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  • Getting VALUE out of your Penetration Test
    Getting VALUE out of your Penetration Test
    Chris Nickerson Recorded: Sep 27 2018 45 mins
    Did you feel like you could have gotten more out of your last test? Have you been forced by compliance to do testing just to check the box? Have you been swindled by penetration testing firms that are a re-branded vulnerability scan or beefed up tool report?

    If so, you aren't alone. It's an all to common problem in today's security market to get bad testing. For years, we have tried to create standards and requirements to improve the quality of testing but for many the value STILL isn't there.

    While testing as a whole has gotten better,the market is still rife with scanner jockeys and crowd-sourced offerings where you never even know what type of "professional" you will get.

    In this webinar, I will tackle the issue head on. In order to make sure we are getting the maximum value from a penetration test we must make sure we have the right testers, the right goals and the right process. We need to build a clear picture of what we want to get from the testing and how to get exactly that. Most tests stop before the most valuable part of the test can even be realized.

    We will walk through:
    Selecting a Top Notch Testing Company
    Setting the scope up for success
    Goals and added benefits
    Knowledge transfers and interactive testing
    Multi Team collaboration
    Creating positive defensive improvement BEFORE the Reporting
    Getting a quality report
    Creating post-test momentum

    Testing exercises can benefit your organization in lasting ways when they are done well. So let's get the most out of it.

    We aren't here to sell, we are here to make this industry better... one test at a time. Please join us to add in your experience and keep the conversation going.
  • Dear Healthcare, Welcome To Information Security
    Dear Healthcare, Welcome To Information Security
    Chris Roberts Recorded: Sep 5 2018 49 mins
    A quick primer on healthcare security from the perspective of fixing the basics, looking at the human aspect AND moving it into a safety discussion (from the geek world of all things Cyber...)

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