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  • The Future of the 3 Pillars of DevOps
    The Future of the 3 Pillars of DevOps
    Chris Nguyen CEO & Co-Founder, Ryan Staatz Head of DevOps, at LogDNA Recorded: Sep 27 2018 32 mins
    LogDNA is uniquely positioned to have enabled thousands of customers to gain deep insights into their DevOps infrastructure. As the industry has shifted to microservices and Kubernetes we have helped our customers migrate and deploy world-class infrastructure. Based on our experience we see three main pillars when it comes to the future of DevOps: Monitoring, Analytics, and Logging. Our session will walk you through how we see each of these areas evolving and discuss some best practices on how logging will play a critical role in the future of DevOps.

    We will cover

    - The 3 Pillars of DevOps (Logging, Monitoring, and Analytics)
    - How to manage your DevOps costs as your data volume scales
    - Why log management will be critical to the future of DevOps

    Chris Nguyen CEO @ Co-Founder LogDNA
    Ryan Staatz Head of DevOps LogDNA
  • Container Logging & DevOps: The Future of Kubernetes Integration
    Container Logging & DevOps: The Future of Kubernetes Integration
    Lee Liu, Co-founder and CTO, at LogDNA Recorded: Apr 17 2018 48 mins
    With the transition to containers and Kubernetes well underway the need to view and monitor your application performance has never been greater. There are several different ways to implement a logging solution within a container based infrastructure. From security and compliance to on-prem vs hybrid there are many important factors to consider when you build out your logging infrastructure. LogDNA has a framework to help you ask the right questions to ensure your solution can scale as your business grows.

    Lee Liu, the Co-Founder and CTO of LogDNA, will walk you through how to think about log management as it relates to Kubernetes, Containers and Microservices.

    We will cover the following topics:

    - How to think through business needs (Security, Compliance, Retention)
    - Best practices when implementing a log management tool into Kubernetes
    - Options for setting up a logging system (On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud)

    About the presenter:

    Lee Liu is the co-founder / CTO of LogDNA, a venture backed startup located in Mountain View, CA. LogDNA helps DevOps teams aggregate, search and graph server logs to pinpoint and debug production issues. LogDNA works with over 1,500 organizations manage their server logs with notable customers like OpenAI, Segment, Instacart and Life360.

    Prior to LogDNA, Lee was Co-founder and CTO of TeamSave (a joint venture with eBay Classified Group) and JobLoft (Acquired by onTargetjobs / Warburg Pincus Portfolio).

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