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  • Cloud masterclass: mastering multi-cloud management
    Cloud masterclass: mastering multi-cloud management
    David Simpkins, Simon Walker, and Dushan Ratnam Recorded: Apr 30 2019 32 mins
    In this masterclass, we explore how best to manage your multi-cloud environment and achieve business success.

    According to the Cloud Industry Forum:
    - Over 1/3 of organisations are using at least 3 different cloud providers
    - Over half the organisations believe that their security and regulatory solution for their cloud-based services isn’t as good as it could be

    The worrying conclusion is that it’s getting harder to manage your cloud experience across hybrid (public and private) cloud, and your compliance manager is going to get more demanding!

    This doesn’t just need the right tools, process, or systems, it needs the right people and skills, especially as you grow and scale your cloud.

    Are you getting the best guidance from your service providers to help you succeed?
    Find out more by watching our webinar.

    David Simpkins- General manager, managed services and public cloud, BT
    Simon Walker- Product management, BT
    Dushan Ratnam- Product management, BT
  • Cloud Masterclass: Why cloud thrives or dies on your infrastructure
    Cloud Masterclass: Why cloud thrives or dies on your infrastructure
    David Simpkins, Anne-Gaëlle Santos, and Maarten Verhaegh from BT Recorded: Feb 20 2019 24 mins
    Cloud adoption is mainstream, but accelerating.

    Recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum found that nine in ten organisations (89%) currently use cloud-based services and the vast majority (85)% expect to increase their usage over the next 12 months.

    So, it’s a good time to explore the potential challenges, risks and rewards of multi-cloud adoption, so you can identify how to best exploit the benefits, while also avoiding the pitfalls.

    In an earlier webinar, we highlighted 3 common challenges that organisations face with multi-cloud adoption:
    - traditional infrastructure not supporting cloud transformation
    - complexities of multi-cloud management
    - attraction and retention of the right skills and tools to manage and secure hybrid cloud

    In this live expert panel, we turn our focus on infrastructure and explore in more detail why cloud networking in particular is so critical to your cloud strategy.

    Join our experts as they share their in-depth experience and learning and get some valuable tips on how to get your multi-cloud strategy in good shape.

    David Simpkins – general manager, managed services and public cloud, BT
    Anne-Gaëlle Santos - head of dynamic network services, BT
    Maarten Verhaegh - head of cloud strategic alliances, BT
  • Expert panel: How to Secure your Business from Network to Cloud
    Expert panel: How to Secure your Business from Network to Cloud
    Rob Daniels, GM, security portfolio strategy & propositions, & David Simpkins, GM, managed services & public cloud Recorded: Jan 23 2019 29 mins
    You’re under immense pressure for digital transformation. Moving to the cloud presents new possibilities: but the security of your data and apps is critical. It’s not all plain sailing because the cloud requires a fundamentally different approach to security. If you dig your heels in, you’ll find that Shadow IT increases and people will circumvent you. It’s also increasingly difficult to keep an eye on your entire network, so you’ll need to continually reassess where you’re most exposed.

    In this webinar, live from the studio, you’ll discover how to:
    - Create a security strategy that works as an enabler to support your cloud migration, not a separate work stream or standalone function
    - Take steps to protect your new cloud infrastructure as well as your legacy network
    - Avoid certain pitfalls when it comes to cloud migration that could open up new vulnerabilities and threats
  • Cloud migration: two paths to avoid
    Cloud migration: two paths to avoid
    David Simpkins, Elena Christodoulou and Dushan Ratnam from BT Recorded: Oct 24 2018 31 mins
    We regularly see two main paths being taken when organisations decide to roll out a cloud project – and either can lead to all kinds of problems.

    Often, we hear “everything must be cloud first”, but at the other end of the scale, there are organisations letting business units do their own thing. Each approach can negatively affect the success and benefits cloud has to offer.

    We can help you navigate the potential storms quicker and more easily. Hear from our cloud experts about some of the best practice in successful multi-cloud projects. Learn how to become more agile and innovative, whilst reducing your costs. It’s never too late to get your cloud journey on the right track.

    Join David Simpkins, General manager, managed services and public cloud, BT; Elena Christodoulou, Director, global strategic alliances, BT; and Dushan Ratnam, Senior product manager, BT, on 24 October,2018.
  • How to successfully consume cloud at scale for multiple projects
    How to successfully consume cloud at scale for multiple projects
    Neil Sutton and David Simpkins from BT, together with Alex Hilton from the Cloud Industry Forum. Recorded: Jun 22 2018 58 mins
    Using the right technology to connect your sites and users across the globe and give them right experience, while keeping yourself secure needs a completely different approach.

    Cloud is integral to any digital transformation and offers many different benefits. But when legacy IT systems needs to be integrated, coupled with managing multiple public cloud services, it can be a real challenge for your network and security teams.

    Join Neil Sutton, VP strategic alliances and David Simpkins, general manager, managed services and public cloud from BT and Alex Hilton, Chief Executive from the Cloud Industry Forum to find out more about:

    • how customers are using the cloud for new and innovative projects
    • the challenges that a multi-cloud environment presents
    • how to successfully manage end-to-end multi-cloud projects, using one of our customers as an example.

    We’ve helped customers handle huge, multi-cloud projects, manage seamless migration from their legacy systems, and work more efficiently around the globe. This event is a great opportunity to get tips and examples from our experts on how to rollout and manage multi-cloud projects.

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