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  • Fighting Ransomware with Active Protection
    Fighting Ransomware with Active Protection James R. Slaby, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Recorded: May 29 2018 37 mins
    Ransomware, the notorious malware strain that locks computer files with encryption and demands an online payment to restore access to them, is world’s fastest growing threat to user data. Ransomware gangsters raked in $5B in extortion fees last year, and are predicted to loot nearly $12B from businesses and consumers by 2019.

    This 30-minute session provides a pragmatic look at the ransomware menace, including:

    •How the most virulent ransomware strains operate
    •The most popular attack vectors used by ransomware
    •How ransomware became such a fast-growing threat
    •What steps you can take to defend against and recover from ransomware attacks
    •Why security and law enforcement experts advise against paying the ransom

    Ransomware developers have become increasingly wily, sophisticated and effective, but you can apply proven methods and technologies to fend off their attacks, keep your business up and running, and maintain your compliance with regulatory regimes like GDPR. Don’t become another ransomware statistic: join this webinar for practical steps you can take to protect your organization from ransomware today.
  • 12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance
    12 Practical Steps toward GDPR Compliance James R. Slaby, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Recorded: May 22 2018 42 mins
    With the effective date of GDPR only weeks away, many businesses are correctly concerned about their readiness to comply with its stricter standards for protecting the personal data of EU residents. This 30-minute webinar offers practical steps that your business or public-sector organization can take today to improve your GDPR compliance posture, with tips on how to:

    •Understand GDPR terminology and roles
    •Assess your inventory of personal data, its locations and movements
    •Honor your new obligations to users on handling their personal data
    •Deal with heightened regulatory scrutiny on data breaches
    •Reinforce your data storage, backup and security policies and infrastructure to support your GDPR compliance efforts

    The complexity and occasional ambiguity of GDPR regulations can freeze some IT organizations into inaction. But neither your management nor your customers will wait forever for evidence of your progress toward GDPR compliance. Learn how to get out of the starting gate with these pragmatic, actionable tactics.

    About the speaker:

    James R. Slaby works in product marketing at Acronis, where his focus includes security-oriented issues like ransomware and GDPR. Before Acronis, Slaby was an industry analyst covering IT security, cloud computing, and networking at Forrester Research, HfS Research, Yankee Group, and The Info Pro. With over 300 published IT research reports, he has been quoted in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and countless tech publications. Slaby has also held campaign, solutions, vertical and product marketing roles at a variety of tech vendors including Sonus, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.

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