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Citrix IT Efficiency & Productivity

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  • What's new in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
    What's new in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
    Carisa Stringer, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix and Nitin Sharma, Product Marketing Recorded: Apr 24 2019 44 mins
    Citrix continues to innovate our industry-leading Virtual Apps and Desktops platform. Join us to experience the latest updates to see how we are enhancing the user experience, improving environment management and making your move to the cloud easier than ever.

    In this webinar, we’ll share the latest capabilities of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops including:

    Key enhancements from the latest Cloud, Current and Long Term Service releases
    - How to make your journey to the cloud seamless
    - Administrative flexibility and security enhancements
    - Industry-first user experience innovations around graphics, video and more
    - Don’t miss this exciting product update! In addition to seeing the new features in action, you’ll hear what’s coming next and be able to ask questions of our product experts.
  • Optimization and management of AWS, Azure, Google and private cloud environments
    Optimization and management of AWS, Azure, Google and private cloud environments
    Steve Wilson, VP, Product for Cloud and IoT, Citrix and Robin Manke-Cassidy, Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Recorded: Apr 18 2019 36 mins
    While the cloud does provide businesses greater agility, migrating to the cloud and then managing the cloud is a different story. Learn how Citrix simplifies your cloud journey by easily migrating workloads, provides choice through partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and Google and other cloud ecosystems, improves the cloud experience for your users and reduces IT management and security complexity for IT.

    Join us and learn how to:

    - Seamlessly migrate workloads to the cloud private or public including Azure, AWS, Google
    - Enhance cloud reliability, speed up load times, reduce network latency
    - Improve cloud worker experience
    - Reduce cloud based security threats with user-centric analytics
    - Simplify cloud management including apps, data, device and network through a single console
  • 5 reasons a people centric security strategy safeguards sensitive information an
    5 reasons a people centric security strategy safeguards sensitive information an
    Nathan Mote, Product Marketing Manager, Citrix and Hanna Conrad, Product Marketing Manager Networking, Citrix Recorded: Apr 11 2019 48 mins
    Users often ignore internal security controls in order to get work done quickly. This puts the security of confidential information at risk. Tune in to this webinar to learn why a people-centric approach to security is the best way to protect your company’s sensitive data and IP, to achieve and maintain compliance, and to encourage secure innovation and collaboration.

    For a sneak preview, here are 5 points to consider:

    - You need secure access to information to achieve regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, GLBA and SOX.
    - Sharing files and securely collaborating with coworkers and external parties increases productivity and employee engagement.
    - Access to apps and data stored in multiple storage zones is critical – and doing it through a single, common interface on any device promotes security AND user satisfaction.
    - Being able to store data securely using the device of choice is a must for users.
    Security analytics can detect potential threats before they do damage to your IT environment.
  • Where are you on the Digital Transformation Journey? Further than you think
    Where are you on the Digital Transformation Journey? Further than you think
    Vishal Ganeriwala, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Workspace Recorded: Apr 3 2019 37 mins
    Every industry is being disrupted by digital technologies. From cloud services to data analytics, technology is revolutionizing how we work, opening opportunities to create new business models, spark innovation, and nurture product. Did you know that the app and desktop virtualization solution you already have has perfectly positioned you for this digital transformation journey?

    Join this webinar to learn how Citrix is engineering the most comprehensive, integrated digital workspace to help customers transform how they work.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Simplify your systems and ongoing management with a cloud-based approach
    • Give IT teams the flexibility to adopt new systems, quickly scale and rollout updates as needed
    • Manage Windows, Linux, web, SaaS, and mobile apps – all through one unified solution
  • 4 Practical Ways Cloud Simplifies Managing Apps, Devices, and Data
    4 Practical Ways Cloud Simplifies Managing Apps, Devices, and Data
    Vishal Ganeriwala Sr. Director, Workspace Marketing, Citrix Recorded: Mar 13 2019 34 mins
    Traditionally, apps, desktops, devices and data are all managed through different systems, which is complex and time-consuming. Unifying management as cloud services with a single control plane improves the delivery and management of the apps and data employees need. Citrix delivers a complete, secure digital workspace.

    Join this webinar to learn more about how managing apps, desktops, devices and data with Citrix Workspace is:

    • Fast: Deploy apps and desktops, or complete secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks.
    • Simple: Implement a fully-integrated portfolio via a single-management plane to simplify administration.
    • Adaptable: Choose to deploy on any cloud or virtual infrastructure — or a hybrid of both.
    • Secure: Keep all proprietary information for your apps, desktops and data under your control.
  • The ONE complete digital workspace is here: All apps and data unified and secure
    The ONE complete digital workspace is here: All apps and data unified and secure
    Mark Bowker, Sr. Analyst, ESG; P.J. Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix Recorded: Mar 5 2019 47 mins
    Just a few short months ago, Citrix announced the unveiling of the industry’s first digital workspace to enable people-centric computing within organizations. Join us for this webinar and learn how the new Citrix Workspace unifies and secures all apps and content for all devices.

    Discover how Citrix Workspace:

    • Delivers a consistent and unified experience across all devices and provides users SSO access to virtual apps, desktops, mobile apps, SaaS apps and their data
    • Extends the perimeter into cloud apps and across multiple devices and networks
    • Automates image management and provisioning to move workloads from datacenters to any cloud
    • Enables choices of devices from a single endpoint management solution
    • Provides user-centric analytics combined with machine learning to provide actionable intelligence to manage threats
    • Improves the experience of mobile apps with secure email integrated with Slack
  • 451 Research & Citrix: Accelerating Productivity without Compromise
    451 Research & Citrix: Accelerating Productivity without Compromise
    Chris Marsh of 451 Research & Matt Crawford of Citrix Recorded: Feb 28 2019 54 mins
    The way the world works is changing. Work is done in more locations, from more devices and in collaboration with more people than ever before. Many companies at the front lines of this change are struggling to transform their technology to meet the demands of their workforce. It is true that many IT organizations have embarked on a “digital transformation” journey, but some have made slow progress due to the way work is organized in their companies and how technology is adopted. Any of this sound familiar? Join this webinar for a fresh take on how work really gets done in the modern era and how technology can enable this new approach.

    Topics discussed will include:
    * Current sources of friction that hamper productivity
    * Barriers to collaboration and execution
    * The importance of context and automation in enabling workers
    * Tips for selecting technologies that map to the new workforce

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