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  • The New Face of Discovery for the Data Center and IT Landscape
    The New Face of Discovery for the Data Center and IT Landscape
    Mark Gaydos, CMO @ Nlyte Recorded: Dec 6 2018 36 mins
    Join us for a review of the newest solution with agentless scanning of the assets across your entire data center and IT network. Discover how you can improve and simplify accuracy of asset tracking, increase security by understanding what is changing in your environment and who is making the changes, as well as optimize server utilization and tech refreshes.

    •Improve accuracy & simplify upkeep of your DCIM data
    •Eliminate all unrecorded changes made to any asset
    •Consolidate discovery with single source of truth
    •Validate that decommissioned assets are so
    •Ensure security team has complete information needed
    •Optimize planning & executing a tech refresh
    •Bolster efficiencies from merger/acquisition/consolidations
    •Keystone for SOX, HIPPA, and PCI compliance

    As Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Gaydos leads worldwide marketing and sales development. He oversees teams dedicated to helping organizations understand the value of automating and optimizing how they manage their computing infrastructure.
    Gaydos has more than twenty years of enterprise software marketing experience helping technology companies establish leadership and rapidly grow revenue. He previously served as the SVP of marketing at Engine Yard and has held a variety of executive marketing roles at enterprise companies such as Oracle, SAP and Comergent.
  • Panel debate:Is Machine Learning and AI ready for mainstream in the data center?
    Panel debate:Is Machine Learning and AI ready for mainstream in the data center?
    Bruce Taylor, Data Center Dynamics, James Cribari, Cisco, John E Miller, IBM, Enzo Greco Nlyte Software Recorded: Oct 30 2018 62 mins
    This webinar will take you through how you can learn the reality and benefits of Machine learning and AI in data centers, from companies with significant and critical data center expertise.

    The presenters will address how AI will drive the performance, availability, resiliency and security demanded of modern digital infrastructure.

    Key issues to be addressed include:

    - Are self-diagnosis and self-healing a reality?
    - How will machine learning and AI optimize workload placement?
    - Will AI-enabled "in-stream" analytics drive the megascale cloud data center?


    - Bruce Taylor, VP, Data Center Dynamics
    - James Cribari, Global Infrastructure Services Delivery Manager, Cisco
    - John E. Miller, STSM –Sr. Technical Staff Member, Infrastructure Support & Datacenter Services, IBM
    - Enzo Greco, Chief Strategy Officer, Nlyte Software
  • Automate the Dreaded Task of Software Asset Management
    Automate the Dreaded Task of Software Asset Management
    Gary Paquette, CTO, Mike Schmitt, Sr Director Product Marketing, Karen Hutton, Sr Director of Marketing, at Nlyte Recorded: Oct 23 2018 31 mins
    Nlyte’s Gary Paquette uncovers how you can automate discovery, management, and reporting with Nlyte Software Optimizer agentless software.

    What you will learn from the webinar:

    - Organic installation and distribution of software
    - Lack of visibility in current and new deployments
    - Matching databases to physical and virtual
    - Reconciliation between required services versus installed
    - Inaccurate systems, too many systems and files

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