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  • Ep 21: Investing In Commodities with Will Rhind
    Ep 21: Investing In Commodities with Will Rhind
    Kate Statler | Will Rhind Recorded: Nov 15 2018 31 mins
    Will Rhind joins Kate on the show today to have a candid conversation about commodities. Will is Founder and CEO of GraniteShares, an ETF company. GraniteShares from an idea to a successful start-up garnering the attention of Bain Capital and other well-known ETF investors who support his passion to create products that will change the way people see investing.

    Will is a graduate of the University of Bath, in England, with a Bachelor of Arts in French, Russian, Politics and Economics. He has spent 17 years in the ETF industry, which began with iShares. He then transitioned to ETF Securities, and lastly, became the CEO of GLD before founding GraniteShares. Will has worked with both European and US ETF Markets, has a wealth of experience under his belt, and is an entrepreneur working hard to disrupt the financial industry with a start-up that’s gaining success. Listen to today’s episode to find out more!

    Show Highlights: 
    Will discusses how GraniteShares focuses on commodities and high income passthrough securities.
    Will defines commodities as the most economically significant and most traded commodities in the world. Ie. energy market, agriculture market, metals market and food market.
    Will further tells us that this works by not investing in commodity companies, but in commodities themselves.
    Will addressee why, at times, exchange traded funds underform.
    Will explains how his company fits into various portfolios based on diversification.
    Longer-term plans vs. shorter-term investing is explained by Will. Will explains how approachable his company is, and encourages investors to reach out to anyone on his team.

  • Ep 20: Investing in Customer Satisfaction with Kevin Quigg
    Ep 20: Investing in Customer Satisfaction with Kevin Quigg
    Kate Stalter | Kevin Quigg Recorded: Oct 22 2018 30 mins
    More often than not, we want to go with whatever investment plan is the newest rage just because it’s a hot topic. What people don’t realize is that just because a strategy is hot right now, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. Exchange traded funds are popular right now because of their convenience, and while it doesn’t mean it’s the right strategy for you, it’s good to familiarize yourself with different investment techniques.
    In this episode, Kevin Quigg, the Chief Strategist at Exponential ETF’s and host of Exponential ETF’s Podcast, talks about a unique system developed at his firm and how it fits in a strategy with your general investments. Today, our focus is on the American Customer Satisfaction Investable Fund, which is an EFT.

    Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with Kate Stalter to enhance your investment knowledge. 

    Show Highlights: 
    The core of the investment thesis 
    The relationship between customer satisfaction and security performance 
    Creating an index 
    How a portfolio turnover happens 
    Utilizing data  Satisfaction in action 
    Sector weightings 
    Consumer discretionary market place and market share 
    How investors should view the potential performance of specialty ETF’s 
    Risk and return rates 
    How to balance funds 
    Getting exposure or complimenting your company 
    Large cap domestic growth 
    Utilizing different processes 
    Enhancing customer experience 
    Adapting to provided services 
    Creating data that makes informed decisions 
    Hedge funds 
  • Ep 19: Know Your Options with Bob Lang
    Ep 19: Know Your Options with Bob Lang
    Kate Stalter | Bob Lang Recorded: Oct 15 2018 50 mins
    If you’re tired of the same old financial tips like “stop buying lattes” then you have come to the right place. This is financial advice for grownups who have serious financial questions as you approach retirement and your next chapter in life. You’ve already worked hard and saved money now it’s time for the real financial challenges. Your host today, a top investment columnist for Forbes and US news & World Report, as well as a licensed investment advisor and president of nationally known asset management and financial planning firm “Better Money Decisions” Kate Salter.
    Kate talks with Bob Lang on the show, he launched Explosive Options. We hear about his book on options, and some great information how you can use Options to protect you. 
    Show Highlights:
    Financial wellness and some cold brutal truths
    Paying a planner by the hour and why it is not good
    Resources you need to retire
    Options and Bob Lang’s book
    Buying a call and what it means with examples
    Buying puts and what it means with examples
    What people need to know about options
    Controlling emotions
    Volatility implied and Realized and what they are
    What Bob’s take is on all the media and TV talking heads
    Some success stories Bob has found significant 
    Explosive Options and what they offer 
    What type of environment Explosive Options is

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  • Ep 18: Indexes and Exchange-Traded Funds with Daniel Prince
    Ep 18: Indexes and Exchange-Traded Funds with Daniel Prince
    Kate Stalter | Daniel Prince Recorded: Oct 8 2018 28 mins
    One of the things that financial writers, and financial advisors talk a lot about is indexes. Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ. Some people don’t know exactly what an index is. Today we talk with Daniel Prince, the head of iShares product consulting at Black Rock. iShares operates a number of funds based on indexes. Daniel will explain exactly what these things are. Daniel will also discuss what Exchange Traded funds (ETF’s) and how you can use them as part of your asset allocation. ETF’s are often based on indexes and help track them. Stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, are just vehicles to help you invest, to help you achieve what you want in life.
    Show Highlights:
    What is the very basic definition of Index
    Brief example using S&P 500 to illustrate the points of index Indexes were first formed to help measure yourself against the market
    Some indexes are accepted more as standards
    Some indexes are just something someone designed to sell a product
    Not all indexes are created equal
    Every index can look differently
    Number one benefit is to do your research, and understand what the different indexes are
    Can it be risky that there are so many choices out there with indexes?
    Broad definition of Exchange Traded Fund Most ETF’s today, not all, are tracking an index
    Building an Asset allocation, trying to put your dollars to work Broad market exposure helping build your portfolio

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  • Ep 17: Don't Fear The Robots with Bill Studebaker
    Ep 17: Don't Fear The Robots with Bill Studebaker
    Kate Stalter | Bill Studebaker Recorded: Oct 1 2018 40 mins
    You often hear people talking about a particular investment thesis. A few popular ones would be water, Bio-tech, Cannabis. Logic and investing are not as closely related as you may think. Any thesis is not right one hundred percent of the time. Different sectors may move in and out of leadership, which is normal. You should be knowledgeable about the investing universe so you can make informed decisions and choose the right for your risk tolerance, your time horizon, and your own unique financial objectives.
    Along these lines today we hear from Bill Studebaker president and chief investment officer of Robo Global. Robo Global runs the robotics and automation index ETF. Bill will explain exactly what all that means and his approach on investing in companies that are at the forefront of using robotics and artificial intelligence, rather than trying to segment out to companies that only specialize in that space.
    Show Highlights:
    Background on Robo Global Robotics and automation index
    How personally Studebaker became interested in it
    Brief History of Robo Global
    FANG Stocks (Big consumer techs): Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
    The fear of artificial intelligence and robotics
    Using AI and robotics helps you move forward in your business
    Some applications Bill is most excited about right now that are poised to make a big impact
    Discuss some of the other sectors/industries that are represented in this index
    How Bill envisions investors using
    Robo Global How Robo Global finds companies that they feel have a technological mode to run the business
    Robo Global’s target market
    How Studebaker suggest investors use this fund
    Robo Global is planning on launching new products
    How listeners can learn more about Robo Global

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    Robo Global Website:
  • Ep 16: Are You Prepared For The Next Market Crash
    Ep 16: Are You Prepared For The Next Market Crash
    Kate Stalter Recorded: Sep 24 2018 30 mins
    We all like clean cut predictions but unfortunately stocks aren’t like the weather. It is impossible to know exactly when or how the market will fluctuate, which is why it is important to always be prepared. If you’re looking for the best solutions to manage and prepare your stocks for future market corrections, Kate Stalter is here to teach you how. Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions for the best advice on how you can avoid major risks with your stock investments. 
    Show Highlights:
    Normal market correction 
    Making predictions for the market correction 
    Stock fluctuation 
    Buying in large 
    Runaway inflation 
    Uncertainty and risk 
    Determining retirement money 
    Being conscious of who you’re taking investment advice from 
    Preplanning investments 
    Looking at your current spending 
    Taking on market risk 
    Avoidable risks 

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  • Ep 15: The Wealth Connection with Barbara Huson
    Ep 15: The Wealth Connection with Barbara Huson
    Kate Stalter | Barbara Huson Recorded: Sep 17 2018 30 mins
    The first step to money success is to build a good relationship with money, yet many of us are unaware of how to do that. Learning how to change your money mindset and limiting beliefs on money is the first step to financial freedom. 

    Barbara Huson is a money coach and financial expert with a plethora of tips on how to use money to live life on your own terms. Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with your host, Kate Stalter, to learn how to use your money to achieve your goals and live with the financial freedom you deserve. 

    Show Highlights:
    How love encourages self-acceptance 
    Being smart with money 
    The process of working with finances 
    Dealing with money beliefs 
    Having confidence to make smart money decisions 
    Fearing the consequences of intelligence 
    Collective learning about money 
    Openly talking about money 
    The wealth connection
    Creating a safe place to talk about emotions behind money 
    Finding individual values 
    Why it is important to create wealth 
    Living life unapologetically 
    Finding emotional healing 
    Participating in financial decisions 
    Steps to follow for financial success 
    Barbara's Website: https://www.barbara-huson.com
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  • Ep 14: The Retirement Manifesto with Fritz Gilbert
    Ep 14: The Retirement Manifesto with Fritz Gilbert
    Kate Stalter | Fritz Gilbert Recorded: Sep 17 2018 35 mins
    At some point we’d all like to retire but what that looks like is different for all of us. No one wants to have to downsize their home, lack necessities, or have to work excessive hours in order to build up savings for retirement. Building up savings requires discipline and planning, yet many are unaware of how to do that. Fritz Gilbert, this weeks’ guest, is here to teach life lessons and valuable financial tips to help you build your retirement savings. Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with Kate Stalter to learn how you can start compound investing and building your net worth. 
    Show Highlights:
    Retiring early 
    Being unprepared for retirement 
    Techniques to prepare for retirement 
    Advantages to saving later in life 
    Making difficult decisions 
    Resisting change 
    Reduction in lifestyle 
    How to begin planning for retirement early 
    Personal retirement stories 
    Lifestyle change 
    Finding balance 
    Keeping up with the Joneses 
    Being on the same page financially as your spouse 
    Recognizing the logistics of finances 
    Automating your savings 
    Being consistent 
    Finding true contentment 
    Developing a steady stream of income 
    Making financial decisions based on political views 
    Having liquidity and diversifying investments 
    Domestic travel 
    Mindset to have in retirement 
    Knowing how to pivot 
    Resources Mentioned:
    Twitter & Facebook: Fritz Gilbert 
    10 commandments of retirement article
     Betty and Gordon article
  • Ep 13: The Behavioral Investor with Daniel Crosby
    Ep 13: The Behavioral Investor with Daniel Crosby
    Kate Stalter | Daniel Crosby Recorded: Sep 10 2018 43 mins
    It can be difficult to separate personal or political views from finances. Often times we see negative or positive things occurring in media and assume they change the trajectory of the financial market. As investors, we must learn to separate ourselves from cognitive biases when making financial decisions. Daniel Crosby is a financial advisor who wants to share the secrets to acquiring wealth and investing successfully with you. Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with your host, Kate Stalter, to learn how to identify any biases hindering your investing success and how to overcome it.  
    Show Highlights:
    A deep dive in cognitive investing 
    People believing their time is always the most volatile 
    Misunderstanding the market 
    Biggest behavioral issues in investors 
    Investing according to politics 
    Being optimistic about human potential 
    Overcoming being surrounded by negativity 
    Understanding broad market trends 
    Positive effects coming from negative things 
    How to be informed consumers 
    Transitioning from psychology to finance 
    Developing models and how they correlate with human behaviors 
    Finding data that supports your approach 
    Behavioral components 
    Determining which investment philosophy is the best 
    How to control emotions and tune out tips in the news 
    Making good choices and staying in your lane 
    What makes women better investors than men 
    Overconfidence and cognitive biases 
    Connect with Daniel:
    The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby
    Twitter: @DanielCrosby 
    LINKEDIN: Dr. Daniel Crosby 
  • Ep 12: Cannabis Investing with Debra Borchard
    Ep 12: Cannabis Investing with Debra Borchard
    Kate Stalter | Debra Borchard Recorded: Sep 3 2018 33 mins
    The industry around cannabis is growing rapidly and making monumental advancements. Many new products and technology have been developed that will not only benefit growers of cannabis, but will make a tremendous impact agriculturally. 
    While the majority of this industry is still in the shadows, Debra Borchardt, the Co-founder and Editor of Green Market Report, is here to help those who are interested in cannabis stock investments. Tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with your host, Kate Stalter to learn all aspects of cannabis investing, economics, and the opportunities for you to make stocks a part of your investment portfolio. 
    Show Highlights:
    The initial attraction to starting this business  Penny stocks  Stock promotion  Listing requirements and IRS issues  Canadian companies and US exchange  401K benefits and umbrella companies  Challenges for individual or institutional investors  Publicly traded stocks  Legality of cannabis  Advances and indoor growing  Resurgence in depressed areas  Ag-Tech being used in the future  Getting started in investing 

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