhelming volume of scan data, data visualization techniques, and how combining vulnerability data, threat data and asset classification is critical to prioritizing your remediation efforts when resources are scarce and time is of the essence.
  • Career Conversations w/ Kristen Judge, Cybercrime Support Network
    Career Conversations w/ Kristen Judge, Cybercrime Support Network
    Jessica Gulick, MBA | PMP | CISSP Recorded: Oct 18 2018 46 mins
    Join us at our next Career Conversations session. We'll discuss topics such as: what made them decide on IT or Cyber Security, what were some of their work/life challenges, and what skills and education do they see as essential to success?

    Guest: Kristin Judge, Author at LinkedIn Learning

    Kristin was elected to serve as a Washtenaw County Commissioner in 2008 and supported the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in growing cybersecurity outreach to state and local government officials. After elected office, she worked at the Center for Internet Security, focusing on connecting state and local governments to federal services and technology needed to improve cyber security.

    As Director of Government Affairs at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Kristin worked with Google, FTC, FBI, SBA, DHS, NIST, congressional leaders and other key stakeholders across the country to educate consumers and businesses how to protect sensitive data.

    As a thought leader, Kristin has been seen on the C-SPAN Network, local news outlets and called on by technology publications like SC Magazine and Government Technology to share best practices for online safety; being named an SC Media “Women in IT Security Influencer” in 2017.

    In 2017, Kristin was chosen for the 3rd cohort in the Presidential Leadership Scholars program which is a partnership between the presidential centers of George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson to bring together a select group of leaders who share a desire to create positive change across our Nation.

    To address the needs of cybercrime victims, Kristin recently founded the nonprofit Cybercrime Support Network to connect victims with federal, state and local resources in a coordinated manner.
  • Her View on Finding Funding
    Her View on Finding Funding
    Jessica Gulick, CEO of Katzcy & Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures Recorded: Oct 18 2018 30 mins
    As a woman entrepreneur, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to get venture funding. Finding the right investors and other sources of capital to get your idea off the ground can be difficult. There are ways to get the funding you need to get your business moving! Please join Jessica Gulick, Owner of Katzcy Consulting, and Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures, as they share how to navigate the funding challenge and match investors to the needs of your growing technology firm. This 30-minute webinar gives you keen insight and tactics to gain capital, increase funding success and launch your business.

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