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  • Best Practices in Full Lifecycle API Management, Featuring Cox Automotive
    Best Practices in Full Lifecycle API Management, Featuring Cox Automotive Paul O’Fallon, Distinguished Enterprise Architect at Cox Automotive & Rob Zazueta, Director, Digital Strategy at TIBCO Recorded: Oct 17 2018 48 mins
    APIs have become the connective tissue for the digital enterprise. From app development, to open APIs, to API-led integration, the adoption of best practices and success of your API program is a key indicator of your strategic success as a digital enterprise.

    Join us for wide-ranging discussion with Cox Automotive covering API program best practices, distributed API management across user groups, API-led integration, and the evolution to event-driven architecture that is driving better connectivity with Cox’s business units and strategic partners.

    We’ll also cover:
    -The ABCs of APIs
    -The API program lifecycle
    -Use case demos
    -Visualized API performance analytics
  • Take Advantage of Business Moments with Apache Kafka
    Take Advantage of Business Moments with Apache Kafka Bill McLane, Product Evangelist, TIBCO Software Recorded: Oct 15 2018 23 mins
    Sometimes a moment is all you have.

    A successful digital business must be able to detect and intelligently respond in real-time to business moments. Either to take advantage of an opportunity or to prevent a tragic loss, these moments and how we respond to them define our organization’s success or failures as well as our path forward.

    These moments could be focused on improving the customer experience, gaining operational efficiencies, or mitigating risks. At the very center of such moments lies an architecture that has the ability to move information between disparate systems or devices and to identify the meaningful events within the ever-increasing volumes of data.

    This is what Apache Kafka was designed to do. Kafka is a streaming platform based on a distributed, persistent, publish-subscribe logging system.

    TIBCO recently announced full support for Apache Kafka. This webinar will take a closer look at exactly what TIBCO is offering as part of their support and how to take advantage of partnering with TIBCO for your Kafka projects.

    Watch this brief (20 minute) webinar to learn:
    -The components of the TIBCO® Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution
    Apache Kafka Core
    -TIBCO Apache Kafka Bridge
    -TIBCO Apache Kafka Schema Repository
    -How the TIBCO Apache Kafka Bridge provides for native integration between Apache Kafka to seamlessly connect with all the TIBCO Messaging components
    -How integration between Apache Kafka and other TIBCO solutions provide advanced capabilities beyond standard Apache Kafka deployments
  • Using TIBCO Apps Together: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts
    Using TIBCO Apps Together: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts Brendan Peterson, Sr. Technical Evangelist Recorded: Oct 11 2018 13 mins
    Learn how TIBCO Cloud™ Integration with Scribe and other TIBCO products are better together than standalone. We'll show you how to aggregate data and manage changes to make data import in TIBCO Spotfire® more efficient. See how TIBCO Mashery® can manage access to the TIBCO Cloud Integration API (which also helps your customers and partners manage their integrations), control versions of individual API endpoints, and more.
  • Bolster your Digital Business with Cloud
    Bolster your Digital Business with Cloud Vivek Gupta, Head of Product Marketing, Interconnect Portfolio Recorded: Oct 9 2018 20 mins
    When done right, digital transformation streamlines your operational processes, empowers employees for more impact, supports continuous innovation, and ultimately delivers compelling experiences that delight your customers. But to get started achieving these results, you need a well-defined cloud strategy and a toolkit to align with it.

    This TIBCO Tech Talk covers:
    -How to meet and exceed expectations in the digital economy with TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud and its various services
    -A preview of TIBCO® Cloud solutions to help bootstrap your digital transformation initiatives (such as dynamic pricing)
    -A live demo on how to engage your customer and partner ecosystem, automate your digital processes, and build apps faster
  • Developers, Developers, Developers: Innovating at the Edge
    Developers, Developers, Developers: Innovating at the Edge Leon Stigter, Developer Advocate and Senior Product Manager, TIBCO Software Recorded: Oct 6 2018 42 mins
    Innovation at the edge is driven by a whole host of people and personalities, but who makes sure those innovations get into production? Developers!

    Join Leon Stigter, developer advocate at TIBCO, as he demonstrates tools and technologies to help developers build better software, faster.

    This TIBCO Tech Talk covers:
    -The latest in updates for Project Flogo, an open-source and ultra-lightweight edge computing platform
    -A brief demo of Flogo and k8logit
    -How to jumpstart your developer journey
  • Build Smart Apps 4x Faster with Low-code for Business Users
    Build Smart Apps 4x Faster with Low-code for Business Users Bruno Trimouille, Head Of Product Marketing - BPM, Low-Code & Market Intelligence Recorded: Oct 6 2018 20 mins
    Business users are a driving force in improving customer engagement and operational efficiencies. They want to craft their own solutions to solve actual business problems using tools sanctioned and centrally controlled by IT. This webinar highlights how to enable your business teams, in collaboration with IT, to drive your digital transformation and increase productivity via a low-code application development platform.

    This TIBCO Tech Talk covers:
    -How to help business users take on problems occurring in customer journeys and operational processes
    -Why integration is a key enabler for building apps that modernize, simplify, and unify legacy systems
    -A demo on how to innovate and create business value at speed with quick connectivity and low-code app development
  • Maximizing Productivity with Integration + DevOps
    Maximizing Productivity with Integration + DevOps Vineet Agarwal, Integration Product Management & Strategy Recorded: Oct 1 2018 39 mins
    Today, every business is powered by software, and having a DevOps strategy is key to innovation and developer productivity. TIBCO has been making significant investments to support the DevOps initiatives of our clients including:
    -Advanced process monitoring capabilities
    -A single TIBCO Business Studio™ for any type of deployment
    -Open tracing and advanced logging
    -Visual creation of unit tests
    -Impact analysis viewer for dependencies

    Are you maximizing your TIBCO BusinessWorks™ investment by leveraging all its new tools to drive innovation and reduce time to market?

    Watch this brief on-demand webinar for information, including:
    -How to build a robust CI/CD pipeline using DevOps tooling
    -A walkthrough of new TIBCO BusinessWorks capabilities
    -New advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications
    Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications Paul Varley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Sep 27 2018 18 mins
    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration makes it easy for anyone to integrate business applications. From developers, to IT specialists, to daily business operations participants, everyone is involved with integration. One of the newest additions to TIBCO Cloud Integration is TIBCO Scribe® Software capability.
  • Panel Discussion: The Reality of Collaborative Banking
    Panel Discussion: The Reality of Collaborative Banking Head of Business Banking Barclays; Senior Manager, Business Model Innovation HSBC;Head of Digital Metro Bank; TIBCO Software Recorded: Sep 25 2018 61 mins
    Platform companies are taking over, and changing the way companies do business. And with Open Banking now on the horizon, banks cannot afford to sit back and not seize the opportunities available from collaboration.

    Panel discussion will cover:

    - Forecasting the impact of increased collaboration in banking
    - What are the partnership features to look for in an over-crowded market?
    - Creating a mutually beneficial relationship: what should each party bring to the table?
    - Ensuring you have sufficient interoperability to deploy new technology in open banking
    - Understanding the impact of Open Banking: what will the future role of the bank be?
    - What strategies will be keep to retaining the customer interface?
  • Blockchain: Going Beyond Trading for Financial Services
    Blockchain: Going Beyond Trading for Financial Services Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Recorded: Sep 20 2018 46 mins
    Blockchain in financial services is receiving a lot of attention, especially for synchronizing financial agreements between institutions. But how can blockchain be used outside of this context? Can it apply to use cases such as identity, fraud, and AML?

    Join this session to hear how blockchain may be utilized to solve other key issues facing the industry, research into consensus algorithms beyond proof of work, and also hear about various considerations (including myths) that must be considered for a successful enterprise blockchain implementation.

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