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  • Unleash the Power of Identity-based Cloud Security with Aporeto
    Unleash the Power of Identity-based Cloud Security with Aporeto
    Anand Ghody, Sr. Marketing Technical Engineer Recorded: Jun 18 2019 56 mins
    As more organizations migrate to the cloud, many are confronted with the challenge of securing workload environments both on-prem and in the cloud. The increasing use of cloud-native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, service mesh and serverless add more complexity to effectively providing security for these very different environments. These shortcomings are emphasized with a traditional network security model that relies on IP addresses and lacks scalability and protection against advanced threats. What is needed is a new, identity-based approach to cloud security.

    The Aporeto platform abstracts security away from the IP infrastructure to address application segmentation requirements and improves application risk posture. Aporeto’s identity-based segmentation approach transcends the security constraints of on-prem infrastructure while securing all cloud services, by effectively implementing a Zero Trust security posture across any infrastructure at any scale. Aporeto provides the ultimate segmentation for modern applications based on cryptographic workload identity rather than IP addresses. Security policies remain persistent no matter where the application resides in your cloud or hybrid environment.

    In this webinar we will demo Aporeto’s cloud security services:

    Distributed Firewall: Protect any application across all hybrid and cloud environments

    Cloud PAM: Turn-key privileged access management to your cloud infrastructure

    Identity-Aware Proxy: Enable secure, VPN-less access to any web application
  • Enterprise-Grade Security for Containerized Applications with Red Hat & Aporeto
    Enterprise-Grade Security for Containerized Applications with Red Hat & Aporeto
    Jason Dobies & Marcus Hesse Recorded: May 28 2019 57 mins
    How to Accelerate Business Agility with Zero Trust Security Posture

    Kubernetes-orchestrated microservices and containers is a boon for business agility. By enabling a more agile and distributed software architecture, Kubernetes allows businesses to release new features and capabilities faster than ever before. Red Hat OpenShift is the enterprise choice for a supported Kubernetes release.

    Distributed software architectures require a new approach to security. Aporeto secures all workloads on any infrastructure with identity-based access control, making it the enterprise choice for visualizing and protecting Kubernetes-orchestrated applications on hybrid infrastructures.

    Together, Red Hat OpenShift and Aporeto Identity-Powered Cloud Security enable organizations to achieve greater agility while implementing a Zero Trust security posture.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - Security benefits of using Aporeto in Red Hat OpenShift
    - Benefits of adding open ID connect (OIDC) to any web service with Aporeto
    - Understanding the future of Red Hat OpenShift 4

    Jason Dobies, Red Hat
    Jason has 18+ years of experience as a software engineer,12 of those being his time at Red Hat. He is currently working as a Principal Technical Marketing Manager on the Cloud Platforms team where he provides direction and technical advice for applications integrating with OpenShift. Prior to that, Jason's experience includes being a core contributor on multiple OpenStack projects and leading the Red Hat Satellite content management project.

    Marcus Hesse, Aporeto
    Marcus is an Open Source and Security Enthusiast, and a DevOps Engineer with 15 years of experience. Before joining Aporeto as a Principal Engineer, and driving forward the Kubernetes and Layer 7 development and integration efforts, he worked in FinTech, helping to modernize application deployments. As a previous Aporeto customer, he knows Aporeto can be paramount to achieve security and compliance in Kubernetes environments.
  • Aporeto Unplugged: Sales Workshop
    Aporeto Unplugged: Sales Workshop
    Amir Sharif Recorded: Apr 11 2019 25 mins
    The objective is to accelerate customers' migration to AWS. If we simplify and strengthen application security, we are half-way there.

    Aporeto's identity-powered cloud security protects workloads based on their identity independent of the underlying infrastructure. This makes Aporeto's security portable: Once customers secure their workloads on-premise, they may migrate all or part of their workloads to AWS and still preserve the same zero trust posture.

    Goodbye complex security setups. Hello easier migration to AWS. Join us on this webinar to learn more.
  • For Cloud Apps, Network Security Isn’t Enough
    For Cloud Apps, Network Security Isn’t Enough
    Jason Schmitt Recorded: Mar 19 2019 9 mins
    Jason Schmitt is CEO at Aporeto, a firm focused on new approaches to securing applications in the cloud. In this video from RSA 2019, Jason speaks with Charlene O’Hanlon about the security pitfalls around moving applications to the cloud, and why network infrastructure’s own baked-in security isn’t enough.
  • Live Webcam Panel: Operationalizing Cybersecurity
    Live Webcam Panel: Operationalizing Cybersecurity
    Michelle Drolet, Towerwal, Amy McLaughlin, Oregon State University and Ariful Huq, Aporeto Recorded: Mar 19 2019 56 mins
    Cybersecurity, much like safety, cannot be achieved - it is an ongoing process that changes and adjusts to respond to the threat landscape, business needs and resources. As essential a cybersecurity strategy is to the enterprise, so is the implementation of it.

    Join us for an interactive Q&A panel with security leaders to learn more about how to operationalize cybersecurity.

    Topics up for discussion:
    - Making information security relatable
    - Building security programs
    - Defining your cybersecurity strategy
    - Translating your cybersecurity strategy into a risk management plan
    - Operationalizing your cybersecurity strategy
    - Using the maturity capability model for measuring success

    Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall
    Amy McLaughlin, Director of Information Services, Oregon State University
    Ariful Huq, Director of Product Management, Aporeto
  • Identity-Powered Cloud Security
    Identity-Powered Cloud Security
    Amir Sharif Recorded: Mar 4 2019 14 mins
    Today’s IT infrastructures are vast, complex, and consequently fragile. The problem is that while developers need the sophisticated functionality modern IT provides, the fragility poses a significant roadblock—particularly when security and infra requirements enter the picture. In this video, Amir Sharif discusses how Aporeto addresses the security aspects of this problem by bringing unified identity-powered security to complex hybrid infrastructures.
  • Aporeto: How We Prevented the Kubernetes API-Server Vulnerability
    Aporeto: How We Prevented the Kubernetes API-Server Vulnerability
    Aporeto Recorded: Dec 10 2018 2 mins
    The security architecture we have adopted in Aporeto worked. The Aporeto enforcers were preventing any attack against CVE-2018-1002105 before it was even announced. In this video we will illustrate how a separation of concerns architecture that isolates security functions while placing them close to applications can maximize security defenses, even when the application protected follow the most strict security guidelines.
  • Aporeto - VMware Cloud PKS Demo
    Aporeto - VMware Cloud PKS Demo
    Aporeto Recorded: Dec 5 2018 4 mins
    Watch how Aporeto visualizes and protects VMware Cloud PKS environments.
  • Cloud Security Gaps
    Cloud Security Gaps
    Ariful Huq – Director of Product Management, Aporeto Recorded: Oct 9 2018 30 mins
    Most organizations are moving existing applications to public cloud environments or building new applications that are designed for the cloud from the beginning. When this shift to the cloud occurs there are a number of security assumptions in the legacy, datacenter-centric security approach that tend to fail. In this webinar learn more about:

    -Why the concept of network segmentation as a security counter measure is not translating successfully to cloud environments.
    -The pitfalls of relying on security groups and 3rd party firewall appliances for segmentation in public clouds
    -Introduction of zero trust security model coupled with workload identity as a new control point for security applications in the cloud
  • Red Hat OpenShift Multicloud Application Security with Aporeto
    Red Hat OpenShift Multicloud Application Security with Aporeto
    Aporeto Recorded: Sep 22 2018 5 mins
    Secure applications on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in the multi-cloud with Aporeto. Workload isolation, API access control, host threat detection, container image vulnerability management, secrets & certificates management, and visualization, all based on your application identity.

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