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What's BIg in BI

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  • [Ep.9] Bringing Data to Life with Visual Insights
    [Ep.9] Bringing Data to Life with Visual Insights
    Erin Junio (BrightTALK), Aaron Kalb (Alation), Ashley Howard (Tableau) Recorded: Jul 9 2019 45 mins
    As data visualization technology continues to evolve, it gives businesses the edge they need to dive deeper into their data with analytics, enriching the data discovery process and revealing answers to questions that analysts might not have even known they had. Properly executed visual analytics can help organizations discover patterns and insights that lead to tangible results in today's competitive marketplace.

    Join this live panel and discover the latest tools, techniques and strategies industry experts are using to visually transform their data for compelling business intelligence and analytics use cases.
  • [Ep.8] Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Headed?
    [Ep.8] Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Headed?
    Artem Golubev, CEO, Test Rigor & Aleksey Malyshev, Machine Learning Engineer, Test Rigor Recorded: May 14 2019 61 mins
    Join Artem Golubev, CEO of TestRigor and Aleksey Malyshev, Machine Learning Engineer at TestRigor as they discuss the current state of artificial intelligence from an engineering & business perspective.

    What is AI for the enterprise truly capable of and how much of the conversation surrounding AI is just hype? Tune in to find out!
  • [Ep.7] Busting Data Lake Myths and Dragons
    [Ep.7] Busting Data Lake Myths and Dragons
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology, 6point6 Recorded: May 9 2019 34 mins
    Leveraging data lakes is no longer a technical challenge, AWS, Azure and GCP make it easy to provision and harness the technical infrastructure needed in order to leverage your data. The issues that prevent data exploitation are all of the non technical drivers that we have been talking about for years. In this talk we will run through the following provocations:

    1. We don't need governance, we have a data lake.
    2. We have all our data in one place so we know what data we have.
    3. We have a data lake so we now have a data strategy.
    4. We have new shiny tools we don't need to think about data engineers.
    5. We do agile so we will get results.

    Register for our webinar and get the inside track on how to leverage cloud data lakes.

    Speaker Bio-
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology

    Gary is the Managing Director for Emerging Technology at 6point6. With over 17 years’ of consulting experience, Gary leads a team of data scientists and data engineers in the agile development of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning solutions. The focus of the team is bringing a collaborative approach to analytics, underpinned by machine learning and data engineering. He believes mainstream business adoption of AI solutions are the key to accelerating innovation enabling businesses to compete, reduce cost and ensure compliance.

    Prior to joining 6point6, Gary was the Head of Data Engineering at a Big 4 consulting firm, focussing on blockchain and bringing sound data engineering to the world of AI.
  • [Ep.6] Refine Your Data Lake Strategy for Analytics
    [Ep.6] Refine Your Data Lake Strategy for Analytics
    Cory Minton, Ramesh Menon, Ozzy Johnson & Jim Youldassis Recorded: May 7 2019 52 mins
    Join this expert panel, moderated by Cory Minton (Founder of the Big Data Beard podcast), and discover the latest tools, techniques and strategies industry experts are using to effectively manage and leverage their data lakes for business intelligence and analytics use cases.

    Moderator: Cory Minton, CEO and Founder of Big Data Beard

    Ramesh Menon - VP of Products for Infoworks -
    Ozzy Johnson - Deputy CTO for Domino Data Lab
    Jim Youldassis, North America Cognos Analytics Program Manager, IBM
  • [Ep.5] Quantum Machine Learning
    [Ep.5] Quantum Machine Learning
    Bhagvan Kommadi, Founder of Quantica Computacao, India's first quantum computing startup Recorded: Apr 5 2019 48 mins
    Quantum machine learning is an emerging interdisciplinary research area intersecting quantum physics & machine learning. It is often associated with machine learning methods applied to data from quantum experiments. Quantum computers provide the computational advantage to classify objects in nth dimensions.

    Quantum machine learning is applied in the areas of nano-particles, material discovery, chemical design, drug design, pattern recognition & classification. Use cases include: creating new materials for space tech, wearable tech, renewable energy, nanotech, new drugs & chemical combos, genetic science, biometrics, IoT devices & universe discovery.

    Quantum walks are a quantum analogue to random walks and have substantially reduced time-consumption in Monte Carlo simulations for mixing of Markov chains (Ashley Montanaro, 2015). These quantum algorithms are applied in wealth management & trading.

    Key TakeAways
    -Discover classic machine learning & quantum machine learning methods & applications in various areas.
    -Learn how quantum algorithms are applied in wealth management and trading.
    -A demo on quantum algorithms

    Bio: Bhagvan Kommadi is the Founder of Architect Corner & has around 18 years’ experience in the industry, ranging from large scale enterprise development to helping incubate software product startups. He has a Masters in Industrial Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (1997) & Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (1993). He is a member of IFX forum, Oracle JCP and participant in Java Community Process.

    He founded Quantica Computacao, the first quantum computing startup in India. Bhagvan has engineered & developed simulators & tools in the area of quantum technology using IBM Q, Microsoft Q# & Google QScript. The company's focus is on developing quantum cryptographic tools, which will provide quantum-proof data security that will help banking institutions protect their transactions.
  • [Ep.4] Analytics Driven Personalized Healthcare Using Machine Learning and AI
    [Ep.4] Analytics Driven Personalized Healthcare Using Machine Learning and AI
    Lonny Northrup, Sr. Health Informaticist, Intermountain Healthcare Recorded: Mar 12 2019 61 mins
    Progressing from decades of data and analytics work to improve healthcare outcomes, Intermountain Healthcare is moving to a new generation of analytics driven by machine learning and augmented intelligence. Our analytics maturity has progressed along this continuum:

    Descriptive (what happened)
    Diagnostic (why it happened)
    Predictive (what is likely to happen)
    Prescriptive (what should we do)
    Personalized (what should “I” do)

    Learn how personalized analytics in healthcare is improving patient satisfaction and success, reducing readmissions and clinical utilization and helping people to live the healthiest lives possible.
  • [Ep.3] AI+Machine Learning and AR+VR Applications in Real Life
    [Ep.3] AI+Machine Learning and AR+VR Applications in Real Life
    Muckai Girish, CEO, Muck.AI and DP Prakash, CIO, Global Foundries Recorded: Feb 26 2019 59 mins
    In this webinar, we will describe a number of use cases spanning Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that are propelling enterprises to realize significant value, increase efficiencies and provide unparalleled customer and employee experiences.

    With rampant advances in deep learning technologies, access to large volumes of data, massive innovations in AR/VR devices and software, we are in a unique position, today, to leverage them for a plethora of use cases that are addressing real-life scenarios positively. They include customer service automation, employee productivity, training, visualization and remote troubleshooting, inspection and documentation.

    About the Speakers:

    With over 22 years of start-up and large-company experience in the high-tech industry, Girish is the CEO of Muck.AI, helping start-ups and enterprises realize the benefits of AI/ML, Cloud, Security and Networking. Girish served as the VP of Business Development & Strategy at Passage AI (www.passage.ai), a Silicon Valley startup developing conversational chatbot solutions using deep learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. He worked with Juniper Networks, Reliance Jio, Entropic Communications, ARRIS Group and SBC Labs, helping bring security, cloud, broadband and wireless communications solutions to market. Girish serves as an advisor and mentor to a number of start-ups.

    DP Prakash is presently the worldwide leader in the CIO office of Global Foundries for Innovation in enterprise productivity through AI ML AR VR applications. In 2018, DP Prakash and his Team have created world leading solutions in AI ML and AR VR including the ability to visualize walking inside chips made with nano technology.
  • [Ep.2] What's Big in BI: How to Accelerate Your BI & Analytics Strategy
    [Ep.2] What's Big in BI: How to Accelerate Your BI & Analytics Strategy
    Cory Minton, Pratik Verma, William McKnight and Rob Antczak Recorded: Jan 3 2019 60 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's What's Big in BI series.

    The data revolution has resulted in a seemingly endless variety of tools and techniques designed to extract insights from big data and gain a decisive competitive edge in the marketplace. Many successful organizations across major industries like Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail, now analyze the data generated by everyday business activities and use the resulting insights to inform critical business decisions.

    Tune in to learn more about how industry leaders are becoming Modern BI powerhouses and get expert panelist advice on how to accelerate your own business intelligence and analytics strategy in 2019 and beyond.

    Cory Minton, Founder & CEO of Big Data Beard

    Pratik Verma, CEO of BlueTalon
    William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group
    Rob Antczak, CTO of PowerAdvocate
  • [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future
    [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future
    Harry Glaser, Co-founder and CEO of Periscope Data and Erin Junio, Content Manager at BrightTALK Recorded: Oct 23 2018 47 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's What's Big in BI series.

    What is the moral responsibility of a data team today? As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies become part of our everyday life and as data and big data insights become accessible to everyone, CDOs and data teams are taking on a very important moral role as the conscience of the corporation.

    In this episode of What's Big in BI, Harry Glaser highlights the risks companies will face if they don't empower data teams to lead the way for ethical data use across a variety of functions including business intelligence, analytics, big data initiatives and more.

    Harry founded Periscope Data in 2012 with co-founder Tom O’Neill. The two have grown Periscope Data to serve more than 1000 customers. Glaser was previously at Google, and graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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