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  • Deep-dive into APIs in a Microservice Architecture
    Deep-dive into APIs in a Microservice Architecture
    Rajith Roshan, Senior Software Engineer & Dinusha Dissanayake, Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: May 15 2019 59 mins
    When an API gateway enforces API governance policies, it connects with several other API management components. But there are cases where the API runtime traffic needs to be isolated from the API management traffic. For that, WSO2 has introduced WSO2 API Microgateway.
    API Microgateway is a lightweight message processor for APIs which supports authentication, authorization, throttling, and analytics. API microgateway goes well with microservice architecture due to its lower startup time, lower resource consumption and the native support for container-based deployments. The API microgateway can be run in a fully controlled environment using a selected set of APIs.
    During the webinar, the following areas will be covered:
    * Setting up a microgateway project using the in-built CLI tool of the WSO2 API Microgateway
    * Building and running a microgateway using the created project
    * Running the API Microgateway on a container orchestration platform (Docker & K8s environments)
  • Troubleshooting and Best Practices with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Troubleshooting and Best Practices with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Hasitha Abeykoon Associate Technical Lead & Shakila Sivaganaraja Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: May 14 2019 50 mins
    WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is considered as one of the most robust integration solutions available in the market. Even though the product is designed to target failure-free operation (reliability) and resiliency, it is hard to expect a system to operate in a 100% stable manner all the time. There can be intermittent failures from time to time due to various reasons like transient network failures and lack of resources. It is very important to understand how to troubleshoot when such an issue happens. It’s equally important to design, develop, test, and deploy WSO2 Enterprise Integrator by following best practices to obtain the optimum output and prevent possible issues in the production system.
    This webinar will discuss how to troubleshoot an issue in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and follow best practices in order to optimize output and avoid failure.
  • Deployment Patterns in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Deployment Patterns in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Asanka Abeyweera Associate Technical Lead & Sasikala Kottegoda Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: May 7 2019 50 mins
    WSO2 Enterprise Integrator encompasses a plethora of integration capabilities packaged into a single product. For real-world deployments of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, these capabilities or profiles need to be properly architected based on your requirements. From our experience with customer requirements, we have identified common and reusable deployment pattern for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.
    In this webinar we will
    * Explore these common WSO2 Enterprise Integrator deployment patterns
    * Help you identify the most suitable pattern for traditional and modern integration requirements
  • How to Create Observable Integration Solutions Using WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    How to Create Observable Integration Solutions Using WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Chanika Geeganage Associate Technical Lead & Lahiru Madushanka Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: Apr 30 2019 52 mins
    Modern day organizations need to connect to various systems in order to perform their day to day operational tasks. As they integrate with more systems and develop large applications, it gets harder to keep track of what is going on within the system. An exposed API can take too much time to respond, the request rate for a service can increase unexpectedly or an endpoint may fail, disrupting day-to-day operations and creating unsatisfactory user experience. It’s necessary to analyze historical data about a system in order to understand the system behavior and plan the relevant modifications.
    Observability is the answer to all these problems. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator provides a comprehensive set of observability features useful for monitoring current operations, collecting and analyzing historical data and triggering alerts if something unusual happens.
    We will discuss the following topics in this webinar:
    * Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator analytics profile
    * Analyzing statistics for APIs, endpoints, sequences, and services
    * Message tracing for debugging purposes
    * Business process and human task analysis
    * Monitoring the broker profile
    * Monitoring message exchanges and application behavior via logs
  • Administrating Your Integration Scenarios with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Administrating Your Integration Scenarios with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    Asitha Nanayakkara Associate Technical Lead & Nirothipan Megalingham Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: Apr 23 2019 56 mins
    The heterogeneous nature of today’s systems makes integration a vital part of the software development cycle. While moving away from monolithic architecture provides many advantages, it’s also important to drive focus towards some common characteristics that need to be considered when integrating between heterogeneous systems and services. One of the primary concerns would be the types of tools offered for developers to integrate between systems and services and how these tools help to manage, debug and troubleshoot various integration use cases.
    This webinar will cover the following topics:
    * An introduction to tooling capabilities offered by WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
    * How these tools could be used to develop artifacts
    * Debugging using the visual debugger
    * How to manage the lifecycle of artifacts across multiple environments
    * How to do continuous integration and delivery (CICD) with enterprise service bus (ESB) artifacts
    * Administration - ESB analytics in a nutshell
  • Integrating MS Office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server
    Integrating MS Office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server
    Tharindu Bandara, Software Engineer and Pamoda Wimalasiri Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: Apr 1 2019 28 mins
    Microsoft Office 365 is a successful and continuously growing enterprise solution - and a pivotal one given it’s widespread usage.
    IT infrastructures of enterprises are so complex, migrating to the cloud might require a lot of time and effort. Customers have limited datastore options and often it is required to migrate user stores of the entire enterprise.
    Office 365 requires users to be present in the Microsoft cloud, pushing enterprises to keep their user stores within the Microsoft cloud. Integration becomes more complex when the current system is not compatible with the tools supported by Microsoft.
    This webinar will help you learn the benefits of using WSO2 Identity Server to manage all these obstacles and demonstrate the easy integration with MS office 365 along with
    * Support login with heterogeneous user stores (including your existing AD/LDAP/JDBC)
    * SSO and SLO with other enterprise and community applications
    * Simplified Installation along with seamless user provisioning
    * Provide Multi-factor authentication for your Office365 content
    and many more
  • The Future of Digital IAM
    The Future of Digital IAM
    Prabath Siriwardena, Vice President - Security Architecture, WSO2 Recorded: Mar 7 2019 39 mins
    With the proliferation of APIs exposed, number of users through mergers and acquisitions and the increasing need for privacy, IAM is now more than a security project. It’s an enabler for an integration agile enterprise.
    The world before 2004 had no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 15 years later, one of the constant debates we face is if we should opt for centralized or decentralized identity given the reality of privacy and security breaches. Standards continue to evolve. MFA is being replaced by continuous and adaptive authentication. Over 5BN currently use mobile devices, converting digital identities into currency.
    So how should you prepare for 2019 and the coming years? If you’re currently evaluating an Identity solution or exploring IAM, this webinar is for you.
    Learn about
    * Trends we’re forecasting in the IAM space
    * What measures you need to take keep your business safe
    * What defines the success of an IAM system
    * Why open source IAM should be worthy of your consideration
  • Why upgrade your MFA to Adaptive Authentication?
    Why upgrade your MFA to Adaptive Authentication?
    Isura Karunaratne Associate Technical Lead & Nilasini Thirunavukkarasu Software Engineer, WSO2 Recorded: Mar 7 2019 45 mins
    In the past, the concept of username and password was sufficient to authenticate a user. With the growth of online businesses, users and the increased room for identity theft, we need far more advanced mechanisms.
    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) emerged as an answer to this problem where it created a layered defense and made it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a target such as a physical location, computing device, web service, network or a database.
    However, even though multi-factor authentication provided additional and better security for enterprises, there are practicality issues with the implementation given the need for increased convenience for users. This webinar will explore the emerging of MFA, the pitfalls, why you should upgrade your MFA and best possible alternatives for MFA.
  • 2018 Year in Review and 2019 Targets - A Year of WSO2 Integration Agility
    2018 Year in Review and 2019 Targets - A Year of WSO2 Integration Agility
    Tyler Jewell Recorded: Mar 7 2019 56 mins
    2018 was the year for open source with billions invested and spent across every category of enterprise software. This momentum capped another successful year for WSO2 where we added a record number of new customers, partners, and open source contributors who collectively used WSO2 products to drive 6 trillion transactions!

    Integration has become the hottest segment in enterprise software. Every organization is becoming digitally-driven and now have API-first initiatives to transform their legacy apps, connect services, create omnichannel experiences, simplify business intelligence, and to become more agile.

    WSO2 takes extra pride in our recognition as the open source leader in the 2018 Forrester Wave for API Management, and are excited to celebrate this accomplishment with our many customers and partners.

    Join WSO2 chief executive officer, Tyler Jewell, for a review of our 2018 performance and ambitions for 2019. He will discuss market shifts, our product plans, and financial investments that are working to turn WSO2 into one of the world’s largest integration companies.
  • Accelerating Your GDPR Compliance with the WSO2 Platform
    Accelerating Your GDPR Compliance with the WSO2 Platform
    Sagara Gunathunge Recorded: Mar 6 2019 48 mins
    The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not limited to organizations operating in the EU. It also affects those that operate in other countries but do business with individuals living in the EU. To become compliant, organizations are expected to re-evaluate their data protection and privacy policies, business processes and systems used to process personal data.

    Organizations need to adopt the right technology to take advantage of the regulation and rapidly grow their businesses. In this webinar, Sagara discussed the releases of the WSO2 platform and its GDPR compliance journey. Topics include:
    - GDPR compliance of WSO2 platform
    - GDPR compliance for existing WSO2 product deployments
    - How the WSO2 platform can reduce cost and go-to-market time of your GDPR solution

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