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  • Observation of Trifles - Sherlock Holmes' Lessons on Machine Learning & Security
    Observation of Trifles - Sherlock Holmes' Lessons on Machine Learning & Security Ben Banks, Global Director of Cybersecurity, Ensono Recorded: Jul 19 2018 28 mins
    Join Ensono Global Director of Cybersecurity Ben Banks for a timely and informative session on machine learning and security.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Making correct inferences and deductions from small indicators combined with larger datasets (should we start to correlate data about our clients share prices and related news items).
    - The importance of the reveal (integrability) i.e. "Holmes....how the devil did you know?"
    - The importance of people-centric analysis and 'profiling' i.e. motive
    - Moriarty i.e. expect your enemy to be as good as - if not better - than you
  • Legacy Modernisation: Overcoming the Transformation Barriers
    Legacy Modernisation: Overcoming the Transformation Barriers Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Ensono, Kevin Stoodley, CTO, IBM Z Series, & Alex Hilton, CEO, CIF Recorded: Jun 27 2018 58 mins
    A recent survey conducted by Ensono, in partnership with the Cloud Industry Forum, showed that 89% of respondents believed that legacy technology was a barrier to effective digital transformation. Given that many organisations operate a complex technology landscape often with elements in different locations, and with core components that are regarded as ‘legacy but critical’, there needs to be a clear and simple approach to overcoming these obstacles.

    Breaking down the barriers requires effective change in people, process and technology to attain a viable level velocity that will enable transformation without being held back by perceptions of legacy issues.

    Examining these issues, this webinar will provide insight and thought provoking approaches for organisations seeking to transform their operations against this backdrop.
  • Next-Generation Cloud Monitoring for AWS Workloads
    Next-Generation Cloud Monitoring for AWS Workloads Simon Ratcliffe, Andrew Bird, James Hodge and Benjamin Andrew Recorded: May 10 2018 37 mins
    Join this live panel discussion with experts from Splunk and AWS Marketplace to learn the latest trends and best practices for better cloud monitoring.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session to hear from Cloud and Storage experts on:

    - How to ensure adherence to security and compliance standards
    - How to manage AWS costs
    - The benefits of analytics and visibility for your AWS workloads
    - Why moving mission-critical workloads to AWS improves agility
    - The latest updates from Splunk and AWS Marketplace on industry trends

    This session will be broadcast LIVE straight from the AWS Summit in London.

    Moderator: Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Ensono & Cloud Industry Forum Chair
    Panelists: James Hodge, AVP Field Technology, Splunk, Andrew Bird, Chief Digital Officer, Oryzus Consulting, and Benjamin Andrew, Global Lead - Security & Network Infrastructure, AWS Marketplace
  • IT Transformation: Beyond the Traditional Data Centre
    IT Transformation: Beyond the Traditional Data Centre Simon Ratcliffe, Consulting & Advisory, Ensono Recorded: Feb 15 2018 49 mins
    IT Transformation projects are usually driven by the need to reduce complexity, improve agility, simplify systems, contain costs, manage ever growing data and provide more efficient operational management. Arguably, for seasoned IT professionals there is nothing new about the drivers for transformational change; it’s the velocity and scale of transformation today that’s the big challenge.

    Today, to effectively accelerate business innovation, successful IT leaders are building infrastructure that focuses on automation and flexibility, supporting agile application development and helping deliver world-class customer experience. Of course, IT teams are still under pressure to deliver legacy, mission-critical applications but they also need to support a seemingly constant flow of emerging business opportunities. They’re also tasked to lower costs, reduce Capex, while helping to drive revenue growth. That’s a lot of drivers and this complex juggling act often requires modernising infrastructure. An almost inevitable result of this is that the mix of platforms they adopt will include public cloud.

    So, does that signal the end of the corporate data centre as we know it? Well, as is so often the answer – yes and no. ‘Yes’ because there is no doubt that the complexity and cost of building and managing on-premise infrastructures is becoming increasingly unsustainable for many businesses. And ‘no’ because business continuity and stability of legacy applications are still, quite rightly, primary drivers today. But the corporate data centre may well now be a service provider’s data centre...
  • Automation – are the robots really coming?
    Automation – are the robots really coming? Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono Recorded: Dec 7 2017 42 mins
    Many analysts are returning to automation as a re-emerging focus for organisations in 2018 as they struggle to be able to deliver solutions to their customers faster and more efficiently. Automation has been declared as the game changing solution for many years so will it be any different this time?

    In this webinar, Simon Ratcliffe explores why automation is yet to become a ubiquitous across technology and what factors still stand in the way of the automation of everything. The core technology is stable and proven but the implementations are rarely entirely successful with many automation projects resulting in more staff after they are complete and many being reversed out as costs outweigh benefits.
  • Transformation in the Age of Legacy
    Transformation in the Age of Legacy Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant and IT Evangelist, Ensono Recorded: Sep 13 2017 39 mins
    The adoption of new approaches to business is accelerating fast and what ‘digital transformation’ means is changing at an astonishing rate. We already have legacy implementations and lots of fragmentation from early forays into cloud services. How do we execute a new transformation strategy while trying to manage multiple platforms from mainframe to legacy cloud?

    Engaging multiple disciplines and technologies and driving change rapidly whilst continuing to operate a business dependent on legacy systems requires significant cultural change and while much of this must come from within the business, there is a real opportunity for CIOs to create and own the digital agenda.  In this session, Simon will examine different approaches to people, process and technology that can be used to enable a coherent transformation strategy.
  • Interview: Delivering DevOps in a Legacy World - IT Myth or Reality?
    Interview: Delivering DevOps in a Legacy World - IT Myth or Reality? Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant & IT Evangelist, Ensono & Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum, Interview Moderator Recorded: Apr 24 2017 16 mins
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this interview, Simon Ractliffe, Principal Consultant & IT Evangelist, Ensono, shared with us ideas, recommendations and best practices on how to deliver DevOps in a legacy world.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Is DevOps for the legacy world?
    - What are the challenges of DevOps for legacy systems?
    - What makes the delivery of DevOps in a legacy world so different from the other worlds (start-up world, continuous delivery world, growth world etc?)
    - Case examples in which legacy organisations thrived or failed from adopting DevOps
    - And others

    About the Speaker:
    For publications see Simon's author page on the Digital Transformation People - http://www.thedigitaltransformationpeople.com/authors/simon-ratcliffe
  • The unspoken challenges of the cloud
    The unspoken challenges of the cloud Simon Ratcliffe, IT Evangelist, Ensono; Russ Elsner, Technical Leader, Science Logic; Tiberiu Covaci, Microsoft Reg. Director Recorded: Apr 20 2017 61 mins
    It's not a secret anymore that cloud represents the main change driver in the IT industry. However, though it is so popular, it still holds many secrets difficult to crack. Where to start when dealing with cloud native applications and what to expect from its future developments?

    In this panel, we will discuss the following questions:

    * What are the historical changes in the cloud? Do they go hand in hand with the historical needs?
    * Legacy cloud native applications - how to take them into the new world?
    * Cloud vs Shadow IT
    * Cloud from the start up perspective
    * Security & change management in cloud native applications
    * What does the future hold for us that we don't see?

    - Simon Ratcliffe, IT Evangelist, Ensono
    - Russ Elsner, Technical Leader in Enterprise Performance Monitoring, Science Logic
    - Tiberiu Covaci, Full-Stack Tech Lead, Microsoft Regional Director

    - Andrew Bird, EA Visionary
  • Harnessing the Power of the Cloud
    Harnessing the Power of the Cloud Gordon McKenna, CEO & System Center MVP, Inframon Ltd. Recorded: Feb 16 2011 34 mins
    Join us for an overview of: how Microsoft can help IT operations evolve to embrace cloud computing; how you can enable the efficiency and flexibility of the private cloud; and how you can optimize, secure and manage your data center.

    Learn from key management executives how Microsoft's cloud and data center vision will be enhanced over the next 18 months, with upcoming releases and additional enhancements to the products you use today including: Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Service Manager, Configuration Manager and Opalis.

    Gordon McKenna is a System Center Operations Manager MVP and one of the world’s leading experts in Microsoft Management Technology with over 15 years’ experience in the space. Gordon is one of the best known speakers on System Center doing the circuit, regularly appearing at TechEd both in the UK and the US as well as being a regular speaker at MMS, WPC and numerous partner and community events. Gordon now runs one of the UK's leading System Center consultant practices and his team are responsible for some of the largest roll-outs of the technology in EMEA.

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