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  • Bringing Microservices to .NET: Modernizing Windows Applications as Cloud-Native
    Bringing Microservices to .NET: Modernizing Windows Applications as Cloud-Native
    Robert Sirchia, Magenic and Chris Umbel, Pivotal Recorded: Jul 19 2018 40 mins
    Building a new application with the latest and greatest methodologies and frameworks? Sounds like fun! Modernizing the legacy .NET applications that have been driving your business for years? Sounds…painful.

    Fortunately, a number of new technologies have emerged for the .NET ecosystem to support cloud-native .NET applications, and the processes for analyzing and modernizing them have matured.

    In this webinar, join Magenic's Robert Sirchia and Pivotal's Chris Umbel to learn about modernizing .NET applications from a legacy Windows environment. The session will cover topics like:

    - How can I determine which .NET applications from my portfolio to modernize?
    - How do I decompose a monolithic .NET application into logical business domains?
    - Which technologies, like Steeltoe, are available to adopt modern microservices architectures for .NET applications?
    - How do I analyze the cloud-suitability of a portfolio of applications and prioritize it for modernization?

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  • Aligning Business & IT to get Digital Products to Market Faster
    Aligning Business & IT to get Digital Products to Market Faster
    John Doucette, VP Consulting and Heather Zimmerman, Director of Digital Strategies Recorded: Jun 26 2018 50 mins
    As speed to market has become more and more crucial, the need for collaboration between IT and the business has never been more critical. With the unprecedented rate of change we’re seeing in technology, innovation has become a major competitive differentiator across industries. For years, organizations have struggled with the pressure to achieve business outcomes while navigating sometimes- divergent goals and priorities. Companies that have strong business and IT cohesion, share unified goals, and create clear roadmaps are much more likely to accelerate their speed to market.

    Covered during the webinar:
    • What’s inhibiting collaboration
    • How to overcome these obstacles
    • How to unify goals with product roadmaps
    • The impact of sound agility
    • The importance of having a product mindset
  • Accelerate Your Speed to Market: Moving from Project to Product
    Accelerate Your Speed to Market: Moving from Project to Product
    John Doucette, VP Consulting Recorded: Mar 13 2018 59 mins
    Corporate software development is undergoing an ”accelerated feedback” revolution. Successful companies are delivering solutions quickly and continuously into working production environments, turning the corner from the age-old methodologies and processes that governed them in the past. The speed in which businesses build software is critical to the overall success of today’s digital products.

    So how are companies successfully making the shift to product focused management? How does the change affect team structure, communication, and even the budgeting process?

    Vice President of Consulting Operations for Magenic, John Doucette, answers these questions and highlights some of the best practices he’s seen firsthand.

    Covered during the webinar:
    • Core differences between project and product
    • Why the change is so important to speed to market
    • Importance of the Agile methodology in a product-focused environment
    • Budgeting implications
    • How to start the process
  • How to Monitor Spend & Control Costs with Azure
    How to Monitor Spend & Control Costs with Azure
    Stuart Williams, Practice Lead Consultant - Magenic Recorded: Oct 30 2017 64 mins
    The Microsoft Azure Cloud is a powerful and effective platform for delivering and supporting business functionality, but like any pay-as-you-go resource it’s important to tackle goals while keeping an eye on costs. In order to manage Azure as a successful cloud platform for your company it is important to establish processes for monitoring costs and controlling spend. During this webinar, Stuart Williams, Magenic’s Cloud Practice Lead will review key areas companies should be mindful of before and during Azure implementation in order to control costs.

    Stuart reviews topics of cost control including:
    - Application profile assessment
    - Unused resources
    - Scale
    - Resource consolidation
    - PaaS migration
    - Other potential cost savings areas

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