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  • How Blockchain and Digital Assets are being used commercially
    How Blockchain and Digital Assets are being used commercially
    Jonny Fry, CEO, TeamBlockchain Ltd Recorded: Jun 27 2019 49 mins
    Join Jonny Fry, CEO of TeamBlockchain as he reviews how, where, and why Blockchain technology and or Digital Assets are being used by different companies in various jurisdictions.

    Looking at why adoption of the technology and this New Asset class is being driven "Top Down" - compliance departments, multinational corporations and governments and less reliance "Bottom Up" - small start up looking to raise capital as society increasingly becomes more digital.
  • Self-sovereign identity powered by Blockchain
    Self-sovereign identity powered by Blockchain
    Ravikant Agrawal Recorded: Jun 25 2019 33 mins
    Existing identity management models are showcasing growing concerns to the emerging online identity management. Self-sovereign identity (SSI) powered by decentralized network could provide solution to many of such concerns. SSI provide control in the hand of the user to manage identity and decentralize the trust.
  • The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond
    The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond
    Prof. Ahmed Banafa , College of Engineering at San Jose State University| IoT-Blockchain-AI Expert Recorded: Jun 11 2019 60 mins
    We’re still in the early days of Blockchain as a technology, and so we’re yet to see the full impact that it will have on the world that we live in. Still, it’s already showing potential across a range of industries and started to enter the public consciousness, so the real question is what will happen when Blockchain technology starts to mature.

    Right now, speculating on the future of Blockchain is like trying to predict the future of the World Wide Web in 1990. It’s just too early to say for sure, but we can at least be reasonably certain that it’s going to continue to grow as more and more uses cases are found for the exciting new technology.

    Blockchain will face many changes and obstacles but still provides many promising applications; this webinar discusses both challenges and applications of Blockchain technology in 2019 and beyond.
  • Digital Transformation: Trends in Banking and Payments
    Digital Transformation: Trends in Banking and Payments
    Gabrielle Inzirillo, Plug And Play Ventures | Jane Loginova, BPC | Megan Caywood, Barclays | Scott Johnson, Western Union Recorded: Jun 5 2019 35 mins
    What does the bank of the future look like? What are the opportunities and challenges that technology brings to the payments ecosystem?

    Join this panel where the speakers will discuss:

    -How can data make banking more effective for the modern-day consumer?
    -What are the latest trends in new payments platforms and models?
    -How are different industries like eCommerce, retail, and insurance affected?
    -What are the effects of GDPR and Open Banking?
    -What does connected financial services look like?
    -The security pitfalls that financial institutions need to look out for

    Gabrielle Inzirillo, Director, Fintech, Plug And Play Ventures
    Jane Loginova, Global Commercial Officer, BPC |
    Megan Caywood, MD, Global Head of Digital Strategy, Barclays
    Scott Johnson, Head of Product Innovation and Development, Western Union
  • PANEL - The Future of Fintech and Financial Services - Money in 2020
    PANEL - The Future of Fintech and Financial Services - Money in 2020
    Davi Parker, Polymath Consulting | Travers Clarke-Walker, Thought Machine | Yuelin Li, Onfido | Brendan Jones | Konsentus Recorded: May 28 2019 49 mins
    With Europe's biggest FinTech and Financial Services coming up in just a few weeks, we've gathered some of the elite speakers who will be taking the stage and debating on the hottest topics and the biggest challenges that the Financial Services world is currently facing.

    What will they be talking about in Amsterdam, what do they want to hear about, what are they looking forward to?

    * Some topics to be covered:
    * Game-changing innovation models in financial service
    * Commercial models, value chains and M&A activity
    * Interoperable tech - AI+Cloud+Blockchain+Quantum Computing
    * Cutting through the hype of PSD2 and open banking
    * The death of the industry verticals in financial services and commerce

    Moderated by:
    David Parker, CEO Polymath Consulting

    Travers Clarke-Walker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Thought Machine
    Yuelin Li, VP of Strategy, Onfido
    Brendan Jones, Konsentus
  • Blockchain and biometrics: The perfect couple for identity management
    Blockchain and biometrics: The perfect couple for identity management
    Armin Ebrahimi - CEO and Founder of ShoCard Recorded: May 15 2019 57 mins
    A discussion on improving the identity management and sharing protocols of today, which are currently fraught with vulnerabilities that turn them into lucrative honeypots for malicious actors – consider the recent breaches of Equifax, Facebook, etc.

    Ebrahimi will explain how the use of new technologies (blockchain, zero-knowledge cryptography) can be used to lay the foundations for a revolutionary new identity ecosystem, and assess the impact it will have on legacy sectors.

    As fintech rapidly iterates over a traditionally conservative banking industry, it’s important that identity, which is heavily linked to this (consider KYC/AML, signing up for services, etc.), evolves in tandem. It’s now possible to replace inefficient and unsafe practices with vastly more secure offerings that put end user privacy and security at their core.
  • Asset tokenisation: The Future of Financial Markets
    Asset tokenisation: The Future of Financial Markets
    Antony Lewis, Director of Digital Assets, R3 Recorded: May 14 2019 64 mins
    In this session Antony Lewis, Director of Digital Assets at R3, describes how the crypto community and traditional finance communities are finally appreciating each others strengths and are coming together to create new ways of issuing and managing assets as tokens on blockchains.

    How are tokens different to account balances? What benefits do they offer? And how will this impact the industry? Join this session to find out more.
  • Last week in blockchain #57
    Last week in blockchain #57
    Wim Pelgrim Recorded: May 9 2019 7 mins
    Watch Last week in blockchain to get updated about everything happening in blockchain in week 19 of 2019. This week with the following items:



    Nike trademark request

    Canada & Singapore

    ReferralsDutch National Bank

    Jaguar and Land Rover

    PWN (drinking water)
  • Last week in blockchain #56
    Last week in blockchain #56
    Wim Pelgrim Recorded: May 3 2019 11 mins
    Watch Last week in blockchain for week 18 of 2019 with the following items:

    Bacteria & blockchain cleaning up oil in Nigeria

    Volkswagen puts its lead supply chain on blockchain

    But what about the first mile of minerals?

    And what has BMW up its sleave for blockchain? Watch the next talk:

    A thief stealing Ether



    Brave Browser

    JP Morgan
  • Last week in blockchain #55
    Last week in blockchain #55
    Wim Pelgrim Recorded: Apr 25 2019 10 mins
    Watch Last week in blockchain for week 17 of 2019 about:


    Learning coin

    EOS and Moonlighting


    Dlive: https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/bbpll1/pewdiepie_is_supporting_a_literal_crypto_scam/


    Nestle and Carrefour


    Sirin Labs

    KPMG research

    Interoperabillity by Accenture

    SADAD Bahrain



    IOTA & Evrythng


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