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  • Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Ritika Sehgal Director Pre-Sales Analytics and Alain Martens Analytics Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Recorded: Dec 6 2018 55 mins
    A perfect storm of legislation, market dynamics, and increasingly sophisticated fraud strategies require you to be proactive in detecting fraud quicker and more effectively.

    TIBCO’s Fraud Management Platform allows you to meet ever-increasing requirements faster than traditional in-house development, easier than off-the-shelf systems, and with more control, because you’re in charge of priorities, not a vendor.
    All this is achieved using a single engine that can combine traditional rules with newer predictive analytics models.
    This webinar will cover:

    - Why is a fraud management platform necessary
    - How to gain an understanding of the components of a fraud management platform
    - The benefits of implementing a fraud management platform
    - How TIBCO’s platform has helped other companies
  • Smart Manufacturing – Data Fuelled Innovation
    Smart Manufacturing – Data Fuelled Innovation
    Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant, TIBCO Software Inc. Pierre-Jacques Evrard, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBC Recorded: Nov 26 2018 45 mins
    Over the past decade, there has been a major transformation in the manufacturing industry. Data has enabled a paradigm shift, with real-time IoT sensor data and machine learning algorithms delivering new insights for process and product optimization.

    Smart Manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, has laid the groundwork for the next industrial revolution. Using a smart factory system, all relevant data is aggregated, analyzed, and acted upon.

    We call this Manufacturing Intelligence, which gives decision-makers a competitive edge to:

    Digitize the business
    Optimize costs
    Accelerate innovation
    Survive digital disruption

    Watch this webinar to understand use cases and their underlying technology that helped our customers become smart manufacturers.
  • Independent Expert Compares MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, TIBCO
    Independent Expert Compares MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, TIBCO
    Frank Cohen, Development Expert and Founder of Appvance Recorded: Nov 21 2018 38 mins
    Modern application architectures, Agile and DevOps SDLC, and supporting multiple channels like web, mobile, and IoT require you to reevaluate how you interconnect your systems and services.

    Noted development expert Frank Cohen, founder at Appvance, has recently released the 4th iteration of the PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit. This Kit is a free open-source vendor evaluation guide comparing MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, TIBCO, and others. You can get a copy of it in the attachments section.

    Join Frank for this short webinar (with Q&A) as he walks through the Kit and shows you how to use it to compare the top technologies for integrating your systems leveraging a modern architecture.

    This 30-minute on-demand webinar includes Q&A and covers:
    -Which integration approach is most efficient in terms of developer productivity?
    -Which approach allows you to make changes most quickly?
    -Key considerations for selecting an integration approach to support your microservices and serverless initiatives
    -Lessons learned on these platforms and how you can avoid pitfalls in going serverless with microservices
  • Embedded Analytics: Buy or Build?
    Embedded Analytics: Buy or Build?
    Scott Anderson, Senior Solutions Consultant Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Nov 20 2018 58 mins
    A Guide to Making the Toughest Decision in Embedded Analytics

    Buy or build? This question has tormented IT and development teams since the beginning of commercial software. When it comes to embedding analytics into your application, there is a lot to consider. Does the convenience and quality of third-party commercial software outweigh the cost-savings and fine-tuned control of building embedded analytics on your own?

    In this webinar, we’ll lay out the pros and cons of both options and explain the trade offs of embedding third-party analytics software into your application versus building and embedding your own analytics.

    Review major considerations for embedded analytics
    Compare creating, embedding, and managing analytics in each scenario (buy and build)
    See live demonstrations of analytics embedded into a business application
    Join a live Q&A session with an embedded-analytics technical expert
  • Data Virtualization for the Energy Industry
    Data Virtualization for the Energy Industry
    Stephen Archut, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Data Virtualization Phil Unger, CEO, Cadeon Niaz Tadayyon, M.Eng, CBIP, Recorded: Nov 19 2018 33 mins
    Within the energy industry, Exploration, Production, Refining, and Marketing each present unique business challenges. Analyzing the disparate data created and used upstream, downstream, and beyond poses unique IT challenges. With siloed data assets forming an often-untapped reservoir of business opportunity and insight, energy companies who successfully leverage them can gain a significant competitive advantage.

    Watch this joint webinar with TIBCO and Cadeon, a data and business analytics expert in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining industries to learn about:

    •How to federate, abstract, and simplify data using TIBCO Data Virtualization for faster analytic insights
    •How to overcome data and analytic challenges to gain tangible business benefits
    •How to do this with all your data, no matter where it resides — upstream, downstream or anywhere across the globe.
  • DZone: How Can Developers Take Advantage of Machine Learning?
    DZone: How Can Developers Take Advantage of Machine Learning?
    Bram Van Der Geest, Machine Learning Engineer at TIBCO Recorded: Nov 16 2018 48 mins
    Machine Learning (ML) is a field of growing importance for developers because they are increasingly expected to deploy ML models in production. Generally, ML has been the domain of data scientists and machine learning engineers -- and we want to change that!

    Join Bram Van Der Geest, Machine Learning Engineer at TIBCO, for a broad overview of ML with content aimed at developers.

    We’ll discuss:

    • Challenges in deploying ML in event-driven microservice environments

    • How you can use ML models yourself to build a “smarter” microservice

    To illustrate all these talking points we’ll use nothing but Open Source software like Google’s TensorFlow and TIBCO's Project Flogo.
  • APIs, Documentation, & Security in the World of Event-driven Microservices
    APIs, Documentation, & Security in the World of Event-driven Microservices
    Rob Zazueta, Director of Digital Strategy, TIBCO Recorded: Nov 16 2018 35 mins
    Everything was easier when we knew where our code would run. Now, with the advent of microservices, functions as a service, and other massively distributed architectures, the traditional role of API Management—scalability, security, support—is changing.

    Join us for a 20-minute live webinar where TIBCO's Rob Zazueta will explain what these changes look like and how to adapt to them. You want to continue supporting your current architectures, while you begin adopting the brave, new world of massive distribution.
  • Tap into Your API & Microservice Investments with Low Code Apps
    Tap into Your API & Microservice Investments with Low Code Apps
    Dion Hinchcliffe, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research & Bruno Trimouille, Head Of Product Marketing- BPM, Low-Code Recorded: Nov 16 2018 64 mins
    APIs and microservices power today’s digital stack. You want to be able to tap into these APIs to quickly build and deploy new applications to better engage with customers or improve operational excellence. But, if you’re not a developer, how can you take advantage of all these new technologies to help your company accelerate the journey to digital business?

    In this webinar with Constellation Research and TIBCO, learn:
    -How organizations today are helping their business users to capture business opportunities up to 10 times faster through building smart business apps
    -How to create enterprise-ready apps that automate operational processes or improve and unify existing systems
    -How to extend IT reach, scale change and turbocharge innovation
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain: How Real is it?
    Blockchain for Supply Chain: How Real is it?
    Victoria Brown, Senior Research Manager, IDC Retail Insights and Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Software Inc Recorded: Nov 15 2018 23 mins
    Bitcoin is a hot topic these days, but the technology underneath this digital crypto-currency can potentially be used to build solutions for industries faced with supply chain inefficiencies. Other than simply recording transactions on a ledger, what other aspects of this industry could be impacted by blockchain? Can smart contracts be used to achieve more automated and streamlined interactions in a secure context? And where do concepts such as IoT and AI/ML fit?

    Join this panel discussion to hear about blockchain technology, solution offerings, and related concepts such as smart contracts. We will look at how blockchain can streamline supply chain interactions and improve the visibility and trust of these transactions across a network of participants. The session will discuss what we, as technologists, must consider as part of a blockchain deployment, and how this technology may impact your purchasing experience in the future.
  • Modern Reporting at Scale
    Modern Reporting at Scale
    Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager Sherman Wood, Sr. Director Solutions Consultants WW Recorded: Nov 14 2018 60 mins
    Recent innovations in data discovery are dominating business analytics discussions in the CIO office. Meanwhile, large scale reporting systems continue to deliver the lion’s share of information; Most of the content consumed by organizations is still in the form of a report or a spreadsheet.

    Reporting keeps evolving and needs are shifting because relational databases are being augmented or replaced with integration platforms or NoSQL systems; monthly schedules with instant alerts; and static outputs with multiple interactive formats.

    In this session, learn about these market and technology shifts, the pressures they create, and the tooling that effectively answers important information delivery needs.

    View to learn:

    -How data access paradigms have evolved
    -The shift from single static outputs to multiple interactive outputs
    -Expectations for speed and delivery methods
    -TIBCO Jaspersoft® APIs, architecture, and reporting innovations
    -How self-service reporting allows you to offload reporting workload to your users and customers

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