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  • Cuecent RETINA: Platform for Intelligent and Real-Time Business Decision Making
    Cuecent RETINA: Platform for Intelligent and Real-Time Business Decision Making
    B Sivarama Krishnan (BSK) Recorded: Sep 12 2018 44 mins
    Cuecent RETINA is an integrated analytics platform with powerful capabilities to collect, validate and process data from multiple data sources and provide multi-parameter predictive modeling, using advanced statistical methods, AI techniques, evolutionary algorithms and constraint optimization tools. Solutions developed on the RETINA platform work in asset-intensive organizations, helping monitor, maintain and optimize assets for better utilization and performance. The RETINA suite of solutions offers real-time insights with actionable intelligence for CXOs, Operations Heads / Plant Heads, Supervisors and Managers.
  • Accelerating Time-to-Market Mobile Apps with DevicePulse
    Accelerating Time-to-Market Mobile Apps with DevicePulse
    Jayesh Menon Recorded: Sep 5 2018 30 mins
    Using mobile apps to strengthen customers' digital interactions and create new business is an integral part of modern sales strategy. In our webinar "Accelerating Time-to-Market Mobile Apps with DevicePulse" Jayesh Menon, Senior Director of Business Solutions at Beyondsoft, will introduce listeners to a product that can manage, automate and accelerate this strategy for you. DevicePulse is a cloud-based end-to-end mobile device management and testing solution that accelerates manual and automated testing and allows continuous integration, resulting in shortened release cycles with better quality.
  • Enhancing Risk Models with Digital Data & Indicators
    Enhancing Risk Models with Digital Data & Indicators
    Jayakrishna Venkatesh Recorded: Jul 26 2018 53 mins
    Digital Data is the last resort when it comes to risk models. Most traditional credit risk, banks, lending, and remittance organizations entirely omit digital indicators for these models. Signals from digital data be it the phone’s location, session length, etc., could be valuable information that cannot be obtained from the customer or transactional data elements.

    This session focuses explicitly on how some day-to-day digital elements can be used to enhance predictability and improve risk models with very minimal (or no) extra investment, outside of revalidation of existing models.

    In this 60 minute webinar you can expect:
    A more clear direction on what digital elements to explore, how to examine and what to expect
    Discovery of a new paradigm of risk analytics for companies that have never considered digital data
    Understanding that the exploration might surface some fundamental questions that will need the product/risk team’s decisions to handle fraud better
  • How to Leverage Machine Learning
    How to Leverage Machine Learning
    Robert Newman Recorded: May 31 2018 53 mins
    Predictive analytics provide SMBs with a competitive advantage by allowing them to make business decisions proactively, using predictive data, rather than reactively, using historical data. Whether building an online recommendation engine, rapid targeting for marketing, anomaly detection for security associated with credit card transactions, or automated workflows for service desks, predictive analytics can process more data faster, generate better quality results, and modify and repeat analytics tasks more efficiently than a team of human analysts.

    Key takeaways from this webinar include:
    - Understanding the business advantages gained through utilizing Machine Learning
    - See how Machine Learning is currently being utilized
    - Gain insights into how Machine Learning can be tailored for you business
  • ConvergDB DevOps for Data - Deploy and manage serverless data lakes
    ConvergDB DevOps for Data - Deploy and manage serverless data lakes
    Eric Valenzuela Recorded: Apr 12 2018 44 mins
    As a data expert, there are a multitude of emerging technologies available for analyzing data. These technologies often have a high learning curve in order to architect and develop them effectively. ConvergDB simplifies this process by orchestrates all of the cloud services needed to deploy and manage your serverless data lake.

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