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Cloud Foundry

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  • Bring Your Own Code vs. Bring Your Own Container
    Bring Your Own Code vs. Bring Your Own Container Matthias Haeussler Recorded: Jul 18 2018 63 mins
    Platform and Container as a Service layers (PaaS/CaaS) enable developers to deliver the functionality of their code to end users in a fast way.

    The technologies with the highest adoption rate for each approach are currently Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

    A fundamental difference between both approaches is the abstraction layer. While the focus is on the application in Cloud Foundry, it is on the container in Kubernetes.

    This talk gives an analysis of what kind of a difference this makes for a developer that has to deploy the software using both technologies.

    It will show on the basis of a Spring Boot microservice application which steps you need to take to get it configured and running on either platform approach.

    The analysis will also cover connection to backing services, scaling, recovery from failure, zero-downtime deployment, logging, and monitoring.
  • Cloud Foundry User Report Deep Dive
    Cloud Foundry User Report Deep Dive Cloud Foundry & ClearPath Strategies Recorded: May 9 2018 27 mins
    To understand the impact that Cloud Foundry has on businesses, people, and the application lifecycle, the Foundation surveyed 609 developers, architects, managers, CIOs and other executives, and operators.

    The Cloud Foundry User Survey provides a snapshot of Cloud Foundry users’ deployments and productivity. Find out what people love about open source technology straight from the users.

    Join Cloud Foundry and ClearPath Strategies to dive deeper into the 2018 User Survey Report.

    Get the user report here: https://www.cloudfoundry.org/cf-user-report-2018/

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