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  • Challenges of Key Management in Blockchain
    Challenges of Key Management in Blockchain
    Ulf Mattsson and Tasso Mangafas, VP North America Presales Unbound Tech Recorded: Feb 12 2019 33 mins
    We will present the challenges of Key Management in Blockchain and discuss cybersecurity, Cryptography, Strong Authentication, Multi-Party Computation and Blockchain.
  • How to Keep Real Life Artificial Intelligence Fit
    How to Keep Real Life Artificial Intelligence Fit
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology, 6point6 Recorded: Feb 12 2019 32 mins
    AI, machine and deep learning are making strides in organisations. However, the results of the projects will start to lose their effectiveness as the business environment evolves over time. In order to keep the AI fit and effective you need to rapidly evolve into Model Operations or ModelOps.

    This talk will cover how ModelOps will keep AI fit and consistently deliver business value by:
    - Keeping an eye on model performance
    - Capturing and retraining models whilst constantly engineering features
    - Providing model explainability so all stakeholders can interpret the results
    - Generating the decision vault to capture the inputs, model and outputs
    - Confirming the decision by enabling parallel consideration

    Rather than provide you real world examples of AI in action we will give you a peak behind the machine of how you keep AI working in the real world.

    About the speaker:
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology

    Gary is the Managing Director for Emerging Technology at 6point6. With over 17 years’ of consulting experience, Gary leads a team of data scientists and data engineers in the agile development of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning solutions. The focus of the team is bringing a collaborative approach to analytics, underpinned by machine learning and data engineering. He believes mainstream business adoption of AI solutions are the key to accelerating innovation enabling businesses to compete, reduce cost and ensure compliance.

    Prior to joining 6point6, Gary was the Head of Data Engineering at KPMG focussing on blockchain and bringing sound data engineering to the world of AI.
  • Blockchain interoperability and co-opetition
    Blockchain interoperability and co-opetition
    Cindy Mallory, Emergent Tech Strategist, Blockchain Co-chair Recorded: Feb 6 2019 63 mins
    This webinar will discuss Blockchain interoperability and co-opetition
  • How blockchain will drive the automotive sector forwards
    How blockchain will drive the automotive sector forwards
    Arwen Smit, Co-founder & CMO at DOVU Recorded: Feb 5 2019 36 mins
    Blockchain is all over the news nowadays, but what does it mean to the automotive industry?

    Understanding Blockchain technology: zooming out to observe structural challenges in the automotive industry

    How could blockchain address these challenges?
  • Blockchain Technology – Disrupt or Get Disrupted
    Blockchain Technology – Disrupt or Get Disrupted
    Philip Blake, Country Manager (UK & EU), EC-Council Recorded: Jan 29 2019 50 mins
    With the explosion of cryptocurrency over the past of years, many have been debating the longevity and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in our global economy. However, those with a keener eye were fascinated with something far more useful and widely applicable: Blockchain — the technology that made cryptocurrency possible in the first place.
    The rise of Blockchain since then has been nothing short of remarkable, with gigantic companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM investing heavily in the technology. The job market took notice as well, with demand on Toptal – a marketplace for on-demand tech talent- increasing 700% since January 2017.
    In fact, Blockchain-related jobs are now the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market according to TechCrunch. While it’s not news that there is a significant shortage when it comes to programming skills in the global market today, you might be surprised by the numbers that indicate the level of shortage we have in our global labor market. For instance, it’s expected that there would be 1 million programming job openings by 2020, with as many as 83% of CIOs struggling to find tech talent, according to a recent research by TechRepublic.
    Combine that with the exponential growth in demand for blockchain jobs, and it’s no surprise that even those extremely high numbers would continue to rise. To best address this challenge, IIB has taken an approach that adopts a globalized delivery of vocational education and training with agreed-upon levels of requirements among Blockchain experts.
    Irene is Director of the IIB Council, Leading the IIB Council's global initiatives and strategic partnerships. Working with industry leaders and subject matter experts from Fortune 500 companies to develop cutting edge Business-Tech certification courses.
    The speaker is Philip Blake, Country Manager (UK & EU), EC-Council
  • An Introduction to Investing in Digital Currencies
    An Introduction to Investing in Digital Currencies
    Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Iqbal Gandham (eToro), Lewis Tuff (Revolut), Ari Lewis (Grasshopper Capital) Recorded: Dec 11 2018 58 mins
    There has been a surge in investments into the digital currency market in recent months. From beginners to those who have been in the game for a while, this webinar will go over everything you've wanted to know and will give tips to any seasoned investors looking to improve their portfolios.

    The panel will discuss:

    -How do you get started in digital currency investment?
    -What do I need to know about blockchain technology?
    -Wallets, bitcoins, alt-coins, ether
    -When is the right time to invest?
    -Safety concerns and how to keep make secure investments
    -Which crypto currencies should you invest in?
    -Initial Coin Offerings
    -Predictions for 2018
  • Blockchain and eDiscovery (Part Two): Investigations from Bitcoin to Blockchain
    Blockchain and eDiscovery (Part Two): Investigations from Bitcoin to Blockchain
    John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE Recorded: Dec 4 2018 51 mins
    With the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in today's world, eDiscovery professionals need to understand how these emerging technologies should be considered and investigated as part of data discovery and legal discovery processes.

    This expert presentation led by one of eDiscovery's foremost digital forensics experts, John Wilson, will highlight both cryptocurrencies and blockchains and provide attendees with fundamental information that will help them understand how to examine and investigate these technologies and the electronically stored information that results from their usage.

    Key Presentation Topics Include:

    + Quick Review: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
    + Crime, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain
    + Investigating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
    + The Physical Scene
    + The Digital Scene
    + Forensic Evidence
    + Following Transaction Trails
    + Investigation Intelligence

    Presenting Expert: John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE

    As President of Forensics at HaystackID, John provides consulting and forensic services to help companies address various matters related to electronic discovery and computer forensics including leading forensic investigations, cryptocurrency investigations, ensuring proper preservation of evidence items and chain of custody. He develops forensic workflows and processes for clients including major financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 law firms as well as many other organizations.
  • Blockchain 101:  Intro to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
    Blockchain 101: Intro to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
    Sunny Aggarwal, Blockchain @ Berkeley Recorded: Nov 29 2018 49 mins
    Are you wondering how bitcoin and blockchain will revolutionize the way we live today? This seminar will help you learn more about the future of the technology and its applications. We will explore the fundamentals of Bitcoin, blockchain platforms, Ethereum, and build up a framework you can leverage to discover your own use cases. No prior knowledge required!
  • Self Sovereign Identity - Going Where No Identity Has Gone Before
    Self Sovereign Identity - Going Where No Identity Has Gone Before
    Ricardo Diaz, Blockchain CLT, Founder Managing Partner, Mike Lodder, Sovrin Foundation Security Maven Recorded: Nov 26 2018 59 mins
    Data privacy is dead. Social login is not the answer. Over thirty years of cyber security internal controls have fallen short of protecting our data. Traditional identity and access management (IAM) systems, aka Web 2.0 IAM, have evolved but only exacerbates the proliferation of centralized identity repositories. Centralized identity repositories that have for decades been the “Crown Jewels” of every malicious hacker or nation state bad actor to be the gateway to our personally identifiable information. A new paradigm shift in the identity management industry is here, Web 3.0 IAM. Blockchain identity management has many names. Decentralized identity. Self-Sovereign Identity. Multi-source identity. All define the same new IAM future. An identity management system powered by distributed ledger technology.
    We will cover the basics of what is Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and this evolution of the IAM space. The webcast will showcase how one of the SSI leaders in the blockchain identity space, Sovrin, works. Sovrin.org is the leading SSI public identity network solutions in the Blockchain world. It is an open source project managed by the Hyperledger Indy project within the Linux Foundation.
    Michael Lodder: Security Maven | Sovrin Foundation
    Mike currently works on all things security related to algorithms, protocols, and technology. I have worked in the identity and security space for many years.
    Ricardo Diaz: Founder | Managing Partner | Blockchain CLT
    Ricardo is the founder of Blockchain CLT, a DLT services and solution business based out of the Charlotte, NC. He is a serial entrepreneur, human rights advocate, social impact entrepreneur and has a passion for decentralized identity (SSI). An enterprise software executive, cyber security, identity management, cloud and decentralized computing professional with almost 25 years of working experience in engineering, consulting, sales, marketing and business development roles.
  • The Blockchain Saga: Production Deployments and Implementation Challenges
    The Blockchain Saga: Production Deployments and Implementation Challenges
    Ravikant Agrawal, Sai Casula, Anna Flach, Piers Duffell Recorded: Nov 16 2018 62 mins
    Talk to blockchain enthusiasts and they will tell you about the potential use cases in their industries and the proofs-of-concept they have run to prove blockchain value.

    However, when the discussion is about production deployments of such use cases and the questions about implementation challenges and production-readiness gaps. Will this change in coming time and will we see a significant shift from experimentation to production deployments of enterprise blockchains?

    Let’s have insightful discussion during our panel discussion with industry experts from blockchain space.

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