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  • Adopting Microservices in Healthcare, Breaking Apart the Monolith
    Adopting Microservices in Healthcare, Breaking Apart the Monolith
    Aaron Baer, Lead Member of Technical Staff, athenahealth, Inc. Recorded: Jan 31 2019 40 mins
    Healthcare systems traditionally lag behind from the curve of technology trends. Information is plentiful in the space of healthcare and data is typically in large silos.

    In this presentation we'll explore how our DevOps team is adopting microservices, breaking apart it's monolith, and adopting a new data fabric to allow for massive scale and increased innovation in the space of healthcare information as part of it's platform infrastructure platform.

    We'll talk about the architecture and tools chosen as well as what went well and what didn't along with some of the efforts still on going as part of this change.
  • Cloud Native Infrastructure
    Cloud Native Infrastructure
    Chris Gaun, Product Marketing, Mesosphere; Justin Garrison, Author, Cloud Native Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 30 2019 62 mins
    Economic growth is currently dominated by companies that are transforming how we live our lives with highly personalized, data-informed, real-time interactions. Many of the patterns and tools developed by Google, Twitter, Netflix and others to meet these new consumer expectations have been democratized through open source and cloud technologies.

    In this webinar, we will learn the what and when of cloud native architecture from the author of O’Reilly’s Cloud Native Infrastructure. The co-host will review each of the chapters sponsored by Mesosphere and ask the author about his own experiences as an early adopter of cloud native technologies. Learn from the lessons the author has learned from his own work in managing a Kubernetes cluster.

    In this session, attendees will learn how to:

    1. Build the best organizational and architecture practices for IT professionals interested in supporting cloud native architecture
    2. Navigate the challenges around managing different open source services, configurations, and versions needed for cloud native applications.
    3. Leverage technology like Kubernetes, now available on DC/OS, to provide part of the infrastructure framework that helps manage cloud native application patterns.
  • Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps
    Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps
    Mesosphere Recorded: Jan 21 2019 4 mins
    Mesosphere enables your business to adopt enterprise standards, across any infrastructure, while still enabling experimentation and developer choice.
  • How to Tame the Complexities of Multi-Cloud & Edge Computing Environments
    How to Tame the Complexities of Multi-Cloud & Edge Computing Environments
    Michael Segal, NETSCOUT (Moderator), Ben Hindman, Mesosphere, Tom Rose, Nasuni and Jonathan LaCour, Mission Recorded: Nov 29 2018 46 mins
    Today's tech-driven companies are using a mix of cloud providers and solutions to run traditional, cloud-native, and data-rich applications.

    Yet when every application adds several layers of management complexity, how can you make sure you're getting the most value for your budget?

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned Cloud and IT Infrastructure experts while they discuss the following:

    - The top challenges facing multi-cloud and edge computing environments
    - How elastic hybrid cloud plays into your edge and multi-cloud strategy
    - How to easily manage multiple clusters across different clouds and edge computing environments
    - What to expect from edge and multi-cloud computing in the next five years

    This expert roundtable panel will be live-streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Tune in from the comfort of your desk to get all of your questions answered.

    Michael Segal, Area Vice President, Strategic Marketing, NETSCOUT

    Ben Hindman, Co-Founder, Mesosphere
    Tom Rose, CMO, Nasuni
    Jonathan LaCour, CTO, Mission Cloud Services
  • Ask the Expert: Real-Time Customer Data - What it Means for your Business
    Ask the Expert: Real-Time Customer Data - What it Means for your Business
    Jonathan LaCour, CTO, Mission and Ben Hindman, Co-Founder, Mesosphere Recorded: Nov 29 2018 27 mins
    Executives and CTOs today are faced with a myriad of both technical and business decisions. When it comes to gaining insight and benefits from your software, customers and users, it's more important than ever to obtain real-time data to better inform those decisions.

    Join this live on-camera interview with Mesosphere to discuss the following:

    - How has elevated customer expectations transformed the IT organization in the last five years? (e.g. machine learning, AI)
    - Data has a clear role to play in developing a superior customer experience, but why are so many companies struggling to create a single source of customer intelligence across the enterprise? (e.g. disjointed systems and visibility across organizational silos)
    - What steps do execs need to take to improve the customer experience?
    - How can Mesosphere DC/OS simplify the development and operations of fast data applications to create a superior customer experience?

    This one-on-one interview will be live-streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Tune in from the comfort of your desk to have all your questions answered.

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