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  • Beyond the Hype: A Wirecard Labs view on blockchain opportunities
    Beyond the Hype: A Wirecard Labs view on blockchain opportunities
    Jannis Riesz, Vice President of Wirecard Labs Recorded: Jul 11 2019 38 mins
    Is blockchain just a hype, or is there more to the much-discussed technology? In this webinar, we will start off discussing the potential of blockchain and will acquire a holistic understanding of the technology. Next, we will discuss blockchain from the perspective of Wirecard’s innovation engine: Wirecard Labs. Our innovation team entered the blockchain world in 2018 and since then has explored many exciting opportunities for the company, which you will hear about in this webinar. Last but not least, we will present some of the world’s most exciting blockchain use cases.

    Here are your key takeways from this webinar:

    * Look beyond the blockchain hype – rise, hype & fall
    * See how Wirecard Labs is exploring opportunities in blockchain
    * Learn about some exciting blockchain initiatives
    * Discover the outlook of blockchain technologies

    Join Jannis Riesz, Vice President of Wirecard Labs, as he discusses the potential of blockchain and presents exciting use cases and initiatives from diverse industries around the world.
  • 5 Payment Trends Driving Retail Transformation
    5 Payment Trends Driving Retail Transformation
    Joern Leogrande, Executive Vice President Wirecard Labs, Wirecard AG Recorded: Apr 25 2019 38 mins
    The retail landscape is constantly changing and ever challenging. Rising costs and shifting consumer preferences have led to unexpected and ongoing casualties in the industry. Retailers, who have survived and are thriving in this competitive market, are embracing a multitude of trends and innovations, which address and capitalize on these two important points. At Wirecard, we firmly believe that the key to success is a payments strategy that underpins the overall retail strategy driving retail transformation.

    Whether you are a retailer, a business serving the retail industry or consulting in this sector, this webinar will be of value to you by:

    - Offering you a holistic view of payments across the entire retail ecosystem
    - Giving you food for thought and inspiring ideas for strategic projects in the next stage of your growth journey

    Moreover, you will get new perspectives and solutions pertaining to five key payment trends we believe are shaping today’s Retail Transformation:

    - A true omnichannel solution (with a specific focus on the growth of mobile payments)
    - Automated efficiency
    - Multi-Tier Distribution
    - Responsive Operations
    - Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to drive conversions

    Join Wirecard’s Joern Leogrande, Executive VP of Wirecard Labs as he explores and demonstrates how these trends drive Retail Transformation and most importantly offer you a step change to your top and bottom line results.
  • Digital Commerce Platform - From Payments to Full Business Enablement
    Digital Commerce Platform - From Payments to Full Business Enablement
    Markus Eichinger, Executive VP Group Strategy Wirecard AG Recorded: Dec 13 2018 36 mins
    Digital platforms appear to be omnipresent in today’s world – from food delivery companies that connect restaurants, food couriers and hungry customers via online platforms, to ecommerce retailers such as Amazon, which operate platforms that enable merchants to sell their goods to customers online without the need for physical stores. In fact, one speaks of the “Digital Platform Economy” era, which is reflected in an explosion of platform-based business models that can be observed across various industries. And at Wirecard we firmly believe that the payment industry should not be an exception.

    Whether you’re operating in the retail, financial services, consulting, or any other sector, this webinar will be of value to you if you are looking for ways to boost your business with a state-of-the-art omnichannel solution.

    More specifically, you’ll get:
    • An overview of the “Platform Economy” phenomenon
    • An understanding of the effect and impact of the platform economy on the payment industry
    • An insight into Wirecard’s ecosystem and the different levers available to maximize the value of your customers and your business

    Moreover, you’ll learn how the right digital platform creates the basis for great customer journeys that can be tailored to specific customer segments and their needs.

    Join Wirecard’s Markus Eichinger as he explores the “Digital Platform Economy” phenomenon and showcases how Wirecard goes beyond doing payments, to fully enabling and powering businesses globally.
  • Global Payout Solution – The Secret Sauce for Your Digital Payment Strategy
    Global Payout Solution – The Secret Sauce for Your Digital Payment Strategy
    Hadi Hafez, Key Account Manager, Travel and Mobility & Asmir Lukavackic, Sales Manager, Travel and Mobility, Wirecard Recorded: Oct 18 2018 40 mins
    Today’s travel and mobility businesses have to deal with employee and customer needs in an instant and flexible manner. Having the right payout strategy in place is essential to accomplish this.
    Whilst various payout solutions are available on the market, only a few can deliver globally and in a fast, efficient and highly secure way. In this webinar, you will be presented with a number of different use cases from the travel and mobility industry that demonstrate how digital products can effectively replace outdated procedures.

    More specifically, you will learn how to:
    -better serve your customers in emergency cases,
    -better support your employees in critical and crisis situations,
    -carry-out occasional ad-hoc fund transfers globally and instantly,
    -immediately provide cash assistance,
    -improve the user experience for your customers.

    Furthermore, you will find out how the right payout card program can support operational efficiencies, security benefits and cost savings.

    By the end of the webinar you’ll walk away with the following:
    -possible use cases and scenarios that answer to your company needs
    -a clear understanding of the benefits of instant funding
    -proposals on risk, security and cardholder identification
    -techniques on how to minimize cash risks

    Wirecard’s Hadi Hafez and Asmir Lukavackic will be on hand to share industry insights, walk you through instant payout methods and answer any questions.

    Are you ready to quit outdated and expensive payment processes? Then join our webinar!
  • Digital Refunds: 5 Ways to Achieve an Effective Refunds Program
    Digital Refunds: 5 Ways to Achieve an Effective Refunds Program
    Kevin Brown, VP Strategic Partnerships & Marketing and Sean Healey, Issuing Product Manager Recorded: Oct 4 2018 46 mins
    Refunds happen. But did you know they're one of the most important touchpoints of your business? With customers returning $642.6 billion in goods each year, refunds represent a huge opportunity to build customer affinity as well as retain and win back customers.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how digital refunds can:
    •Build brand continuity and affinity
    •Drive down costs
    •Manage payouts
    •Minimize risk
    •Create convenience for customers and staff

    Plus, you’ll learn about the costs savings, operational efficiencies, and security benefits of going digital.

    By the end of the webinar you’ll walk away ready to build a digital refunds strategy with these and more insights and practical tools:
    •How and why to convert check programs
    •The intersection of efficiency and top-notch customer service
    •The benefits of offloading escheatment costs and liability
    •Leveraging refunds for win-back

    Wirecard’s Kevin Brown and Sean Healey will be on hand to share industry insights, walk you through digital refunds, and answer questions.

    Ready to make the most of your refunds? Join us.

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