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  • Navigating the SFTR landscape
    Navigating the SFTR landscape
    Val Wotton, Pierre Khemdoudi, Iain Mackay, Ed Oliver and Elizabeth Pfeuti Recorded: Feb 13 2019 56 mins
    The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation is set to shake up how investors, large and small, trade. Increased transparency and reporting under the new rules aim to improve risk management across the post-trade landscape, but are all players aware of their new responsibilities?
    A panel of experts discuss the incoming regulation, what it means for the sector – and if everyone is prepared for its arrival.
    Panelists include:
    Val Wotton, Managing Director, Product Development & Strategy, Trade Reporting, Derivatives and Collateral Management, DTCC
    Pierre Khemdoudi, Managing Director – Securities Finance, Delta One and Dividend Forecasting, IHS Markit
    Iain Mackay,Global Post Trade Owner, Equilend
    Ed Oliver, Managing Director, Product Development, eSecLending
  • Understanding how futures affect your trading decisions
    Understanding how futures affect your trading decisions
    Elizabeth Pfeuti Recorded: Nov 7 2018 27 mins
    Market participants around the world – from major institutional investor to active individual trader – use futures, ETFs, swaps and options to gain access to benchmark equity index exposure. These instrument types have different characteristics in terms of liquidity, pricing, and ease of trading.

    Tim McCourt talks to Liz Pheuti, Capital Markets reporter, Financial News, to uncover the optimal solution for different investment strategies. They will cover several key factors including:

    Cost and Total cost analysis
    Liquidity analysis across several US benchmarks
    Capital efficiencies and benefits of margin offsets in futures vs the fully funded nature of ETFs
    Operational efficiencies, such as opportunities for currency exposure, UCITS eligibility and managing the roll
    Tax considerations
    Futurization of OTC landscape
  • Making the crypto world a safer place
    Making the crypto world a safer place
    Thomas Zeeb, SIX Securities Services; Michael Imeson, FN Custom Studio; Nicholas Bone, Equichain; Jon Danielsson, LSE Recorded: Oct 11 2018 60 mins
    Can Market infrastructure make a difference?

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, initial coin offerings, tokenised assets… the crypto world is in a constant state of flux. As each day goes by the wild, hair-raising ride of cryptocurrency and other digital assets becomes decidedly more exciting. In January this year the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies had soared to more than $800bn, up from $18bn a year earlier. In August it had fallen to $200bn. Yet investors, traders, banks and others continue to believe in the possibilities presented by cryptocurrencies, by digital assets in general and by the blockchain technology that underpins them. Ever more sophisticated infrastructure is being created to facilitate issuance, trading and post-trade services in these new digital markets. And governments and regulators are assessing the risks to the financial system and introducing safeguards.

    What does all of this mean for the financial sector – for investors, banks, other financial institutions, market infrastructure providers, regulators and governments? Will it be a rewarding ride? Can market infrastructure make a difference? Is there a way make the crypto space a viable world to raise capital? And can that world be made a safer place?

    Register now for this for this not-to-be-missed live webcast.

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