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  • 2019 Data Predictions – Moving To a Zero-Latency Future
    2019 Data Predictions – Moving To a Zero-Latency Future
    Madhukar Kumar, Vice President Technical and Product Marketing, at Redis Labs Recorded: Mar 7 2019 43 mins
    The tech industry regularly sees the rise and fall of several hype cycles including the advent of the dot com era to cloud computing, big data and more recently artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

    Looking back, it is clear that each one of these major changes was additive or in some way related to the disruption that happened before. For example, AI would not be where it is today without big data. Big data would not have been possible without the advent of cloud computing and cloud itself would be non-existent without the world wide web boom in the 90s. Watch this webinar to learn the disruptive trends in data for 2019.

    You Will Learn:

    - Top 5 emerging megatrends
    - Top 5 data trends
    - What a zero latency future entails

    About the presenter:

    Madhukar is a product strategist with a track record of successfully running product management and product marketing teams for the last 10+ years. He has held several leadership positions in small and large technology companies like Zuora, HP and Oracle where he was responsible for building vision, go to market strategies and opening up new markets for hyper growth. More recently he ran product strategy and product marketing at Oracle for Customer Experience (CX) products portfolio including Marketing, CRM, Commerce and Service. In the last 10 years he has also been writing in technology journals and speaking at several industry events across the globe around disruptive new technologies affecting businesses and the future of customer experience.
  • Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes
    Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes
    Vick Kelkar, Global Alliances Technology Manager, at Redis Labs Recorded: Jan 22 2019 56 mins
    Containers are becoming the basic unit of deployment. Kubernetes is becoming the industry standard for managing containerized applications.

    In this webinar, we will talk about basic Kubernetes constructs and will show how you can run three pod clustered Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes.

    You Will Learn:

    - Kubernetes primitives
    - How to deploy Redis Enterprise service on Kubernetes
    - How to deploy your app and connect to Redis Kubernetes service

    About the presenter:

    Vick Kelkar, Product, Redis Labs
    Vick has been in the technology field for most of his career. In the last few years, he has focused on distributed computing and container technologies.
  • Why Your MySQL Needs Redis
    Why Your MySQL Needs Redis
    Roshan Kumar, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Redis Labs Recorded: Dec 19 2018 57 mins
    If your application stores data in MySQL or any other relational database, you’ll benefit by inserting Redis in between your application and the database. By using Redis as a front-end database you can:

    1. Boost your application’s performance with minimal code changes
    2. Innovate faster; introduce new features and functions faster than ever before
    3. Scale your application with fewer additional resources
    4. Perform real-time analytics using built-in data structures of Redis

    Join this webinar to learn how you can:

    - Complement MySQL with Redis. Get tips for designing look-aside and write-through caching solutions, session stores, and rate-limiters.
    - Perform real-time analytics using built-in data structures of Redis
    - Scale your application with fewer additional resources
  • Real Life Secrets and Best Practices of Processing Real-Time Data
    Real Life Secrets and Best Practices of Processing Real-Time Data
    Darren Chinen, Senior Director Data & AI, Malwarebytes and Priya Balakrishnan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Redis Labs Recorded: Dec 12 2018 56 mins
    Malwarebytes, the industry-leading anti-malware, and internet security software company, also leads in innovative threat intelligence. One such tool is the interactive remediation map, a worldwide security vulnerability.

    Join us to learn how Malwarebytes uses Redis Enterprise at the heart of their data streams to centralize and visualize data in real-time, providing global information on threats detected, how a virus is conceived and the eventual spread through the world. In this talk, Darren Chinen, Sr. Director, Data and AI at Malwarebytes, will illustrate their use of Redis Enterprise. In this webinar, you will learn to:

    - Drive analytics for heat maps and their threat intelligence tool
    - Capture global malware records and real-time streams and drive stateful transformation
    - Efficiently cache large amounts of data for interactive exploration of malware
  • Optimizing Your Enterprise Architecture to Scale Your Datasets
    Optimizing Your Enterprise Architecture to Scale Your Datasets
    Pieter Cailliau, Solutions Architect, Redis Labs Recorded: Nov 29 2018 61 mins
    Redis is the perfect fit for microservices, distributed and cloud agnostic applications in a container world. Performance is increasingly important in critical and customer facing applications. Redis is known for its linear scalability in performance; recent benchmarks show up to 50 million ops/sec <1ms with only 26 ec2 instances. Redis Enterprise makes Redis highly available, multi model (like search and graph) and makes scaling in the cloud, on prem, in Kubernetes, seamless, while reducing your TCO.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How the Redis Enterprise architecture assures predictable high performance and high availability
    - How to achieve seamless linear scale and grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster while choosing your own sharding policy

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