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Women in Business

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  • Her View on Making Investments
    Her View on Making Investments Jessica Gulick, CEO of Katzcy & Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures Recorded: Aug 16 2018 31 mins
    Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing technology market areas. Women-owned technology companies are right in the midst of cybersecurity innovation by delivering products and solutions that protect consumers and businesses from ever-changing threats. Are you looking to help one of these companies grow by investing in their solutions? Perhaps you want to get in early and be a part of their mission to protect and prevent? If you answered yes, please join Jessica Gulick, Owner of Katzcy Consulting, and Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures, in a 30-minute webinar as they share their insights on identifying and investing in these exciting and fast-growing women-owned firms.
  • From Burnout to Brilliance
    From Burnout to Brilliance Gemma Garbett, Soul Alignment Coach Recorded: Aug 16 2018 47 mins
    As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, it is your mission to help others through your beautiful work.
    However, often you use that much energy helping to enlighten and heal the lives of others that you put your own self care and energy on the back burner. You end up ill because you have pushed yourself beyond you energetic boundary just to help 'one more client'. Just to enlighten the life of one more person.

    That client then becomes your breaking point and you sinking into a low energy vibe because you have nothing left to give. This even turns to illness in some cases. Burnout can be anything from a continual spate of illness to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion.

    This is caused by prolonged stress of not being able to meet demand and pushing yourself to the brink.

    In this free webinar, Gemma will share with you how to:
    -Avoid burnout by recognising your limits
    -Find ways to be your own self care first whilst still lighting up the lives of your clients
    -Help your clients to heal without the need to drain yourself in the process
    -Balance work and family to allow yourself to live the most fulfilling life you want to.
    -Still achieve everything you want in your business by using energetic healing techniques that take less than 5 minutes daily.
  • Finding a Next-Step Mentor
    Finding a Next-Step Mentor Yvette Gavin Recorded: Aug 15 2018 58 mins
    We all need people who can help us sharpen specific strengths or navigate through certain environments and problem areas. Whether it’s our professional careers, marriages, parenting, spiritual growth, personal disciplines, or hobbies, a mentor can make the difference in marginal success and major success.
    Yet, all mentors are not the same. How do you find a mentor and better yet, how to find the BEST mentor for you? Where there are incredible benefits associated with mentoring, choosing the wrong mentor can be damaging to your career and personal life. To gain the most out of a mentoring relationship, you must be selective in who you choose as a mentor.
    In this webinar, you will learn:
    •Six criteria to selecting a next-step mentor
    •The critical difference among mentoring coaching, and sponsoring
    •How to be the best mentee
    •Success tips for reverse mentoring
  • Personal Branding: How to Build Your Own Campaign For Success
    Personal Branding: How to Build Your Own Campaign For Success Tana M. Session | Speaker/Coach/Consultant | TanaMSession.com Recorded: Aug 15 2018 60 mins
    Attendees will learn the top proven techniques required to help them develop and implement a true branding strategy to help propel them to their next level of success. This webinar is beneficial to both career-focused individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • [Panel] Women in ITSM: Opportunities, Lessons, Challenges and Advice
    [Panel] Women in ITSM: Opportunities, Lessons, Challenges and Advice Claire Agutter, Simone Jo Moore, Sally Bogg, Elisabeth Thomas, Andrea Kis Recorded: Aug 15 2018 61 mins
    Join Claire Agutter, Simone Jo Moore, Sally Bogg, Elisabeth Thomas and Andrea Kisfor an open, honest discussion about the opportunities, lessons and challenges found in a career in ITSM. From entering the industry, to forging a career and making a difference, this one-off panel discussion will explore all facets of being a woman in ITSM in 2018.
  • Say it with purpose: A framework for handling difficult conversations
    Say it with purpose: A framework for handling difficult conversations Dominique Mas, Founder, Lead with a Twist Recorded: Aug 10 2018 49 mins
    As leaders, our role is to support and serve others so they can grow, be challenged and become the leaders of themselves and others we need them to be. With the responsibility of leadership, come both the satisfaction of seeing others’ achievements but also, the difficulty of dealing with those who are reluctant to change.

    Many recent studies show that self-awareness is one of the most important qualities we can develop in ourselves and others. Our self-awareness allows us to step outside of ourselves so that we can fully focus on giving others the opportunity to reflect and change. As we recognize that change is never easy, we need to handle conversations in a sensitive, yet outcome-focused manner if they are to have the desired effect of helping others grow and develop their own self-awareness.

    The magic of growth happens when we step out of comfort zone and Dominique Mas believe that everyone deserves a chance to be shown how to get there! As leaders, we can provide this chance through conversation as we show a growth mindset for ourselves and others.

    In this webinar, you will:
    -Learn to frame difficult conversations in a non-threatening, yet powerful way to ensure a strong impact
    -Reflect on how to prepare yourself for the conversation
    -Reflect on how to prepare the other person for the conversation
    -Gain tools to stay in control during the situation and follow up to ensure the outcome is clear and solution focused.
  • From the Boardroom to the Stage - Clarifying Your Big Idea & Present Powerfully
    From the Boardroom to the Stage - Clarifying Your Big Idea & Present Powerfully Julia Wojnar, Founder & President, Unleash Your Presence Recorded: Aug 9 2018 59 mins
    The ability to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively is a critical skill for any employee or entrepreneur who wants to impact their audience, make more sales, and leave a lasting legacy. Public speaking remains one of the fastest and easiest ways to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Yet it is still a struggle for many to clarify their message and communicate it with their audience in an engaging way.

    This webinar will help participants discover how to clarify their Big Idea and utilize the secrets of stagecraft so they can present powerfully in any speaking scenario.

    Julia Wojnar is the Founder of Unleash Your Presence where she helps professionals develop resilience, speaking, and communication skills to tackle tough decisions and express their ideas clearly and confidently. She has honed her own speaking skills with over fifteen years of experience on stage speaking and performing, in addition to her formal training in Communications from Ithaca College. She has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Solopreneur Hour on Grant Cardone’s Whatever It Takes Network, Savvy Central Radio (a syndicate of iHeartRadio), J.Kelly Hoey’s Innovator Insights series, among others. Nowadays, she speaks and delivers live and virtual trainings to help her clients bridge the gap between their brilliant idea and their ability to communicate it powerfully.
  • Diversity and Overcoming Pay Gaps in the Modern Workplace
    Diversity and Overcoming Pay Gaps in the Modern Workplace Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Aug 8 2018 62 mins
    What are you doing to make sure your office is diverse and welcoming? Diversity in the work environment is proven to promote acceptance, respect, and teamwork, embracing differences in race, age, gender, native language, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, and communication styles among employees. Movements like #metoo has us talking about this more in certain industries and at a systemic level, but what can we do as individuals in the workplace? Grab your drink and sit down to join us for what's sure to be an engaging episode of WIT: Women in Touch, when women trying to make a change are going to share their advice for how you can too, whether you are in a position to attract and hire talent or you are struggling to overcome these barriers. And, once diversity is increased at your office or university, what can you do to make it work?

    Why should you join? Let's start with some facts because the status quo is unacceptable:
    April 10 marks Equal Pay Day for women in the US (the infamous 78 cents on the dollar), but we are choosing to hold our discussion on diversity and pay gaps on August 8, following Equal Pay Day for black women in the US.
    Women in tech make on average $40,000 less a year than their male counterparts. Women of color in tech in particular often lack the support channels and feel ostracized in their roles.

    This discussion is in part a follow-up to our first episode which focused on the Working Mom. Mothers end up earning about 40% less than what their childless female counterparts earn over a lifetime. The pay gap between white women and black women is the fastest growing income inequality there is, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. This gap has grown from 6% in 1979 to 19% today, and it's growing directly alongside greater inequality.

    The main reason to join is this isn't just an esoteric conversation, but a practical one that gives everyone practical ways to make a change, no matter what her or his role is.
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Falling in love with Public Speaking
    BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Falling in love with Public Speaking Annik Petrou, Talent Scout & Founder at www.speakerexpress.co.uk. Recorded: Aug 7 2018 49 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    How come we are fine having a 1-2-1 conversation but get incredibly nervous in front of many?

    This session will present you some of the most powerful techniques in order to control nerves and come across as confident in front of any audience. We will be looking into techniques in order to control nerves and come across as confident in front of any audience.

    Learn tools easy to implement and techniques to improve your impact & presence. Confidence and courage are so important because how you see yourself is how others will see you too. In the world of psychology, there is no one size fits all solution for those fears but wouldn't it be a great world if insecurities made us more attractive? Until this happens, let's explore ways on how to deal with judgement and everything else getting in your way to speak up.
  • Cure Your People Pleasing & Take Back Control of Your Life
    Cure Your People Pleasing & Take Back Control of Your Life Corinne Worsley, Life Transformation Coach and Creator of the Feminine Truth Revolution Recorded: Aug 6 2018 61 mins
    Do you ever feel like your life isn't your own? Do you find yourself saying yes to things when you really want to say no? Are you tired of going along with what everybody else wants just to keep the peace?

    Even the most assertive of us will sometimes catch ourselves doing things simply to please others. It's not always a bad thing but when it gets out of hand it can feel like we have no control over our own life.

    In this session you'll discover what people pleasing is, why we do it and how we can break the cycle. This will be an interactive session in which Life Transformation Coach Corinne Worsley will share her thoughts, experiences and know how to help you get clear on the impact people pleasing is having on your life, why you do it and to give you practical ways to put a stop to it before you lose your mind.

    You'll leave this session armed with the tools you need to put you back in the driver's seat of your life.

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