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Chainworks: Blockchain for your Enterprise

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  • Sovereign identities on Blockchain : Technical & Business issues & Opportunities
    Sovereign identities on Blockchain : Technical & Business issues & Opportunities
    Gregory Lampshire, Chief Architect, Elevondata Recorded: Feb 14 2019 30 mins
    With recent issues around social media data privacy hiccups, GDPR and a general sense presented in today's media outlets that data privacy is important but not well managed, we should take a step back and cover a few basics around identity and what one potential solution to these issues might present. Every solution comes with a pro-con list for its intended use. We will cover the concept of sovereign identities implemented on a blockchain as a way to think the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This talk is both technical and business strategy oriented since the technology has been proposed to address legal, business and user experience concerns.
  • Blockchain in Public Sector
    Blockchain in Public Sector
    Dmitry Tyomkin, Head of Innovation Recorded: Aug 16 2018 30 mins
    Blockchain is here to stay and the opportunities in public sector are huge with the applicability of Blockchain properties of advanced security and efficiency. This webinar will explore the Blockchain technology's potential in the public sector.
  • Business Value Networks and New Trust Models
    Business Value Networks and New Trust Models
    Steven Burns, Director of Business Analysis and Blockchain Economics; Rohit Tandon CEO & Founder Recorded: Jul 12 2018 27 mins
    Birth of Blockchain has given rise to the notion of Business Value Networks (BVN's) around which all trading / business occurs. This in turn has paved the way for new trust models to transact. This webinar will discuss the rise of BVN's and new trust models and their impact on future of commercial transactions and beyond
  • Hyperledger Architecture Fundamentals
    Hyperledger Architecture Fundamentals
    Zach Gollwitzer, Blockchain Engineer; Chainworks Recorded: May 17 2018 30 mins
    Fundamental understanding of the Hyperledger Project, including the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer.
  • Security of Enterprise Blockchains
    Security of Enterprise Blockchains
    Zach Gollwitzer, Blockchain Engineer; Chainworks Recorded: Apr 5 2018 30 mins
    If the Enterprise Blockchains have to share data in a Business Value Network (BVN), create digital twins of physical objects and transfer digital value they need to be secure. Public Blockchains are inherently secure due to use of proof-of-work algorithms which requires expending resources to achieve consensus. How secure are permissioned Blockchains? What is Nash Equilibrium? What are incentive / disincentive consensus mechanisms? What happens when identification credentials are lost?
    Please join us in exploring the Security of Enterprise Blockchains

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