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  • Using Artificial Intelligence To Transform Digital Experiences
    Using Artificial Intelligence To Transform Digital Experiences Dr. Anand Rao (PwC), David Devisser (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 16 2018 46 mins
    Businesses are improving the design and delivery of digital experiences through artificial intelligence and machine learning. With Adobe Sensei, marketers are predicting and executing exceptional experiences with new integrated data services and unified profiles.

    In this session you will hear from experts and leading analysts about:
    - The role artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing in today's ecosystem
    - The capabilities Sensei can bring across marketing, analytics and advertising
    - How to begin or continue the implementation for your business

    Presented by:
    - Dr. Anand Rao, Partner, Global AI & Innovation Lead, Data & Analytics, PwC
    - David Devisser, Principal Architect, Strategic Partnerships, Adobe
  • The Future of Advertising: Customer-Centricity in an Increasingly Complex World
    The Future of Advertising: Customer-Centricity in an Increasingly Complex World Lauren Fisher (eMarketer), Jared Levitt (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 16 2018 47 mins
    Advertisers face an increasingly challenging balancing act to deliver personalized, integrated and relevant experiences to audiences while ensuring privacy, brand safety, and the ability to collect and analyze audience data across all channels. With the right approach and technology, however, brands can not only achieve a balance, but seize an opportunity to deliver the best digital experiences for their customers.

    In this session, brands, agencies, creative pros, marketers and technologists will learn from experts at eMarketer and Adobe who will cover how to:
    - Improve the customer experience and win trust
    - Optimize advertising effectiveness through improved analytics, targeting, and personalization across a multitude of channels
    - Ensure brand safety and prevent ad fraud
    - Apply best practices for cross-channel media measurement, including advanced TV

    Presented by:
    - Lauren Fisher, Principal Analyst, eMarketer
    - Jared Levitt, Advertising Consultant, Adobe
  • Challenges of Content-driven Retailing
    Challenges of Content-driven Retailing Ali Alkhafaji (TechAspect Solutions, Inc), Joe Brannon (TechAspect Solutions, Inc) Recorded: Aug 16 2018 47 mins
    Organizations embracing a direct-to-consumer strategy are beginning to realize traditional advertising is becoming more costly and less effective. By leveraging digital marketing tools, they are starting to invest in content-driven commerce strategies with dedicated content and personalized experiences. These strategies are intended to craft contextual stories and user-driven content to drive conversion and revenue.

    This webinar focuses on the challenges facing decision-makers seeking to integrate content with ecommerce journeys.

    Presented by:
    - Ali Alkhafaji, CTO, TechAspect Solutions, Inc.
    - Joe Brannon, Global Commerce Director, TechAspect Solutions, Inc.
  • Mobile Moments Across Channels
    Mobile Moments Across Channels Bruce Swann (Adobe), Jeremy Finch (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 16 2018 47 mins
    Mobile marketing technology gives organizations the power to reach and inform people in exactly the places and moments where they can make decisions and take action. Learn about why this approach is better when integrated into a broader cross-channel strategy.

    In this session, you will learn:
    - How Adobe Campaign’s mobile capabilities can help marketers create these types of mobile moments.
    - Techniques Adobe Experience Cloud customers are applying in a variety of industries.
    - How Adobe Campaign is investing in expanded mobile and cross-channel marketing capabilities.

    Presented by:
    - Bruce Swann, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
    - Jeremy Finch, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
  • Global Marketing: Across Channels and Across Borders
    Global Marketing: Across Channels and Across Borders Val Niehaus (Adobe Consulting Services), Timo Kohlberg (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 16 2018 42 mins
    Many organizations struggle with providing consistent experiences across the customer journey. Challenges can include organizational alignment, siloed technology and data, and the ability to personalize messages at scale across numerous touchpoints.

    These challenges only grow exponentially when marketing organizations are globally distributed or need to consider a global audience. In five steps, the Adobe Campaign team presents best practices to address global marketing challenges and execute a global marketing strategy focused on customer experience and digital transformation.

    In this session you will learn:
    - The role of technology in the context of global data and content
    - Examples of best practices for global marketing strategies
    - How Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Cloud enable consistent customer experiences across channels and regions

    Presented by:
    - Val Niehaus, Senior Manager, Adobe Consulting Services
    - Timo Kohlberg, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
  • Making Everyone Unforgettable: Personalized Digital Marketing Effectiveness
    Making Everyone Unforgettable: Personalized Digital Marketing Effectiveness Avril Castagnetta (EY), Bernhard Klein Wassink (EY), Chandra Stevens (Microsoft), Chris Young (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 15 2018 48 mins
    We’re in the age of digital transformation — and empowered digital consumers. They expect consistent and timely messaging wherever you interact with them, but this is nearly impossible without the right tools and unified consumer data across the organization.

    See how the partnership of Adobe, Microsoft and EY can uniquely change the way Financial Services and Insurance companies engage with their consumers through the use of smart data, campaign orchestration, web experiences, and a single view of customers.

    Join this webinar to:
    - Hear about emerging digital marketing capabilities and industry trends
    - Learn how unified customer data, AI, and the right data visualizations help you deliver seamless experiences
    - See a demo of our integrated sales and marketing tools for customer experience management

    Presented by:
    - Bernhard Klein Wassink, Partner, Global Insurance Customer & Growth Solution Leader, EY
    - Avril Castagnetta, Financial Services Insurance Digital Marketing Leader, EY
    - Chandra Stevens, Worldwide Marketing Solutions Director, Microsoft
    - Chris Young, Director, Financial Services Industry Strategy, Adobe
  • Disrupt or be Disrupted - Healthcare Experience as a Competitive Advantage
    Disrupt or be Disrupted - Healthcare Experience as a Competitive Advantage Kevin Ellenwood (Accenture Interactive), Thomas Swanson (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 15 2018 47 mins
    For years healthcare has operated on an experiential island – a healthcare consumer relied upon the expertise of the doctor or other healthcare professionals, the engagement was episodic or “as needed”, very little control was exercised by the consumer, and there was little to no transparency within the ecosystem.

    The expectation on the part of healthcare consumer and providers that the experience would be as it had forever resulted in very little need for digital engagement, and very little cross-over of experiential expectations of consumers found in other industries. That is changing rapidly as healthcare consumers are comparing digital experiences across platforms, across industries, and their expectations of what is a good experience, a bad experience, or an exceptional experience is evolving.

    In this session you will learn:
    - Disruption is the new normal in healthcare as non-traditional healthcare companies enter the market
    - Paradigm-changing technology is changing the healthcare landscape
    - How the industry responding to this disruption
    - How Adobe can help you be a part of the healthcare experiential revolution

    Presented by:
    - Kevin Ellenwood, Healthcare Digital Transformation, Accenture
    - Thomas Swanson, Director of Healthcare Industry Strategy & Marketing, Adobe
  • Good vs. Great: Obtaining an Elite Analytics Practice is Worth the Effort
    Good vs. Great: Obtaining an Elite Analytics Practice is Worth the Effort John Lovett (Search Discovery), Nate Smith (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 15 2018 46 mins
    It's time for your analytics to grow up. Your company can realize substantial material gains in customer lifetime value through the use and application of advanced analytics. According to Forrester, by 2021 companies that invest in advanced analytics to drive insights at scale will boost total global annual revenues to $1.8 trillion.

    In this session, you will learn:
    - How a “good enough” approach to analytics impedes your customers’ experience and your company’s profitability.
    - Best practices, frameworks, and practical strategies for taking your analytics to the next level throughout the customer journey.
    - Examples of how brands have gone from good to great by improving their analytics practice.

    Presented by:
    - Nate Smith, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
    - John Lovett, Senior Director, Data Strategy, Search Discovery
  • High Tech’s Six Essentials to Digital Transformation
    High Tech’s Six Essentials to Digital Transformation Mila D’Antonio (Ovum), Jill Steinhour (Adobe) Recorded: Aug 15 2018 47 mins
    In this fast-paced digital revolution, high-tech companies face numerous competitive threats and obstacles in meeting rising expectations of B2B and B2C customers. Understandably these enterprises are taking a customer-centric approach to combating these threats.

    According to a new Ovum report commissioned by Adobe, marketers are responding to these threats by investing in digital marketing, but progress appears to be slow. Continued advancement depends on further investments, reimagined business models, mobile prioritization, a deeper understanding and reliance on data as an enterprise currency, tighter channel integration, and closer collaboration across organizations.

    In this webinar, participants will learn:
    - The competitive threats and customer engagement challenges facing high-tech firms
    - How high-tech enterprises are meeting customer expectations
    - The necessary elements to fuel digital progress
    - A look at future technology investments in high tech

    Presented by:
    - Jill Steinhour, Director, Hi-Tech Industry Strategy, Adobe
    - Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum
  • The evolution of data management platforms: Audience intelligence at scale
    The evolution of data management platforms: Audience intelligence at scale Rakhi Patel (Adobe), Stefanie Hineman (Intuit) Recorded: Aug 15 2018 47 mins
    Delivering powerful experiences start with knowing, understanding, and reaching the right audiences. With customer data stored and owned by disparate teams across organizations, enterprises are breaking down technology and organizational silos by investing in data management platforms (DMPs) to centralize audience management and audience activation.

    This session outlines the evolution and value of DMP technology, such as Adobe Audience Manager, to enable digital marketers to manage audience strategy at scale.

    Join us as to learn the following:
    - How DMP technology and practices have evolved
    - Key innovations in the DMP space
    - Tips for data privacy

    Presented by:
    - Rakhi Patel, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
    - Stefanie Hineman, Martech Audiences & Personalization, Intuit

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