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  • You Are What You Measure. A Discussion On Meaningful ITSM KPIs
    You Are What You Measure. A Discussion On Meaningful ITSM KPIs
    Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst & Content Director, ITSM.tools and Matt Klassen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Cherwell Recorded: Apr 9 2019 62 mins
    Setting the wrong goals and measuring the wrong metrics wastes time and creates inefficiency you can't afford in today's digital workplace. After all, you are what you measure, so measuring the right things - the things that will move IT and your business forward - is paramount!
  • Support your service delivery with the power of knowledge
    Support your service delivery with the power of knowledge
    Heléne Källgården; Pierre de Gentile Recorded: Mar 6 2019 45 mins
    Today, everything is about service. Whether internal or external services, you need to deliver more, faster and higher quality than ever before. The bottleneck in your service delivery is a lack of automation, a poor self-service experience and no transparency in your processes. In addition to a world class, process driven service automation platform, you can deliver a world class experience with the power of knowledge management.
    Can you imagine how effective your service delivery to your organization and your customers could be if you enable the power of knowledge to everybody who needs it, at the time they need it? Empower your service delivery by combining service automation with a relevant knowledge base.
  • Customer Success Stories - Brennercom
    Customer Success Stories - Brennercom
    Klemens Rauch, Development Operations Engineer & Team Leader of IT Development, Brennercom. Recorded: Feb 13 2019 4 mins
    Klemens Rauch talks about Brennercom's search for a single ITSM solution, rather than a silo of systems in each department, that could be implemented quickly and easily, without the need for development, using their current resources. Cherwell's software has enabled greater automation and far easier reporting.
  • Customer Success Stories - Utilize
    Customer Success Stories - Utilize
    Richard Burton, Technology Director, Utilize. Recorded: Feb 11 2019 4 mins
    Technology Director, Richard Burton, reveals the shortfalls in Utilize's old ITSM package and the transformation, growth and efficiencies within the business that Cherwell's software has enabled.
  • Customer Success Stories - The London School of Economics
    Customer Success Stories - The London School of Economics
    Nicos Kyriacou, IMT Service Management Officer for LSE Recorded: Feb 7 2019 3 mins
    IMT Service Management Officer for LSE, Nicos Kyriacou, tells of the extensive improvements in automation since implementing Cherwell. Service Desk staff in particular, are now able to step away from the mundane tasks and focus elsewhere, increasing productivity.
  • The Evolving IT Service Organisation - From Silos to Business Shared Services
    The Evolving IT Service Organisation - From Silos to Business Shared Services
    Troy DuMoulin, VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant Recorded: Feb 5 2019 61 mins
    Internal technology service providers are facing a period of major change and transition as they look for ways to support growing business demands coming from digital transformation, address technical debt, and find answers to the trend of increased use of shadow IT.

    These driving forces, as well as many others, are putting internal IT functions under intense pressure to rapidly transform their processes, culture, and technology platforms from a silo-based technology operating model to a shared services approach. This approach lowers variability, complexity, and risk to achieve greater scalability and improved cost.

    In this webinar, Troy DuMoulin, Pink Elephant & Matt Klassen, Cherwell will discuss the evolutionary stages that organisations follow as they move from a silo-based culture to a shared services model. Key takeaways from this session will include:
    - How organisations establish process coherence in a complex supply model.
    - The role of a Service Management Office when establishing a shared service approach.
    - The transition from an IT shared services to a business shared services model.

    Guest Speaker:
    Troy DuMoulin
    VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant
    ITIL 4 Lead Architect & Contributing Author

    Troy is considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost ITIL and ITSM experts and is a lead architect of the brand-new ITIL 4 certification scheme. A passionate and experienced executive consultant, Troy is always willing to use his extensive background to share what he knows and is always on the hunt for more knowledge. Troy is a frequent speaker at ITSM events, is an ITIL 4 contributing author, has contributed to several books based on ITSM and Lean IT concepts, and maintains a blog that is one of the industry’s most popular and informative.
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    Total Cost of Ownership
    Cherwell Recorded: Jan 23 2019
    What is your Total Cost of Ownership when looking at new Service Management solutions? Beware of hidden expenses.
  • HeidelbergCement's Solution with Cherwell
    HeidelbergCement's Solution with Cherwell
    Sascha WInd Recorded: Jan 22 2019 4 mins
    Sascha Wind talks about HeidelbergCement's greatest challenge and how they use Cherwell to help pave the way for their 950 IT employees to improve efficiencies through automated processes.
  • The Future of ITSM: Secure IT’s Seat at the Table
    The Future of ITSM: Secure IT’s Seat at the Table
    Matt Klassen, Cherwell; John Huckle, Business Forward; Ryan Mulvaney, Business Forward. Recorded: Jan 11 2019 54 mins
    Digital transformation has become a mandate, not just for IT, but across enterprise-wide business processes, including HR, finance, and facilities. The IT organisation has a unique opportunity to drive digitisation and service transformation throughout the entire organisation, overcoming traditional silos with a unified approach.

    Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software, and guests, discuss how two global brands are leading the charge with digital/service transformation.

    Guest Speakers:
    John Huckle, Founder and CEO, Business Forward
    Ryan Mulvaney, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Service Management Practice, Business Forward.
  • The Future of ITSM: The Rise of Automation, Agile, and the User Experience
    The Future of ITSM: The Rise of Automation, Agile, and the User Experience
    George Spalding, VP, Pink Elephant and Chuck Darst, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cherwell Recorded: Dec 20 2018 58 mins
    "Digital Transformation” is one of the most popular action items IT leaders are tasked with today. The goal is to keep pace with customer demands in order to compete in a constantly changing economy. In order to support evolving technology, ITSM has progressed from reactive to proactive, in some cases utilising pattern recognition in the form of predictive analytics (Big Data) to bypass the need for human intervention.

    Join us on this webinar to learn why taking this a step further and integrating Lean, Agile, and DevOps into your delivery system will help you achieve business value -- better services, delivered faster, and for less cost.

    Guest Speaker:
    George Spalding, Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant

    Cherwell Speaker:
    Chuck Darst, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cherwell Software

    About George:

    One of North America’s most insightful and engaging ITSM and support experts, George is an ITIL® expert with more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and co-author of the ITIL V3 Continual Service Improvement core volume. George spent several years as a consultant to the White House on technical presentations and conferences. He also coordinated technical presentations for members of the President’s cabinet, the Smithsonian Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A regular author of IT articles and white papers and a sought-after presenter at global ITSM conferences and webinars, George’s winning personality captivates audiences, be it in print, over the airwaves or in person.

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